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New high-resolution e-ink screen shown

From E-Ink-Info.com:


Hanvon have announced a new 9.7″ e-reader, the WISEreader E920. They say that it is the first one to use a new E Ink display offering 200dpi – the highest resolution e-reader display yet. Check out this photo showing how the compares to a regular E Ink display


Over 80 tablets shown at CES this year

tenone_designs_ten_1_fling_game_controller_ipadThe Consumer Electronics Show is on, and the RSS feeds are being flooded by scads of posts about this or that new tablet or e-reader. If I tried to cover all of them, I could be here all night. In fact, PC Magazine reports that over 80 tablets are going to be shown at the CES this year, many of them using Google’s new “Honeycomb” version of Android.

But how many of those tablets are going to be around by the end of the year? If you’ll recall, 2010’s CES showcased about a zillion e-readers, the majority of which fizzled in the months that followed. As our sister blog Gadgetell reports, current Android tablets including the Galaxy Tab have received “less than stellar reviews.” Not even the Galaxy Tab, which has sold well, looks like it’s in a position to steal the iPad’s thunder.

Being the first mover has a powerful advantage, and none of these new competitors seems likely to dethrone Apple any time soon. Of course, whether they dethrone Apple or not, they will almost certainly get more people interested in consuming e-books and other media on hand-held devices.