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Woot selling Sony Readers today

Screen shot 2011-01-02 at 11.08.54 AM.pngJust noticed that Woot is selling refurbished Sony Reader Touch Edition units for .99 today (Sunday). Shipping is . They come in black and red.

You can find them here.


Sony Readers Compared: PRS 600 vs PRS 300

sony ebook:Sony Readers Compared: PRS 600 vs PRS 300
Buy Sony Readers: getth.at A comparison of the PRS-600 and PRS-300. For photos and reviews visit www.the-ebook-reader.com


Nook, Kindle, Sony readers compared: Holiday e-book picks

Kindle ebook:Nook, Kindle, Sony readers compared: Holiday e-book picks
One of the categories we've been fawning over for the entire year is e-readers. Their lovely e-ink displays are so easy on the eyes that with the holidays approaching, we wanted to pick the perfect unit. To do that, Eric Sandine, Iyaz Akhtar and myself strike up a convo about the ones that we're most excited about, and the ones we're least likely to pick up. The downside? Some of them still haven't officially hit the streets, or aren't available because they're sold out. The upside? We're still going to talk about our favs, in hopes we'll get some sort of holiday IOU, or the like. Distributed by Tubemogul.


British Library project to map pronunciation seeks children’s book readers from around the world

The British Library has embarked on a project to map accents and pronunciation of words by English-speakers worldwide, as part of its Evolving English exhibit. To that end, they have asked any English-speaker world-wide to record themselves reading aloud the children’s book Mr. Tickle for the benefit of their collection.

The idea is that reading prose aloud tends to be more natural and conversational than simply reading lists of words, and also Mr. Tickle includes some words that have interesting variant pronunciations, like “mischievous” or “extraordinary”.

Readers can take part in the project at the British Library website, or by using an Audioboo mobile app. The website includes a downloadable or printable copy of the book, and instructions on how to tag the recording.

(Found via ReadWriteWeb.)


Readers to Witness the Rise and Fall of Spade Cooley|Lastest Ebook News]

Readers to Witness the Rise and Fall of Spade Cooley
Author weaves the life and times of the King of Western Swing in this new book
Read more on PRWeb via Yahoo! News


Readers to Witness the Rise and Fall of Spade Cooley|Lastest Ebook News]

Readers to Witness the Rise and Fall of Spade Cooley
Author weaves the life and times of the King of Western Swing in this new book (PRWeb December 17, 2010) Read the full story at http://www.prweb.com/releases/2010/12/prweb8028778.htm
Read more on PRWeb


Do e-Book Readers prefer the iPad? Or is the survey off base?

Kindle vs.iPad

A recent survey, published by ChangeWave research asked the question “which of the following e-book readers are you likely to buy?” and found that the iPad got a 44% positive response while the Kindle received a 33% positive response. Their conclusion was that the iPad is gaining ground on the Kindle in the increasingly 2 horse race that is e-book readers.

Well, not so fast… While ChangeWave’s survey did indeed ask a few other questions, many media outlets that picked up the story focused on this one issue and it was widely reported by many sites. Of course, since the iPad was announced, many have been predicting doom and gloom for the lowly Kindle. While there is no doubt that the tablets are going to take some market share, it doesn’t seem out of the question that they can happily coexist, particularly with Amazon releasing Kindle software apps for every platform imaginable.

One of the interesting facts was that iPad owners seem to be more satisfied overall than Kindle owners, but we don’t  know where they got their sample. Nor do we know about the likelihood of these people to actually buy anything, e-reader or not. And of course, the other question is whether or not those who do buy them will use iPads for e-readers, since one of the questions asked about what type of things you would read, but left out all the other stuff you can do with an iPad!

Another interesting fact, that is probably above suspicion, is that Kindle owners are more likely to read books (93%) than iPad owners (76%). IPad owners are more likely to read other types of content including news feeds, blogs and magazines, however.

One other possibility that occurs to me is how about both? Many iPad owners I know are Kindle owners too. The iPad is just so much more than an e-book reader that it hardly seems fair to even make the comparison.

via PC World via  InvestorPlace.com

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Google eBooks launches – offers readers tons of choices|Lastest Ebook News]

Google eBooks launches - offers readers tons of choices
With the launch of its ebook store, Google offers users a large selection of books (including obscure titles) and the ability to read those books on the web as well as on Android devices, Apple's iPad and iPhone, the Barnes and Noble Nook, and many other dedicated e-reader devices.
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Older readers kindle fondness for e-readers|Lastest Kindle News]

Older readers kindle fondness for e-readers
MINNEAPOLIS - Judy Ellis, 67, got her first cell phone two yearsago. So it's fair to say that like many in her generation, theMinneapolis resident has not been an early adopter of newtechnology. Then Amazon's Kindle came along.
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eBook Readers and Amazon’s Kindle 2

Kindle ebook:eBook Readers and Amazon's Kindle 2
Why buy an eBook Reader in general and why buy Amazon's Kindle 2 in particular?

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