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Pandigital Novel long mini review Part 1

Ebook:Pandigital Novel long mini review Part 1
This is the Pandigital Novel ebook reader based on android OS. Hope on over to www.slatedroid.com to discuss it with us.


New Pandigital Novel in black launched for just $140

Pandigital has come up with a new budget tablet to pamper those who are looking for low cost. However, the new aspect of the tablet is limited to just its color, as the new Pandigital Novel tablet with a black outfit matches up to the white Pandigital Novel in every other aspect. Pandigital has unveiled the Novel white last year while the new Novel tablet in black is currently available at QVC for a price of 9.98.

However, while the price might seem tempting, in some aspects the cost cutting measures seem all too evident. The operating system is Android 2.0 while its the resistive touch screen technology that finds application in the new Novel. The tablet is powered by a Samsung ARM 11 mobile processor coupled to a 256 mb DRAM. The tablet has a 2 GB internal memory and features 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi to connect to the internet.

These apart, the black Pandigital Novel includes other features such as a headphone jack, a mini USB 2.0 port, SD, MMC memory card reader along with an integrated accelerometer for automatic screen rotation. The tablet also includes built in speakers and sorts a 7 inch 800 x 600 pixel display.

So to those of you who think the above will suffice, flock to your closest QVC. They are currently accepting orders for the tablet.

via statedroid via liliputing

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Notion Ink Adam compared to the Kindle and Pandigital Novel in Direct Sunlight



By Markus

notion ink adam

Welcome to another Good e-Reader Video! In this video we compare the Notion Ink Adam in Pixel QI mode vs the Amazon Kindle and the Pandigital Novel 9 inch. We show you how it looks in direct sunlight and how the Adam stacks up against e-ink and LCD.

One of the biggest factors in the Notion Ink Adams version of Pixel QI screen technology is how it employs the dual layer of glass that it uses. It makes the Adam highly reflective in the sun, and even the matted screen protector is pretty useless.

Our first comparison is with the Amazon Kindle and the Notion Ink Adam in Pixel QI mode. We give you a great visual example of how the Adam ranks against one of the premier e-ink based electronic readers. We have to give the advantage in this test to the Amazon Kindle.

The next comparison we show is how the Notion Ink Adam ranks with the Pandigital Novel 9 inch edition. This test is mainly pitted to show how Pixel QI in the Adam compares to the standard LCD based tablet and e-reader combination found in most competing devices. We have to decide this contest in favor of the Adam, as the LCD was unreadable in direct sunlight.

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Video review – 9 inch Pandigital Novel ereader

Once again, with thanks to The Ebook Reader, here is a full review of the Pandigital 9 inch ereader:

Continuing my attempt to collect as many video reviews of various ereaders and accessories in one place, here is the latest one, this one being the  rather impressively proportioned Pandigital 9 inch ereader.

As you will see, this is yet another coloured screen ereader, so it will be superb for reading magazines and kid’s ebooks on, and the rather large screen helps there too, of course.

Anyhow, I leave the word (and images) with this excellent video from The Ebook Reader……   Enjoy it.


From QVC website:

Price: $ 235.00

Go beyond books. This eReader creates a complete multimedia experience on its 9″ diagonal full-color resistive touchscreen display. In addition to putting your favorite titles at your fingertips–complete with a My Library feature that can be customized for multiple users–it also offers built-in 802.11b/g wireless connectivity, so you can surf the Web and check e-mail, and a 2GB internal memory for your favorite audio, video, and photo files. The included 4GB microSD memory card expands your storage options, and the leatherette case keeps the device secure and stylish on the go. From PanDigital.

Wireless capability and use of public wireless locations or hot spots may require a network connection, additional accessories, and a service connection fee.

Access to and use of the Internet may require payment of a separate fee to an Internet Service Provider, DSL line, or more.

  • Includes eReader, AC adapter, USB cable, cradle/stand, leatherette case, and 4GB microSD memory card
  • 9″ diagonal full-color resistive touchscreen display
  • 2GB internal memory
  • Built-in 802.11b/g wireless connectivity
  • Supports audio, video, digital photo album files
  • Alarm clock
  • My Library can be customized for multiple users
  • Bookstore home screen, powered by Barnes & Noble
  • Measures 9-1/2″L x 5-3/4″W x 1/2″H
  • UL listed adapter; 1-year Limited Manufacturer’s Warranty
  • Made in China


Pandigital Novel takes second place in e-reader sales for 3Q2010

Mashable has an article (citing an IDC study) about the 17 million iPad units shipped in 2010, but it also focuses on the number of e-book readers that were sold. In the e-book field, they peg the Kindle selling 1.14 million units in the third quarter of 2010, but instead of Barnes & Noble the Pandigital Novel takes second place with 440 thousand units, followed by the Nook in third at 420 thousand.

I find myself more than a little suspicious of these numbers, however, given that I know Amazon doesn’t ever reveal how many units they sell, and I’m not sure Barnes & Noble does either. (Don’t know whether Pandigital does or not.)

Still, even the fact that Pandigital is mentioned in the same breath as the “big two” seems to suggest that the e-book reader market may not be quite the two-horse race we’ve been assuming it was. Pandigital has done a very good job getting the Novel into a large number of retail outlets (including rather unexpected ones such as Bed Bath and Beyond), and it’s a lot less expensive than other non-Kindle-or-Nook competitors—demonstrating that it’s possible to compete on other factors than just brand-name recognition. Having access to the Barnes & Noble Nook e-book store doesn’t hurt either.

And those high sales for this LCD reader (coupled, of course, with the 17 million iPads sold) suggest that a significant number of readers aren’t fixated on e-ink as the only display technology that’s easy to read.

It will be quite interesting to see what the future holds for Pandigital, and for other would-be Kindle-killers.


The Pandigital Multimedia Novel now with 3G

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Pandigital has upped the ante with the 9 inch tablet and e-reader device that it had launched sometime ago. And this time, the company has on offer an enhanced version of the device which now boasts of an in built 3G connectivity.

The Pandigital Multimedia Novel comes with a 9 inch touch screen and runs Android 2.0. The company has entered into a partnership with the Barnes & Noble BookStore which acts as the official supplier of content for the device. However, the device could only connect to the internet via Wi-Fi and the only natural progression for the device could be in the form of a 3G version of the same.

Well, that sure has happened with AT&T doling out the contract free service which means, there is no fixed rentals in place. One will only have to pay as they use the service though there is a problem. The 3G service is not available in its entirety for the fact that the service is limited to only downloading e-books and will not cover surfing the web at large. So one will still have to rely on their Wi-Fi networks to browse the internet.

Everything else about the tablet remains the same sans the price as the 3G enabled Pandigital Multimedia Novel will set one back by 0.

via engadget

The Pandigital Multimedia Novel now with 3G is a post from: E-Reader News

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The Pandigital Multimedia Novel now with 3G is a post from: E-Reader News

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Barnes and Noble Nook Color VS. the Pandigital Novel 9 inch VS the Pocketbook 701 IQ – Android Tablet Comparison



By Markus

good ereader video

Welcome to another Good e-Reader Exclusive Video! In this video we take a look at three of the newest Google entry level Google Android based tablet computers and put them against each other in key areas.

The tablet computers we use in this comparison is the Barnes and Noble Nook Color, the Pandigital Novel 9 inch and the Pocketbook IQ 701.

Firstly we compare the hardware specs between all 3 of these tablets, and give you an indication on how they differ from each other.

Next we evaluate eBook page turn speed and in turn compare the different screen technologies. For example, the Pandigital Novel 9 inch and the Pocketbook IQ 701 use Resistive Screen technology where the Barnes and Noble Nook Color uses Capacitive screen tech.

We also compare other facets such as landscape and portrait mode speeds and how the tablets are different from each other, we look at content distribution for ebooks and a ton more! This is a must see video, check it out.

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