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Go, Clifford, Go! – Scholastic’s Touch & Tilt™ Storybook App for iPad

Ipad ebook:Go, Clifford, Go! - Scholastic's Touch & Tilt™ Storybook App for iPad
GO, CLIFFORD, GO! • Based on the Scholastic book series by Norman Bridwell • Age 2 and up / .99 US only at the iTunes store www.itunes.com • The app combines the beloved Big Red Dog with a topic that all kids enjoy: vehicles and motion. Users play along with Clifford as he encounters trucks, trains, planes, and motorcycles that go whizzing by. • "Touch & Tilt" animated interactions make it easy for children to engage with the story. Touch the pictures and words to hear the story and see the characters move. Tilt the iPad to make the trees sway, waves roll and characters animate. • Re-playable Game: After reading the story, kids can play an action game in which they drive the vehicles featured in the story and collect bones for Clifford • Lively narration, music and sound effects make the story come to life • Individual words are highlighted as they are read aloud, to aid reading skills. Options allow parents to turn off music and narration so that the child can read the story on his/her own or have the story read to them by a parent—just like a physical book.