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Hands on Review of the EXOPC Windows 7 Slate













Welcome to another Good e-Reader Review! Today we look at one of the best Slate PC`s we have ever reviewed at Good e-Reader, the EXOPC! This is a great Windows 7 based Slate with a switchable EXO UI that really takes touch screen Windows devices to another level.


The EXOPC features a 11.6 inch capacitive touch screen display with a resolution of 1366×768 pixels. It displays content in a true 16:9 aspect ratio and displays 135 pixels per square inch. It runs on a Intel Atom Pineview-M N450, 1.66 GHz processor and has 2 GB of DDR2 RAM.

One of the most exciting features of this device is that it features a 32 GB solid slate drive. This makes accessing and loading programs faster then most other Slates and Tablets in the market place. I found that with this drive there was no stuttering or weird load times with any of the built in applications.

The EXOPC has a built in accelerometer which allows you to switch between landscape and portrait mode on the fly. Although from my experience there is a 2 second wait time when you switch perspectives and the entire screen goes completely black.

This new slate from EXOPC has a fair number of hardware based external connectors. It has a docking station, mainly for hardware not on the market yet! It does have 2 USB 2.0 ports that you can connect Flash Drives to and load content right on your Slate, or copy it over to it. It also has a Mini HDMI port, so you can plug it into your computer, projector or television system. The best use of the Bluetooth aspect of the EXOPC was bluetooth, combined with a wireless keyboard it made typing on this a total breeze. It also has a 3.5mm headphone jack and great stereo speakers. The speakers were really surprising because they pretty well take up the entire lower half of the slate. It allows for some really crisp sounds and combined with Windows equalization software you can refine some good quality sound.

The internet experience on the EXOPC is really good, it features both WIFI and 3G in order to do your full online experience. It basically comes unlocked, so you can throw any SIM in there and it will start working. Even browsing via WI FI was really brisk.

If video chatting with friends or Skype is your thing you can take advantage of the 1.3 MP webcam. Although the webcam in terms of quality is really not that great, it does fairly stack up against most laptops with budget cameras built into it.

Finally you are getting around 4 hours of battery life out of this unit, so make sure you carry your DC charger with you. The battery life is one of the most disappointing factors of this device, but 4 hours allows you to really get the most out of it. You can of course extend the battery life by doing basic tasks and turning WIFI off.


The EXOPC runs on the Windows 7 home edition 32 operating system and combined with the Solid State Drive, loads common tasks very quickly.

One of the most exciting features about this new Slate is that it has an entire custom UI that you can either turn on or off. So you can either enjoy the typical Windows experience on a mobile device OR you can turn on the EXO-UI.

The EXOPC UI is tremendous and connects right up to EXOPC store, that is very well laid out and allows you to download a ton of content. All of the content in the store is customized towards a touch screen device, you can tell they customized most of the apps to have larger buttons, bigger fonts and takes advantage of the 11.6 inch screen.

All of the common applications you will find here, like Twitter, Facebook, Dropbox, and many more. They also break down the content store into different sections. So you can download many newspapers, magazines, games, applications and tons more! Right away I downloaded a bunch of non name games, Wired Magazine, Facebook, Twitter, and a few others and was quite pleased on the end result.

The EXOPC UI once you install apps displays these apps on a honeycomb-esque background. You can swipe and gesture and organize your applications anyway you like. It looks like prospectively you can fit around 80 of them there and then create a second pane to have others there.

I am very happy with the great lengths EXOPC decided to traverse to get a huge hub of content going with their launch. All too often companies when launching a product will go with stock applications and not customize the device. Android tablets are notoriously awful for this practice. They just bundle in stock applications and hope customers won`t know the difference. It is very refreshing to have a very polished device from a custom software point of view, right from the get go.

Not only is the EXOPC custom UI experience great, but they also subtly enhance the Windows 7 operating system. It seems like some of the icons are larger and menus are a little bit bigger. Not overwhelming so it looks bubbly or like a cartoon, but you can tell they really took their time to insure that on a smaller screen all of the windows, menus and fonts remained consistently a good size. Since they give you a capacitive stylus with the purchase it allows you easily take notes, draw and use the screen as a WACOM stylus. I can imagine a fair number of artists using this as an all in one Adobe Photoshop and In-Design device to create some great content.

Speaking of Adobe, the EXOPC will display FLASH content and everything else you would enjoy with a Windows 7 based operating system. The sky really is the limit with the amount of applications you can install. On my review unit I had IRC, FTP, Adobe Master Collection CS5, Telnet and a bunch of other custom software and everything worked like a dream.

All in all, on the software side of things EXOPC felt like a really polished device. I experienced no crashes and it even came with Windows 7 SP1, so i did not have to install a ton of applications. Hell, it even came bundled with Microsoft Security Essentials.

Our Thoughts

The EXOPC is literary my favorite Windows Slate ever! If you read most of the review you can see the reasons why. It bridges the gap perfectly between a PC and a laptop. It absolutely destroys a netbook in terms of functionality and hardware specs. I would really recommend to get a slim blue tooth keyboard though for e-mail or if you do lots of writing.

There are a fair number of pros that i really liked with this device. I liked the fact it had USB 2.0 ports for portable drives, Flash drives and so on. The hardware itself is really fast, mainly due to the solid slate drive. I also loved all of the custom UI elements they added to almost make the machine a pure tablet on one hand, then switching it back to a full Windows 7 experience.

On the negatives I would have like a Mini or Micro USB port on the Slate in order to hook it up to my computer to transfer content directly. Having to load everything on a FLASH drive is a bit tedious and unless you have a 32 GB one, its hard to transfer programs or movies. The webcam is also lackluster and on par with many netbooks. The speakers also are on the back of the device! It always irks me to see speakers there, because many people cradle it in their lap, lay in bed etc. This makes it muffled unless you use the stand that they give you. I would also have liked to see dual cores instead of a single one and 4 GB of RAM instead of two.

If you are wanting to get your hands on one of these devices it does go by many names, depending on where you love. In the US its known as the EXOPC, in Canada the device is known as the Ciara Vibe, in Europe it is known as the Mobi-one and finally in Australia is known as the Leader Slate 12.

All in all, this is simply the best Windows 7 Tablet on the market and I can see why Intel had this device as their Slate of choice at CES in Vegas earlier on in the year. The price is a little on the pricey side (9) but you get one heck of a Slate PC for this price. If you are looking for a Windows based Tablet or Slate PC this is the one to get.


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Dell 10 inch Windows 7 tablet delayed till fall 2011

Dell will be a late entrant to the 10 inch tablet party as the earliest we can expect the Texas based computer manufacturer come up with a 10 inch sized tablet is mid summer. Codenamed ‘Gallo,’ this will be the Android version and will be one more nice Honeycomb option for the tablet buying crowd that is expected to launch in June. However, those who might have been putting off their purchase of a Windows tablet in the 10 inch category are in for some bad news. This since Dell has stated the Windows versions is only likely to be ready by fall this year.

Further, Dell will be wooing the corporate segment with the Windows tablet so that the best that general consumers can expect from Dell is the Android Honeycomb version. In fact, it was during the investors meet held in February itself where it was mentioned the Windows tablet would be ‘business-ready’. There is no reason as yet made public explaining the delay. The Windows tablet was earlier showcased in February (as a dummy though) while there has been whispers about the existence of such a thing at Dell from as early as October last. Its compatriots, HP and Asus are already in the game having already introduced their take on a Windows tablet.

Also, the delay means Dell will be in no position to take advantage of the back-to-school scenario though a release during fall also means the tablet will be in time to entice the holiday shoppers. In the mean time, Dell has the 5 and 7 inch Streak tablet PCs on offer for tablet buyers. The delay also means a disruption to the Dell tablet road map that had earlier got leaked. Interestingly, there is mention of a Windows 8 (a more tablet friendly OS) tablet during early 2012.

via forbes

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Unboxing the ExoPC Windows 7 Slate PC


Welcome to another Good e-Reader Video Review! Today we unbox the new EXOPC Windows 7 Slate PC! We first heard about this one last year and recently saw it at Computex! It has been on the market now for a little awhile and this is our first chance to look at a great Slate PC!

Lets look at the hardware briefly of the Ciara Vibe, it has a 11.6” touch screen with a resolution of 1366 x 768, it has a 64GB BROADCOM Crystal hard drive present and 2 GB of DDR2 RAM. The tablet also has built in Bluetooth, 2 USB 2.0 ports, a mini HDMI port and a memory card reader.

What we really liked so far was the build quality of the unit, very sleek and weighted without being heavy. The inclusion of a capactive touchscreen stylus was a bonus. It has a large vent on the top and large stereo speakers on the bottom of the device. It does not have a ton of volume and other buttons, instead everything is software based.

Of course, if you have a bluetooth keyboard you can take advantage of volume and all of the other media shortcuts!

Check out what comes with this unit and marvel at it, as we turn it on for the first time. Our full review and video review is coming up shortly.

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Netbook Navigator Nav7 Windows tablet up for pre-order

The world’s first Windows 7 tablet with a 7 inch display is now up for pre-order. Christened Nav 7, the tablet from Netbook Navigator has a starting price of 9 though the earliest the tablet can be expected to reach consumer’s end is end May. Also, at that price, the Nav 7 is not the cheapest Windows tablet around but can still make for a splendid choice if the overall package is taken into account. Then it has some nice cool features as well.

Like the Nav 7 has a 1.60 GHz Intel Z350 single core processor that is based on the Silverthorne family of Intel Atom CPUs and is known for its extremely low rate of power consumption. Up front, there is the 7 inch capacitive multi touch display having a resolution of 1024 x 600 pixels. Configuration choice can be either with the on-board memory or with the RAM strength that the tablet come with. There is also the optional 3G model to chose from as well. In all, there Nav 7 comprises of three Wi-Fi only models and 3 Wi-Fi plus 3G models with the top of the line model with all the bells and whistles will set one back by a cool 49.

In fact, that’s not all for Netbook Navigator also allows to further customize the Nav 7 according to one’s own requirements and budget. For this, there is a stripped down version available that comes for 9. For this amount of money, the tablet will comes with 16 GB of Solid State Hard Drive, 1 GB DDR2 SDRAM, along with WIFI and Bluetooth as the default connectivity options. There will also be a 1.3 megapixel camera built into the front of the tablet. Other features that the base Nav 7 also has on offer include 2 USB ports, an Ethernet jack, one SIM card slot plus some more. What remains constant in all the Nav 7 models is the Intel Atom Z530 processor along with of course the 7 inch display. The base model will be devoid of any operating system though there is the choice of Windows 7 Home Premium, Professional and Ultimate versions available, each higher iteration of which will require more each time. Similarly, 32 and 64 GB of hard drive will add 0 and 0 to the cost while doubling the RAM strength will add more.

So in all, the Nav 7 can turn out to be more costly than even the highest speced model of many an Android tablet with a larger display. However, the Nav 7 can still be a sensible buy if one is looking for a cute little tablet that comes with the power of Windows and a lot of practicality.

via netbooknavigator, via liliputing

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Kobo reader app for Samsung Windows Phone 7 out now!

kobo book reading app

If you are no stranger to the e-reading app culture you already know that Kobo has some of the best quality ebook reading apps available. They have e-reading applications for Blackberry, iOS, Android, PC, MAC, and have exclusive apps designed for the Samsung Galaxy Tab, Blackberry Playbook and the Sharper Image Literati. Rounding off their portfolio they have now issued a new reading app for the Windows 7 line of phones, made by Samsung!

If you are looking for a quality company to do business with that has all of the latest bestsellers, newspapers and magazines, check out the Windows Phone Marketplace. The Kobo app is a free app, but of course it costs to buy the books.

This application does not really look or function like any of the other Kobo apps on the other platform. On most menus and even the main GUI there is no word even of Kobo at all. It features a main screen with your new books listed and contains a bookshelf to show you all of the books stored in your library.

While reading books it has settings to change the book color background and a slew of new features. You can lock the orientation of the book within the app, so you don’t need to lock your main phone rotation settings, the app does it for you.

Aside from these functions you can add bookmarks, look up words in the dictionary and more. The website below made a step by step review of the app in action, check it out.

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VMware lets Apple fondleslabs tickle Windows VDI|Lastest Kindle News]

VMware lets Apple fondleslabs tickle Windows VDI
You know you want it Hot on the heels of a new 4.6 release of its View virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), launched last week, VMware is allowing a new client to reach back across the internet or internal corporate networks to use server-based Windows desktops: Apple's iPad and impending iPad 2 fondleslabs.…
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iPad 3 Could Ship Before Rival Windows Tablet|Lastest Ipad News]

iPad 3 Could Ship Before Rival Windows Tablet
This time next year Steve Jobs may take to the stage and introduce the iPad 3, while Microsoft is still working on a tablet-tailored Windows, according to a Bloomberg report. A few months after, though, Microsoft will release a tablet-friendly version of Windows in time for the 2012 back-to-school season, according to the report's unnamed sources.
Read more on PC World via Yahoo! News


10.2″ Windows 7 Powerhouse ipad apad epad gpad killer! video 2

Ipad ebook:10.2" Windows 7 Powerhouse ipad apad epad gpad killer! video 2
Email [email protected] and I will tell you where to go to get this unit for as low as 5 shipped.


Microsoft Windows 8 to fuel next generation of tablets

windows 8 tablets

The demo of Widows 8 appears to be on the horizon, with Microsoft recently passing an internal schedule point called “Milestone 2”. As we have seen previously with Microsoft releases of products this would place the release for the end of July. There would have to be a demo first, which there has been talks of June 2011. It important to note that Windows 8 is a working name that the public has dubbed it. There has been no official release of the name for the OS following Windows 7.

With Windows 7 still doing so well both in sales and customer satisfaction it does not make sense for Microsoft to release another operating system for PC’s just yet. All speculation point’s towards this first release being for tablet’s.

It has long been known that Microsoft has been struggling to break into the tablet market. Their new marketing plan appears to release the Windows 8 so that it looks a lot similar to the iPad, even though it stemmed from their own setup with Windows XP. It was initially designed for use of a remote, but is being re-purposed to work on touch. Also in the lineup of similarities are the specs. Hopefully Microsoft can make a break into the tablet world without coming too close to copying Apple.

Although there has been a prediction that the Windows 8 for tablets will be more business oriented, it has also been shared that it will feature its own apps, and app store. Is there that big of a demand for business oriented apps? It remains to be seen, though it would appear to be a missed speculation on someones part. Regardless, this is another feature that makes the OS look more like a copy of the iPad.

Getting back to the release it was rumored that there would be a demonstration at CES back in January. It was stated that Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer would unveil some part’s of Windows 8 during the keynote, alongside other Microsoft product’s Windows Phone 7 and Xbox. At the end of the day, all that was announced is that Windows 8 will be running on SoC chips such as ARM. Leak’s from Dell has shown that the company is working on a tablet that runs Windows 8.

Hopefully this will be the break that Microsoft is looking for to become a presence in the tablet world, and that it will be free of major delays, which is what has cost Microsoft that chance in the past. Here is to looking forward to the demonstration!

via Businessinsider

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MSI to launch new Windows and Honeycomb tablet at CeBIT



By Sovy

Here is some more of what to expect at the CeBIT in Germany. Micro-Star International or MSI will have another Windows tablet to show off at the German event. Named WindPad 110W, the tablet is based on a low power Brazos architecture featuring a AMD dual-core C-50 processor. There will also be an integrated Radeon HD 6310 discrete class graphics chip that will enable the WindPad 110W to run DirectX 11 supported content.

The WindPad 110W will include a 10.1 inch display along with a 32 GB internal memory. The tablet will also come with a few convenient features such as Wi-Fi connectivity, a light sensor along with a g-sensor while the default operating system will be Windows 7 Home Premium.

The WindPad 110W marks a departure from the Intel based tablets running Windows that the Taiwan based manufacturer had been forking out from time to time.

MSI is also expected to have on display a tablet running Android 3.0 Honeycomb as well as. Named WindPad 100A, the tablet is expected to have a NVIDIA tegra 2 heart just as it is in the XOOM. A Wintel based tablet is also to be seen at the CeBIT event.

The 2011 edition of CeBIT will kick of in Hannover, Germany on the 1st of March and will continue till the 5th.

via slashgear

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