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How to make an ebook (EPUB) using Calibre.mov

sony ebook:How to make an ebook (EPUB) using Calibre.mov
How to turn a document (Word, PDF, etc.) on your computer into an EPUB (ebook) format so you can read it on your ebook reader (iPad, Kindle, Sony eReader, etc.). [Note: Instructions are for Mac computers only.] For a short, printable step-by-step list, see my website and search for "ebook."


Great Home Remedy For High Blood Pressure, Insomnia and Nervousness Using Aloe Vera

Free ebooks:Great Home Remedy For High Blood Pressure, Insomnia and Nervousness Using Aloe Vera
The following home remedy helps with hypertension is also very effective for insomnia and nervousness. Mix 3 table spoons of aloe juice, 1 table spoon of honey, 1 ½ glass of mineral water and ½ glass of cucumber juice. Take 1 table spoon of the mix before breakfast for 7-10 days. For more home remedies, go to www.Aloe-YourMiracleDoctor.com


Using Amazon Cloud Drive to store ebooks

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Chris Walters has an article about this on his Booksprung site today:

Today Amazon rolled out a new online storage service called Cloud Drive. I immediately wanted to see whether it would be useful to Kindle owners, so I tried uploading and downloading some mobi-formatted ebooks to it. The short answer is that it works, although it’s not the most user-friendly interface on the Kindle.

Take a look if you want to see the details of how it works.


Blind: NU Discriminates by Using Google|Lastest Kindle News]

Blind: NU Discriminates by Using Google
A complaint filed Tuesday with the federal government accuses New York University and Northwestern University of discriminating against blind students by adopting Google e-mail and other programs that aren't fully compatible with technology that translates written words into speech.
Read more on FOX News Chicago


How To Add and Opt-In Box To Your Blog Using Aweber

Free ebooks:How To Add and Opt-In Box To Your Blog Using Aweber
www.reachsuccessonline.com Learn how easy it is to add an Opt-in Box with an image to your blog with Aweber. When you're finished watching the video head over to www.reachsuccessonline.com and sign up for my free 21 part list building ecourse and free ebooks.


Using OpenOffice Writer for drafting


I have just finished drafting a new novel. It was composed using OpenOffice Writer running under Linux, and has now migrated to Microsoft Word on a Mac for further formatting.

OpenOffice uses a much more compact file-format than Word. The finished book occupies 305 Kb in odt format and 1.5 Mb in doc format. At the end of every working day during the drafting period, I saved what I had written so far with a name like “101103.odt” (being the saved file for 3 November, 2010). The result is a directory containing 121 cumulative versions of the book, totalling 16.7 Mb.

Thus I have a permanent record of the drafting process, complete with all the errors, cul-de-sacs and general groping for direction that accompanies the construction of any novel, no matter how well planned it may be – and on this project I dispensed with my usual synopsis and flew by the seat of my pants.

I am making this post for the benefit of other authors. Such a record might prove instructive long after composition. It retains ideas and passages that, even if at first rejected, you may decide to use later. Finally, it provides incontrovertible proof of authorship, should there ever (heaven forfend!) be a need to produce it.

OpenOffice has become very stable and sophisticated, and if you haven’t checked it out recently or at all I recommend that you do. It crashed three times during perhaps 500 instantiations, which beats Word on the Mac hands down; and only crashed at all when I was doing unusual things. The autosave feature is configurable. Very little is lost even if a crash occurs. The flavour of Linux I used is Linux Mint, which is an Ubuntu derivative I can also recommend.

Via Richard Herley’s blog


Using Ibis Reader and Apple’s VoiceOver

Sm voiceover ibis add to home

From the Threepress Consulting blog:

Liza and I have long been interested in making ebooks more accessibile. Both Bookworm and Ibis Reader reflect that goal (with limited success—accessibility can almost always be improved). However, our focus has always been on improving the web version of Ibis Reader rather than the installable HTML5 App that many people use on their iPhones, iPads, and (increasingly) Android devices. Some of our users wanted to try out the installable App, which has the benefit of working offline, using Apple’s VoiceOver on their iOS device. Happily, a recent performance update (switching to columns-based layout) means that Ibis Reader is much more usable in VoiceOver, so I wanted to document how to use the two systems together.

Note: Many users may still prefer ebook applications that offer a more straightforward interface to VoiceOver than what I’ve described—I’m just happy we have a starting point from which to improve.

As a sighted user, I’d love to get feedback on how to make these instructions clearer and how we can improve the accessibility of Ibis Reader.


Using the E-textbook eReader in Xplana

sony ebook:Using the E-textbook eReader in Xplana
This video provides a brief overview of the tools and tricks related to Xplana's E-reader. Jared Dees of Ave Maria Press offers insights into navigation, note-taking, highlighting, bookmarking, searching, and exporting notes.


Using InDesign to Create eBooks (Part 1)

Kindle ebook:Using InDesign to Create eBooks (Part 1)
Colin Fleming takes over CSInsider Design in this 3 part series detailing how to use InDesign to create digital books (eBooks) for computers, Kindle and the Sony Reader. View the rest at tv.adobe.com


Columbiana Kindergarteners Using iPods in Class|Lastest Ipad News]

Columbiana Kindergarteners Using iPods in Class
It's only been a few months. But a group of five- and six-year-olds at Joshua Dixon Elementary School in Columbiana can already use the iPad better than most adults.
Read more on WKBN 27 Youngstown

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