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Replacing The Sony Portable Reader PRS-505 Battery

sony ebook:Replacing The Sony Portable Reader PRS-505 Battery
Available from NewPower99.com at www.newpower99.com , this video provides a step by step demonstration of the procedure for replacing the battery in your Sony PRS-505 e-reader. The battery installation kit from NewPower99.com contains a new high capacity battery for your Sony PRS 505, instructional installation video, and the necessary tools for installing the battery. Comes with a one year money back guarantee!


PRS-505 demo

sony ebook:PRS-505 demo
Just a simple video about my brand new PRS-505 :)

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Sony Reader PRS-505 (Deutscher Trailer/Teaser)

sony ebook:Sony Reader PRS-505 (Deutscher Trailer/Teaser)
Willkommen in der Zukunft des Lesens - mit dem Reader PRS-505 von Sony! www.sony.de www.thalia.de http


Differences between the PRS-700 and PRS-505 Sony R…

sony ebook:Differences between the PRS-700 and PRS-505 Sony R...
What are the new features of the Sony Reader? With a backlight and touchscreen interface, this new Sony Reader takes convenience to a new level.


How to load the PRS-505 Reader Digital Book

sony ebook:How to load the PRS-505 Reader Digital Book
Learn how easy it is to put new documents on Sonys PRS-505 Reader Digital Book.


Sony PRS-300 & PRS-600 eReaders vs. PRS-505

sony ebook:Sony PRS-300 & PRS-600 eReaders vs. PRS-505
Sony's brand new PRS-300 Pocket Edition and PRS-600 Touch Edition eBook Reader devices compared to its old PRS-505 model.


Sony Reader PRS-505 – What Sony Doesn’t Want You to Know Before You Buy

sony ebook:Sony Reader PRS-505 - What Sony Doesn't Want You to Know Before You Buy
This is a demonstration of the Sony Reader. It is not a full demonstration, rather, it shows how it would work in real-life, when one is simply reading a book. It is a great little device, but this is clearly still very much an early adopter choice. In the example, I show a Japanese-English dictionary. The benefits are clear, even in this limited example: carry a 750g dictionary, or carry a 340g Sony Reader. And of course, since there are more than 200 other books stored on the 2GB SD card, the choice becomes an even easier one. However, if you do not have oceans of time, that choice may not be so clear-cut. Watch and decide for yourself. You can also read my review on Thamno here: thamno.com And on a positive note, Sony is offering half a million of the books scanned by Google for free, in ePub format, ie very readable on the Sony Reader! Info here: thamno.com


Review Sony PRS-505

sony ebook:Review Sony PRS-505
Este vídeo mostra alguns pontos interessante do e-reader da Sony que tem a tecnologia e-ink de tinta eletrônica. Para acompanhar outras discussões sobre esta tecnologia é só ir até o Blog ubimidia.com

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Erster Eindruck: SONY PRS-505 E-Book-Reader

sony ebook:Erster Eindruck: SONY PRS-505 E-Book-Reader
Erste Eindrücke von SONYs E-Book-Reader PRS-505.


Sony PRS-505 E-Book-Reader – Golem.de – Test

sony ebook:Sony PRS-505 E-Book-Reader - Golem.de - Test
Artikel: www.golem.de Golem.de testet den E-Book-Reader PRS505 von Sony.

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