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Key iOS developer sees iPad tablet competition on the horizon|Lastest Ipad News]

Key iOS developer sees iPad tablet competition on the horizon
Apple created the tablet market, but iOS developer Raven Zachary says the growth opportunity for other companies is huge.
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Kobo sees a boost in traffic due to Borders Bankruptcy in Australia

Kobo has reported over 30% in overall traffic to its online bookstore due to the collapse of Borders, Angus & Robertson and the Redgroup.  Australia has been an important market to Kobo since the launch of their e-Reader last year, but their future on the other side of the pond remain uncertain due to their entire distribution chain wallowing in bankruptcy.

The head of Kobo in Australia Malcolm Neil, whom is also the CEO of the Australian Book Sellers Association recently told the Sydney Morning Herald that “We actually saw a huge sales spike in the couple weeks afterwords. The e-readers’ saw a 30 per cent increase in traffic to its site, reflecting the general push away from paperback.  The mere fact that there is all this speculation whether e-books had pushed REDgroup into administration drove a lot of people to look at e-books.”

The demise of Borders, RedGroup and Angus and Robertson had many extenuating factors. Part of the reason of the failure was due to the Kindle and other competing e-readers that vie for the lucrative Australian Market. David Felon of Redgroup lamented earlier on in the year that Amazon was taking a huge chunk of the Australian ebook market away.  Redgroup currently owns 260 bookstores in Australia and New Zealand.

If one thing is clear with the demise of Brick and Motor stores across the pond people are going to be driven towards e-books which are more accessible.

via Sydney Morning Herald

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Go read this – Bloomsbury sees ebook sales leap – Telegraph


In what is a fascinating piece for a number of reasons, The Telegraph reports on Bloomsbury’s successes in selling ebooks. I’m struck most forcefully by three things:

  1. Richard Charkin is as refreshingly open, honest and forthright as ever, which is good to see. We still miss his blog though.
  2. Bloomsbury have been playing the game pretty well on the library front and their partnership with Exact Editions seems to be yielding dividends.
  3. Charkin highlights the speed at which older readers are taking up ebooks. I’m not terribly surprised by this, but it is interesting, considering they remain amongst the most loyal readers!

Richard Charkin, executive director, said: “If sales continue the way they have in January and February, which we would fully expect, they are going to be off the scale. If that is an indicator of future growth then we expect digital sales of Bloomsbury titles be as high as 25pc of sales. They could be even higher.”

Bloomsbury, which reported £90.7m sales and £5.5m of pre-tax profits last year, would not reveal what proportion of profits ebook sales were likely to account for in 2011, but it is expected to be considerably higher than 25pc. Digital book margins are higher because there are no printing costs involved nor any extra costs incurred by over-estimating print runs or pulping books with errors in them. “The biggest saving is in cock-ups,” Mr Charkin said.

via Bloomsbury sees ebook sales leap – Telegraph.

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Pearson sees 2011 growth after earnings up 19 percent|Lastest Kindle News]

Pearson sees 2011 growth after earnings up 19 percent
By Paul Sandle
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