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The National Digital Information Infrastructure and Preservation Program 2010 Report

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From Digital Koans:

The Library of Congress has released Preserving Our Digital Heritage: The National Digital Information Infrastructure and Preservation Program 2010 Report.

Here’s an excerpt from the press release:

It documents the achievements of the Library of Congress and its NDIIPP partners working together to create sustainable long-term access to digital materials.

Since NDIIPP was founded in 2000 by an act of Congress, a network of over 185 partners in 44 states and 25 countries have developed a distributed technical infrastructure, preserved over 1400 at-risk collections, and have made strides to support a legal environment conducive to digital preservation.

The report describes a decade of action in digital preservation and outlays the short- and long-term plans to ensure libraries, archives and other heritage institutions in the United States can collect and provide long-term access to the resources of the 21st Century, and beyond.


Trinity College, Melbourne, releases iPad usage report

Screen shot 2011 03 07 at 12 00 26 PM

Here are the key findings and recommendations from the report.  You can find the full report here.

Pilot project staff and August Entry students overwhelmingly recommend iPads for use byother TCFS staff and students: 76.2% of staff and 80% of students
iPads are effective, durable, reliable and achieve their educational aims of going further, fasterand with more fun
iPads have advantages for TCFS over other technologies such as netbooks and laptops
iPads are not a replacement for desktop/laptop computers or other educational technologiesbut are an enhancement
High quality audio-visual equipment in the classroom (such as flat screen TV monitors anddocument cameras), along with timely IT support, are required to enable full integration andbest use of the iPads. Such equipment and support are crucial if the educational aims of iPaduse are to be realised rather than thwarted
iPad use reduces printing and paper use
Past TCFS students and current TCFS students in other intakes have expressed interest iniPads and a wish that they had the chance to use iPads at Trinity
TCFS staff responded positively to the demonstration and discussion of iPads at theSeptember Academic Conference ‘Engaging Students in the 21st Century.’ The Conferenceplenary session expressed a desire for more iPads and AV equipment in Trinity from 2011
The ‘Step Forward’ Pilot Project raised Trinity’s global profile as an education innovator
The market took note of the ‘Step Forward’ Pilot Project and this innovation has receivedpositive interest from agents and parents of prospective students

Proceed with the roll out of iPads to all TCFS academic staff in 2011
Incorporate iPad and related technology training for all TCFS staff in 2011
Ensure sufficient staffing to service the technological and pedagogical needs of the program(including an Education Technology Manager and a dedicated IT staff member)
Expand on the work of the original iPad trial and prepare for the full roll out of iPads to all staffand students by using iPads for August Entry 2011
Proceed with the roll out of iPads to all TCFS students in 2012

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MobyLives eyewitness report: World Book Night

Trafalgar Square

As the official British correspondent for MobyLives, this weekend I attended the wonderful launch of World Book Night to report back to our readers on the festivities. The opening ceremony took place on Friday 4th March in Trafalgar Square, with a line-up of authors including Nick Cave, John le Carre, Sarah Waters and many others. The set-up was pretty spectacular, with a stage under Nelson’s Column furnished to look like a cosy sitting room full of couches and even a fireplace which, unfortunately for the night’s readers, was not real.

By 6pm Trafalgar Square was filled with people eagerly waiting for the start of the night, which was briefly introduced by Jamie Byng, the brains behind World Book Night and head of Canongate Books. The idea behind the evening was for authors to read from either their own work or from their favourite texts. The first author to kick off the proceedings was Australian writer DBC Pierre, author of Booker Prize-winning Vernon God Little, who decided to read from the opening of Charles Dickens’ Bleak House. Given the rapidly dropping temperature of the evening, it was an appropriate choice, but what was even more striking was the hush that spread across the crowd as he started reading.

Sofas and a mock fireplace

The crowd remained attentive and maintained high spirits throughout the event, and highlights included British author Alan Bennett who read from his memoir A Life Like Other People’s, and who concluded his reading with the frank statement, ‘Closing libraries is child abuse!’ which was met with huge cheers throughout the crowd. Later, Philip Pullman, who has also been a key figure in the fight against UK library closures, read from his novel The Northern Lights.

Boris Johnson, Mayor of London

Other great moments included London Mayor Boris Johnson who appeared on stage to a mixture of applause and heckling from the audience, but ultimately won the crowd over with his hearty rendition of a passage from Lucky Jim by Kingsley Amis. Before reading he informed the audience; ‘It is my duty, my Mayoral duty to read you one of the best short accounts of a hangover ever to appear in English Literature’.

Another huge supporter of World Book Night, Mark Haddon, introduced his reading by saying, ‘A really good book does an extraordinary thing which nothing else in the world can do which is to give you instant intimate access into the mind of another human being,’ and ‘World book night is about giving and sharing things for free in a world that is obsessed with money and profit’. The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time was the most requested book out of the 25 titles chosen for World Book Night.

Margaret Atwood

One of the biggest hits of the weekend was Margaret Atwood, who flew in all the way from Canada to take part in the festivities. She read a passage from her novel The Blind Assassin, which was also one of the 25 titles chosen. She introduced her reading by commenting on how brave the audience was to withstand the cold, and imparted the following advice regarding the best way to entice potential lovers:

‘…his method of seduction is storytelling, and this is why you should all read a lot! If you are a male person, then you will know a lot of stories to tell, and if you’re a female person then you’ll know when you’ve heard them before’.

Window display at Foyles

The next day was World Book Night itself, so I decided to visit a couple of bookstores before heading over the WBN party at the Southbank Centre. I stopped at Waterstone’s Piccadilly, which had several displays and was hosting a book quiz later that evening. At Foyles, I even managed to pick myself up a WBN copy of Love in the Time of Cholera by Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

Margaret Atwood at the Southbank Centre

Later in the evening at the blissfully warm Southbank Centre, the night started off with readings from authors, and also included other bookish activities such as literary speed dating, book exchanges, music, and my favourite — a corner devoted to a poetry doctor, where patients were prescribed poems for their ailments of body and soul.

Big Green Bookshop

Also in attendance at this event were some lovely folks handing out flyers in support of the Big Green Bookshop in North London. These guys are a struggling independent store, and they’ve recently launched a campaign to try and help save their store from closing down, so if you get a spare moment, check them out and support them in whatever way you can. In spite of some indie Booksellers having reservations about the potential impact of WBN, the people from the Big Green Bookshop were supportive and excited about the project, and in particular spoke about the sense of community which they hoped that World Book Night would help to build.

Me and my WBN copy of Love in the Time of Cholera

Whether or not WBN will be successful in boosting the book trade has yet to be seen, however an earlier report from The Bookseller shows a promising rise in sales figures amongst the 25 titles chosen for the giveaway. Overall, the weekend had an extremely positive feel to it, and I had a great time. The sheer numbers of people at both events was extremely encouraging, and all in attendance were excited and enthusiastic about the spirit of the project, and not just getting a free book or two. As for the future, Jamie Byng has stated his ambitions that World Book Night 2012 will grow beyond the shores of the UK and Ireland, so stay tuned for next year.


AkzoNobel Publishes 2010 Report Online and Via iPad|Lastest Ipad News]

AkzoNobel Publishes 2010 Report Online and Via iPad
February 24, 2011 - AkzoNobel has today published its 2010 Report. The Report, which combines its annual and sustainability reports, will be available for the first time as an iPad application, as well as online. The printed version will be published during the week beginning March 14. This year's dedicated website and iPad versions build further on last year's report concept, and contain full ...
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Report: Apple Event Next Week Will Reveal iPad 2|Lastest Ipad News]

Report: Apple Event Next Week Will Reveal iPad 2
Apple will reveal the next iteration of its game-friendly iPad mobile tablet next week, as competition from Android-based tablets heats up, according to new media reports. The Wall Street Journal's All Things Digital blog cited "several" anonymous sources who confirmed an Apple event for Wednesday March 2 in San Francisco. The blog also cites analysts who expect the new hardware to be thinner ...
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Status report by Hungarian ebook reseller Adamo Books – slow but growing

Screen shot 2011 02 21 at 11 52 22 AMEditor’s Note: We’ve been following the adventures of Adamo Books, Hungary’s first ebook reseller, for a while. The last post was here. In that update he mentioned he would be selling, on Amazon, a report on the Hungarian ebook market. Now, Atilla Lukacs updates us on his current status in an email I received today. PB

Hi Paul,

It’s high time I informed you about latest developments at Adamo Books.
This current material has three parts.

1. Adamo Books looking for outside investor

2. Latest developments at our webstore

3. Our Kindle experiement with my report „Slow But Growing – The Hungarian Ebook Market

Adamo Books Looking for Outside Investor

Peter and I have decided to look for an outside investor for our webstore. We have to increase selection significantly and upgrade our website (in fact, we will launch another webstore at a diffirent URL) so we need more financial resources. We are looking for an outside investor who wish to enter the currently small, but continuously growing Hungarian ebook market.
If anyone is interested in purchasing stake in our business, please ask more info at [email protected]

Latest Developments at Adamo Books

In the past months we started to sell our ebooks in three different file formats: PDF, ePub, PRC. We plan to sell all titles in these formats in the future. There are signs that we have to take PRC and ePub into consideration more than before: for example, one of our free ebooks, A végtelen vándora (Wanderer of Infinity) by Harl Vincent has been downloaded in ePub and PRC formats more often than in PDF in the past couple of weeks. However, PDF is still the leading format in paid downloads.
This year has brought a pleasant surprise: we have had the first purchases from the US – made by Hungarians living int he New World. We have always wanted to reach Hungarians living in North America – and now it has happened. The countries from which we have had customers so far include Slovakia, Romania (ethnic Hungarians living there), France, Germany, Denmark and the US.
Our bestselling author has been Istvan Nemere. Our bestselling title has been Szobafestes hazilag (Home painting) by Istvan Feher B.
Our top-downloaded free ebook has been A végtelen vándora (Wanderer of Infinity) by Harl Vincent.

Our Kindle Experiment with „Slow But Growing – The Hungarian Ebook Market

If you look at my stats below, you have to agree that our kindle ebook experiment has been a failure so far. I have had 3 sales so far. (Please, don’t laugh…) So far, so no good… But I don’t think this is so bad, it’s just an experiment, you know…

Last Sale: 20 days,
11 hours
February Sales: 0
January Sales: 2
Current Rank: 295,433

Sales Rank Stats Average Sales Rank Best Rank: 38,886
Worst Rank: 309,816
Std Deviation: 66,291

There might be a lot reasons for this poor performance. First of all: price. Amazon set the price of my report at $ 8.05 which is too high for a ten-page report. Another reason might be that mainly Hungarian readers could be interested in what’s going on in the local ebook market – but even so, I expected much better results…

Funnily enough, the second downloader has sent me a e-mail. It turned out that the second purchase was made by Pal Kerekes who had previously written a book about ebooks – and my business partner, Peter has purchased and downloaded his book as an ebook from the site Multimediaplaza.hu. How small the Hungarian ebook industry is…


Report Finds Apple Leading Mobile Computer Market|Lastest Ipad News]

Report Finds Apple Leading Mobile Computer Market
Including the iPad, Apple Inc. sold 17.2 percent of mobile computers worldwide in the October-December quarter, according to a report published Wednesday by research group DisplaySearch.
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Simba Information’s Book Publishing Report Tracks Borders ‘Perfect Storm of Missteps,’ Provides Lessons for Other …|Lastest Kindle News]

Simba Information's Book Publishing Report Tracks Borders 'Perfect Storm of Missteps,' Provides Lessons for Other ...
STAMFORD, CT--(Marketwire - February 16, 2011) - Simba Information's newsletter, Book Publishing Report , is running a special feature written by Michael Norris that details the 'perfect storm of missteps' that led to the Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing of Borders, which was announced early this morning. The retailer will close about 200 of its approximately 659 locations -- and affects readers ...
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Report: Borders talking to liquidators

A Reuters wire story says Borders is “reviewing bids from liquidators to close hundreds of stores as it works out the final details of its impending bankruptcy filing …” The report says the company plans to close “about 200 of its 650 stores,” consisting of a mix of Broders and Waldenbooks stores. The report says that the bidding liquidators include Tiger Capital Group, SB Capital Group, Gordon Brothers Group and Great American Group.

However, according to the report “One sticking point for the liquidators is that publishers want a say in the price of books in store closing sales.”


The talks with publishers center around an agreement to pay some of the money currently owed to publishers in return for agreements to extend a similar amount of credit to the book chain in bankruptcy. While such an agreement might not put any money in the publishers’ pockets, it could move some of the credit closer to the front of the line for repayment in the bankruptcy, sources said.

… The company owes tens of millions of dollars to six major publishers for books that were shipped last year, sources said. Some publishers have stopped shipping to the company.

In addition, the publishers want some form of collateral for the credit they supply once the company is in bankruptcy.


Report: Borders bankruptcy filing likely|Lastest Kindle News]

Report: Borders bankruptcy filing likely
NEW YORK -- Borders Group Inc. may file for bankruptcy reorganization as early as Monday or Tuesday, according to a report in the Wall Street Journal.
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