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Today in Tech: Google video chat arrives|Lastest Ipad News]

Today in Tech: Google video chat arrives
Also: Microsoft reports jump in profits and sales but revenue declines within its Windows division Research in Motion lowers its earning forecasts.
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Apple iPad and Blackberry Playbook Comparison Video



By Markus

blackberry playbook

Welcome to another exclusive Good e-Reader Video! Today we take a look at the new Blackberry Playbook by RIM and the Apple iPad! We put these devices through the motions and let you know how they stack up against each other.

These two tablets are currently some of the most popular gadgets in the world right now and people have questions. How do eBooks look? How is the internet experience? We give you the answers to these questions and more with our popular ‘Good e-Reader Comparison Series.’

We compare various features such as orientation, web browsing, Youtube Video quality, Keyboards, eBooks, picture quality, games and more!

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Google Video decision suggests books might not be safe either

A couple of days ago, Simon Barron at the Guardian posted a piece that claimed “Google can’t be trusted with our books,” because the company decided out of the blue to shut down Google Videos and pitch all user-uploaded content on the site in order to focus more on its search. A public outcry convinced Google to backpedal to the extent that it would see about preserving the content and making it available elsewhere, but Barron sees the original decision as a sign that Google might choose to dump any content at any time if it wants to.

As a private sector company, the core aim of Google is to make money. The Google Videos situation shows that in order to lower expenditure and adjust its priorities, Google was willing to delete content entrusted to it by users. Libraries have trusted Google with millions of documents: many of the books scanned by Google are not digitised or OCR-processed anywhere else and, with budgets for university libraries shrinking year after year, may not be digitised again any time in the near future. Google acted admirably by listening to users and working to save the videos but entrusting such vast cultural archives to a body that has no explicit responsibilities to protection, archiving and public cultural welfare is inherently dangerous: as the situation made clear, private sector bodies have the ability to destroy archives at a whim.

He goes on to talk about how cultural institutions and the public sector should be enabling access to digital information, bridging the digital divide, and so on, and that we should have a national digital library. While I can’t argue with that, I think it’s a little bit odd the way that he’s singling Google out.

Aside from the fact that plenty of people already didn’t trust Google with books without needing this provocation (which is why Google got sued by the Authors Guild), this really holds true for any commercial institution that has its hands on lots of user-generated content. If social-networking and blogging sites (for instance, the embattled also-ran MySpace which News Corp has just decided to try to sell to some other poor sucker) shut down, a lot of people would lose their stuff too.

And given how many recent cloud-based institutions have been failing all at once lately (speaking of losing user content, Time reports “Some Of the Data Lost in Amazon’s Cloud Outage is Gone Forever”) or getting badly hacked, it seems more and more like nothing digital is necessarily safe, Google or not.


Tuff-Luv Kindle 3 / Galaxy tab Tri-Axis Leather case – video

Kindle ebook:Tuff-Luv Kindle 3 / Galaxy tab Tri-Axis Leather case - video
The new style leather case for Kindle 3 / Galaxy Tab & Variuos ebook readers from Tuff-Luv. Includes patented stand feature on both Vertical and portrait axis


Kindle 3 Video Review

Kindle ebook:Kindle 3 Video Review
A little video review of the Kindle I just bought. I love it to bits! It's the international edition. Hope you guys like it! Also this was sort of a test with a new camera of mine, a Pentax K7. Perhaps I'll do more DDT's with it, depends on whether I can get a tripod soon.


Latest Cisco Cius Trailer Video Released



By Sovy

Cisco, the telecommunication and networking giant might have started with the pre-order process of its Cius tablet without making much of a fuss, but they are now out to garner all the media attention possible with the Android tablet. Cisco developed an ad to bring out the capabilities of the 7 inch tablet, though if you thought the ad would depict a boardroom environment with stern looking corporate honchos peering over the tablet, you are in for a surprise. The tablet is shown being put to use as far away from a corporate environment as anyone might have thought. This when it was presumed the Cius is strictly for the business folks.

Instead, the ad shows the Cius tablet as the next gen mobile and portable tool to bring people closer to create a human network, something that Cisco has always been interested in fostering. So while a grandfather is shown going ecstatic at the sight of his first grandson from home, children in a remote village school are seen enjoying a movie via the internet.

Cisco is already accepting pre-orders for the Cius tablet, which is touted to be available from the retailers towards the latter half of this year.

via liliputing

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Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 caught on video



By Sovy

If you had been thinking the Galaxy Tab 2 with its super slim form was only a marketing gimmick and would never make it to the production version, well, here is something to prove otherwise. The video not only depicts the Samsung Honeycomb tablet being operated but also impresses with its prowess. You will find the angry birds aren’t any less angry with new and bigger Galaxy Tab with which Samsung hopes to gain leverage against the Apple iPad.

Incidentally, and something worth mentioning too, the video has been the handwork of Tinhte.vn‘s – the same Vietnamese site that had earlier shot to instant stardom in the tech world with its almost out of the blue video leaks that brought to the fore some interesting aspects such as the SIM card slot on the HP TouchPad along with a couple of Apple leaks as well.

Scroll on to catch the 0.33 inch think Galaxy Tab 2 in full Honeycomb glory.

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W.Va. sponsors student reading video contest|Lastest Kindle News]

W.Va. sponsors student reading video contest
CHARLESTON, W.Va. (AP) -- West Virginia students are being encouraged to share their reading experiences through a video contest. The state Department of Education announced the competition Monday in
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New app Showyou shows you a social video grid|Lastest Ipad News]

New app Showyou shows you a social video grid
The aesthetically pleasing app for iPad or iPhone allows easy browsing of the videos your friends are sharing on Facebook and Twitter. The aim, the founding team says, is to shake up the TV business.
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Triton color E Ink explained on video

From e-ink-info.com

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