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Amazon sells over 3 million ebooks in one week says Morris Rosenthal

fb.pngRosenthal, of Foner Books, is making this estimate based on an extrapolation from the Kindle sales rank graph. He goes on to say:

Kindle is a runaway train heading for Manhattan, and as it roars through Penn Station and under the city, it is shaking the foundations of New York’s oldest trade publishers. Increasing eBook sales mean increasing cost per unit for print books, since fixed production costs will be amortized over fewer print unit sales.

More details in the article.


Google sells e-books|Lastest Kindle News]

Google sells e-books
Struggling neighborhood bookstores now have a new way to ring up sales, courtesy of a formidable new rival — Google. But it still may not be enough to help them keep their doors open.
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Kindle 2 Sells for $89 on Amazon for Black Friday|Lastest Kindle News]

Kindle 2 Sells for on Amazon for Black Friday
The Kindle 2 is available on Amazon today for a Black Friday discount price of . The online retailer is offering its electronic reader in a "lightning deal," beginning at 9 a.m. PST Friday. The offer is available only as supplies last, so if you're looking to buy a Kindle, head over to Amazon now and call dibs on one. Amazon released a third-generation Kindl
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