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Library calendar: Cowpens Library hosting book sale Monday|Lastest Free Ebooks News]

Library calendar: Cowpens Library hosting book sale Monday
At 10 a.m. Monday, the Cowpens Library will have a Friends of the Cowpens Library Book Sale. Everything’s a quarter. Call 864-463-0430.
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Zig Ziglar’s Secrets of Closing the Sale

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Kindle 2G vs 3G Comparison Kindle Free WiFi 3G Review & Sale @ LordKindle.com

Kindle ebook:Kindle 2G vs 3G Comparison Kindle Free WiFi 3G Review & Sale @ LordKindle.com
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Sharp Galapagos tablet goes on sale in Japan

The onset of winter is hitting most of the world but the tablet PC segment seems to be getting hotter with each passing day. Its just a couple of days ago that we have seen the Notion Ink Adam finally up for pre-order. And now, its the turn of the Sharp Galapagos tablets which are on sale now. The tablet PC is however only available in Japan to begin with and can be picked up from almost all major electronics and computer shops in that country. In fact, Sharp is looking to push the Galapagos tablets in a big way and with that in mind is making sure the tablet is also available from convenience stores which will ensure its not just the tech freak but even the average citizens too become aware of the Sharp tablet and its virtues. The tablet though isn’t on stock at the convenience stores right now and but is accepting orders for the same.

As for the tablet itself, its two devices measuring 5.5-inch and a 10.8 inch model that make up the Galapagos range. Both the tablets run the Android operating system which has been worked upon extensively by Sharp to make it just right for its tablet. The company however is loathe to call the device as proper tablet PCs and seems comfortable to market these as multimedia devices. Sharp has also put in place a content store that will have on offer a variety of material such as digital books, magazine, videos, and so on that will also act to justify the multimedia tag that the device carries.

The price of the smaller 5.5 inch Galapagos tablet has been fixed at 39,800 yen in Japan which translates to a rather high 5 while its bigger sibling, the 10.8 Galapagos is selling for 54,800 yen or about 0 US. There is no word yet as to when the device can be expected to make its international foray though what seems to be sure is that costs are likely to be lower than their Japanese counterparts.

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