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pick.jpg2010 Summary: libraries are still screwed, by Eric Hellman

Deer in the headlights, by Brian O’Leary

All the details on Amazon’s book lending program – a “how to”, by Andrys Basten

Year One: the born digital publisher

Do authors make good publishers? asks e-reads

How to add books to the iPad, iPhone, etc.

Why I will never buy a book “App” again: how Mark Bittman’s “How to Cook Everything” turned me off to i-Apps, by Joanna

Mark Twain scholar removes n-word from Huckleberry Finn, by Chris Meadows

My 2010 publishing heroes, by Eoin Purcell

How To: Get thousands of back issue comics on your iPad for pennies an issue

Kobo’s iPad app is the best ereader app on the market, by Chris Walters

What I learned in 2010, by Dominique Raccah

The Newsonomics of tablets replacing newspapers

An iOS developoer’s response to Joanna’s “Why I will never by a book App again”


The week of neutered classics

Like a lot of folks, I’m still sort of dumb struck by the inanity responsible for the loss of the “n word” in the now infamous new edition of Huckleberry Finn. I think Ta Nehisi Coates has about the best commentary I’ve read on the subject in his “Nation of Cowards” post over at the Atlantic:

…the invocation of nigger by Twain is not a moral failing. But because of our needs, Twain isn’t good enough. Because we can’t handle the story of who we were, and evidently who we are, Twain must be summoned up from the dead and, all against himself, submitted before the edits of amateurs.This is our system of fast-food education laid bare: Children are roaming the halls singing “Sexy Bitch,” while their neo-Confederate parents are plotting to chop the penis off Michelangelo’s David, and clamoring for Gatsby and Daisy to be reunited.

Speaking of not being able to handle who we are, our country’s most famous legal document, the Constitution, was all set for its close up this week as the 112th Congress convened. The scheme to read the Constitution by conservatives a-flutter at the opportunity to demonstrate their superior fidelity to the founding document backfired quickly as an argument about which version was going to be read broke out in the House of Representatives.

Apparently, we can handle neither the word “nigger” in Twain nor “3/5” in the Constitution. Of course, while Twain meant to use the word as a powerful means of pointing out the pure evil of the institution of slavery (and the ignorance and racism required to maintain it), the fraction in the Constitution denoting those slaves was a cold compromise of legislative language. And I’d submit that is the truly shocking, racist word.

I suspect conservatives figured this out just a bit too late. Which is why it’s fun to watch them squirm uncomfortably before the recitation gets under way. Enjoy:


Amazon sells over 3 million ebooks in one week says Morris Rosenthal

fb.pngRosenthal, of Foner Books, is making this estimate based on an extrapolation from the Kindle sales rank graph. He goes on to say:

Kindle is a runaway train heading for Manhattan, and as it roars through Penn Station and under the city, it is shaking the foundations of New York’s oldest trade publishers. Increasing eBook sales mean increasing cost per unit for print books, since fixed production costs will be amortized over fewer print unit sales.

More details in the article.


Editor’s Pick of the Week

pick.jpgEbook marketing still needs a lot of work

Google ebookstore round-up By Gary Price

TeleRead traffic doubles on Christmas day – a lot of ereaders as presents?

Could computer games be the journalism of the future? by Chris Meadows

R. Scott Raynovich on the top five online newspaper killers – and one from me

Ebooks at year-end 2010 by Gary Price

Helpful advice for new Kindle owners by Chris Walters

First Google Books sales numbers are in for Munsey’s

For new and old Kindlers wanting to do more with their Kindles by Andrys Basten

Question of the year: does Amazon have too much power? by Rich Adin

The online future of Australian journalism, as seen by the industry itself by Jason Davis

Why I am a library traitor and love the Kindle, by Sarah Houghton-Jan

Holiday travel update: gadgets, gadgets, everywhere! by Joanna


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Asus Eee Note launching this week in Taiwan



By Sovy

It seems things have suddenly picked up the pace at Asus. It was just a week ago that the company came up with the name of the device that we now know as the Eee Note EA800 digital notebook – a tablet PC with an 8 inch LCD display having a resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels and running the Linux operating system.

A good thing with the Eee Note is that it is reasonably priced at around 0 (NT,999) and will go on sale this week, though only in Taiwan.

Among the other key features of the Eee Note EA800 digital notebook include 4GB of internal memory that is further expandable by way of microSD memory cards, a 2-megapixel camera, and Wi-Fi connectivity. The Eee Note also includes an active digitizer given the note taking device that it is and packs in a microphone too that can be used to record notes along with a 3.5 mm headphone jack for subsequent playback. Battery life is a quite commendable 13.5 hours which in itself might not be great compared to many a monochrome e-reader but isn’t bad either given the wide applicability that the Eee Note EA800 digital notebook enjoys.

Next in line to have the Eee Note in their markets is Hong Kong and as per Asus, it’s going to take place soon. The Eee Note will then be seen appealing to consumers in Germany, Italy and Russia either towards end 2010 or early 2011 followed by a launch in the US and China in the first quarter of 2011.

via engadget

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