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Sony Reader Digital Book PRS-505, silver

sony ebook:Sony Reader Digital Book PRS-505, silver
Here is the review for the Sony Reader Digital Book PRS-505. Nice piece of hardware in my opinion.


Day 27: Reader Revolution

sony ebook:Day 27: Reader Revolution
Day 27: Reader Revolution www.Sony.com/Reader


Sony Reader – CES 2010

sony ebook:Sony Reader - CES 2010

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Libraries supporting ereader blogs – ebookanoid and The Digital Reader seem the favourites

Ebookanoid and The Digital Reader are loved by librarians:

Yesterday I Googled Ebookanoid, to see what other websites say about my blog – something I do every so often as part of keeping track on how ebookanoid is viewed in the rest of the web.

I was very pleased to discover that an amazing number of libraries  in America are suggesting via their online News Letters to their members and users that they read ebookanoid regularly in order to get useful information about ereading.   Good to know that they feel I write in a manner that is useful, especially to people who may well not be all that computer literate or fully fledged techies.

Equally pleasing to me was to discover that not only ebookanoid met with their approval, but also the blog run by my friend Nate the Great (The Digital Reader) was the other blog that they recommended.   Seems to me that between Nate’s blog, which tends to be rather more technical than ebookanoid, and my blog, which is specifically aimed at a non-technical readership, we more or less cover the entire area of ereaders and ebooks.

Good to have this confirmed in this manner.

So, many thanks to all those American Librarians who are supporting what we do in this manner….. It is appreciated.


the cheapest 7 inch ebook reader

Ipad ebook:the cheapest 7 inch ebook reader
TFT panel 7inch ebook reader , can play moive ,radio, voice recorder and digital photo frame.


Day 12: Reader Revolution

sony ebook:Day 12: Reader Revolution


Sony PRS-650 im Test (Reader Touch Edition)

sony ebook:Sony PRS-650 im Test (Reader Touch Edition)
Sonys neue Reader Touch Edition setzt den nächsten Standard für elektronische Lesegeräte: schnelles Touch-Screen, hoher Kontrast, ansprechende grafische Menüführung. Ein Eingabestift erleichtert das Bearbeiten von Texten & die Eingabe von Kommentaren mit der virtuellen Tastatur. Fehlt eigentlich nur noch Farbdarstellung, um aus dem 6-Zoller ein veritables Tablet zu machen.


Choosing an eBook Reader

sony ebook:Choosing an eBook Reader
Sales of e-book readers, also known as ereaders, are way up and prices are dropping. Consumer Reports has tested a wide variety and has advice if you're in the market for a Kindle, Nook or other e-book reader. Find out more about e-book readers on our website: www.consumerreports.org


Sony Reader PRS-505: Elektronische Bücher für unterwegs

sony ebook:Sony Reader PRS-505: Elektronische Bücher für unterwegs
Sonys E-Book-Reader lässt sich an den Strand und in die Berge mitnehmen und verdrängt ein paar Kilo Literatur aus dem Urlaubsgepäck. FOCUS-Redakteur Matthias Matting hat ihn ausprobiert. www.focus.de


A Wireless E-Book Reader Showdown

sony ebook:A Wireless E-Book Reader Showdown
Techland gadget critic Doug Aamoth looks at how the e-book wars are in full swing, with Barnes & Noble dumping the price of its 3G-enabled Nook to 9. So now that there are all these relatively affordable options, which one's the best choice?

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