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iPad 2 owners should be aware of security risks|Lastest Ipad News]

iPad 2 owners should be aware of security risks
Losing an iPad, or other mobile devices such as phones and laptops, will not only mean the owner has lost the money they paid for the product, but also the valuable information, personal details, and memories that were stored on the device.
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Booklending – Bringing Kindle owners together to share ebooks

Want to borrow or  lend  ebooks from Amazon?

For every one with a Kindle, or a Kindle app on some other device, this website offers a very neat way of coming into contact with others who wish to share their ebooks with you, or who would like to borrow your ebook.

This system is based on the ebook lending system that Amazon now offer, which basically means that anyone who has bought an ebook from Amazon has the possibility of lending it once to anyone they wish.    So what Booklending have done is to create a sort of social website, where it is easy for people who want to lend or borrow ebooks to come into contact with each other.   In other words, Booklending do not have any ebooks themselves, they simply act as intermediaries for those who wish to lend and borrow.

It is extremely simple to use, once you have registered yourself on the site, you then post the names of any ebooks you are prepared to lend, so that others can find them and then using the Amazon system, the transaction takes place.

For borrowers it is equally simple, once registered, all they have to do is  use the search function to find the ebook they are looking for, and if it is available, they are taken to it and then they borrow it.

All very simple and straight forward to use, and it is free as well!

Currently it  is only possible for people with a US based Amazon account to lend ebooks, but subject to those irritating geographical limitations, people from anywhere in the world may borrow ebooks via this website.

As you may know, some publishers have placed limitations on which ebooks may be lent via the Amazon system, so there are many ebooks that you will never find listed on this website, unfortunately.  But in spite of this, the choice appears to be pretty good from what I have seen on their website.

When you lend someone (either directly to a friend, or via Booklending), what happens is that the ebook is downloaded from Amazon’s site to the borrower’s device, and then for the period of the loan, which is 14 days, you can not access the ebook in question – logically enough, you have lent it after all.  And then after this period is over, it is deleted from the borrower’s device, and becomes available once again for you to read on your own Kindle.

In the FAQ page on the Booklending website you will find all of this stuff simply and clearly explained.

All quite amazingly simple and a very good idea to my mind.  Spreading the joy can’t be a bad thing.   So nip along to their website and check it out for yourself, and start in borrowing and lending ebooks to your hearts content.  Got to love free ebooks, eh?

Link: http://www.booklending.com/

eBookFling: ebook-fling-a-new-way-for-kindle-and-nook-owners-to-lend-and-borrow-ebooks/

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What do you think of such an idea?   Does it interest you enough to take part in one capacity or the other?   Have you used this site, and if so, what do you think of it?


Borders go belly up – what does this mean for owners of ebooks from them?

As a Kobo ereader owner you may be worried about the demise of Borders:

As you probably know, Borders have gone bankrupt, and if you happen to be the happy owner of  Kobo ereader you may well be worried about what effects this bankruptcy may have on your ebook collection, and how things will work from now on for you.

Kobo have released a long statement intended to explain the situation to us all, and to try and set our minds at rest which I  shall post without comment below, as I believe it is important for you to know.

So, here is what Kobo have to say:

What does this mean for Kobo customers?
Nothing. Kobo is an independent, financially secure company that provides a Global eReading Service. Today will be another day filled with books being downloaded every second by Kobo users in over 100 countries.

What does this mean for customers of Borders’ eBook service…?

Will I lose access to ebooks I have purchased at Borders.com?
Your ebook library is perfectly safe. The Borders ebook experience is powered by Kobo, an entirely separate company from Borders. Kobo is financially secure and will continue to maintain your ebook library no matter what happens.

Can I continue to buy ebooks from Borders.com?
Yes. Kobo will continue to provide ebook services to Borders customers through Borders.com and Borders apps and desktop software. You shouldn’t notice any difference in terms of service or selection.

Will I still be able to get technical support for the Kobo eReader or other device I purchased from Borders?
Yes. Borders will continue to offer phone and email customer service for devices purchased at their stores and Borders.com.

Will I still be able to get support for Borders apps?
Yes. Borders customer service will continue without interruption.

What does this mean for the relationship between Kobo and Borders?

Kobo is just fine (and it’s sweet that you’re concerned.) Borders is an important book retailer in the US market, but its ebook sales represents a minority of Kobo’s worldwide sales. As a global ebook retailer delivering books to over 100 countries on any given week, Kobo realized long ago that diversification across retailers and markets was important as the book industry went into a period of radical transformation. We feel confident that we’ll be with you for years to come.

What does this mean for Kobo?

Kobo is an independent, financially secure company that has huge vision to provide the best eReading experience in the world. We are focused on growing our share of the global eReading market every day. We have dozens of partners worldwide, crossing many sectors – book retail, consumer electronics, telecom, and general merchandise retail. As Borders is a minority investor and a minority of global revenues we see more upside in our future than downside from today’s news. As we continue to roll out new products, content, distribution and support for many new languages and markets, our revenue will not only grow, it will also diversify in a good way.

In the meantime, we are working with Borders to provide seamless service to their customers – some of the most passionate readers on the planet, and one of the biggest groups of booklovers around.

With thanks: to Paul Biba at Teleread;  (http://www.teleread.com)

So, that is what Kobo have to say:

I hope the above statement will set your mind at rest if you were getting worried.   Seems that alll will be OK and as it ever was.

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eBookFling – A new way for Kindle and Nook owners to lend and borrow eBooks

eBookFling, lend and borrow ebooks with others, a new age dawns for ereading?

In a press release, Book Swim have announced the launch of their new website - ebookfling.com – which is intended to bring ebook lenders into contact with people who wish to borrow ebooks.   This site will be making use of the lending function that Kindle and Nook ereaders possess, and seems to me to be a very logical and sensible step towards giving us rather more ownership of our expensively purchased ebooks;

In the press release they describe it as follows:

…..a virtual “eBook swap” website that facilitates the direct lending of eBooks between consumers using the lending features enabled by the Kindle and Nook.

With eBookFling, readers can swap unlimited eBooks with thousands of readers nationwide. Just fling an eBook to others and catch the eBook of your choice – choose from the hottest New York Times Bestsellers, timeless classics and even rare, eclectic titles, textbooks and tech manuals! Trade Kindle™ and Nook™ books using your e-reader device, iPad, iPhone, Blackberry™ or Android™ smartphone.

No need to actually own a Kindle or Nook:

So, as you  can see, this is not limited to people who actually own a Kindle or Nook ereader, it is also available to anyone who owns a Smart phone and who has the Kindle and Nook Apps installed on their smart phones…   So it really opens up the world to lend and borrow ebooks.

Possibly not liked by Amazon and other companies:

I can imagine that Barnes and Noble and Amazon may not be too happy about this idea, since it must effect their sales to some degree, and also publishers and authors may well have their reservations about it for the same reason, but as has often been pointed out, it has been possible for years and years to do effectively the same thing with paper books, and no one has ever really been able to demonstrate that that caused a drop in sales of new paper books.- as far as I know.  Often the reverse has been shown to be the effect, in that people are introduced to authors  they had not read before, liked what they read, and then purchased other books by the same authors, so it can actually be seen as a sort of Loss Leader technique, a tickler to bring an author to people’s attention.

This site goes further than simply bringing lenders and borrowers in contact with each other; it also sets up a sort of closed economic system, in that lenders can build up credit by offering ebooks to be borrowed, and thus increase the number of ebooks they may borrow in their turn.

The press release describes how this idea will work:

Using a credit system as currency, the community provides a circle of eBook lending.
Lenders earn 1 credit for every 5 books they list as available for lend and 1 credit earned for each successfully lent book.  Borrowers create a queue of books they’d like to borrow.

Lenders will be emailed or sent a text message when a Borrower selects their book and upon acceptance, they will have a set time to complete the transaction through Amazon.com  or BarnesAndNoble.com with eBookFling verifying the transaction and alerting the requester that their book is ready to download. The Borrower will then have one point deducted from their account which is given to the Lender to spend on a rental for him/herself.

The borrower may read the book for 14 days on the device they’ve downloaded to (Kindle, Nook, Nook and Kindle apps on smart phones or apps on PC and MACs) upon which the book disappears from the borrower and is “returned” to the Lender’s device/phone/computer.

Seems simple enough to me, and workable too.

Apparently Americans are functional non-readers:

Another point about this is that apparently not many people in America manage to finish reading an entire novel in the 14 days this system allows one to have that ebook, so if they enjoyed it, they will want to buy it in order to finish it.   I further gather that a report from the National Endowment for the Arts considers an avid reader someone who consumes 12 books or more per year (only 3% of the US).

I find that definition of an “avid ” reader extremely depressing, I would consider someone who only manages 12 books a year as almost a non-reader, and further, if that group constitute only 3% of Americans, that is even sadder to contemplate.  I am left wondering what on earth the remaining 97% of Americans read, if anything.   I can only assume that they are “avid” TV viewers.    Sadly I feel this is a definition of a population of non-readers.

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So, what do you think about this idea?   will it work?  Is it advantageous to all concerned or not?   Do share your thoughts about it with others here.


Samsung are the new owners of Liquavista



By Sovy

The South Korean conglomerate Samsung, makers of many e-reader models along with the Galaxy Tab tablet PC have acquired Netherlands based digital publishing company Liquavista. However, the entire deal has been pulled off in the most hush hush manner with no official statement issued by either of the two companies involved. And so long as the take-over is not acknowledged by any of the two companies, the news officially is still at best a rumor.

In the meantime, what will be the new change in equations mean for Samsung? Well, Liquavista has been into developing cutting edge display technology such as electrowetting that leads to displays that are just as readable indoors as it would be out in bright sunlight. This while the drain on the battery is just the bare minimum. Also, Liquavista has to its credit unique transflective displays that, much like the displays from Pixel-Qi include dual modes – the low power consuming monochrome display with the backlight turned off or full color displays with the backling turned back on again.

And for a company as diverse as Samsung, it does make sense to have under its control such display technology which next can be seen on devices such as e-readers and tablet devices that come out of the Samsung camp. Smartphones too are likely to be the beneficiary of such innovative display technology.

via liliputing

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Report: 40 percent of iPad Owners Also Have a Kindle|Lastest Ipad News]

Report: 40 percent of iPad Owners Also Have a Kindle
Many iPad users aren't in an exclusive relationship with their device. According to a JP Morgan study, 40 percent of iPad owners also have a Kindle.
Read more on PC Magazine via Yahoo! News


Helpful advice for new Kindle owners


Here are some handy tips from actual Kindle owners to newcomers who just got one in the past few days. I cribbed most of these from this Amazon Discussion Forum thread, and although I’ve edited it down to the ones I personally vouch for, the whole thread is worth a look if you’re just getting started.


  • Don’t feel compelled to grab every free book offer just because it’s free. At the same time, don’t hesitate on free offers that interest you, because a lot of deals are time-sensitive.
  • Pressing Alt+Home will take you straight to the Kindle store on your device.
  • Take advantage of samples to help curb your impulse buys.
  • Use eReaderIQ.com to keep an eye on expensive Kindle titles, so you can be alerted if the price drops.
  • If you share your Kindle account with others, or if you like to maintain a gift card balance just for books, consider setting up a second account on Amazon that’s reserved solely for the Kindle.

The Device

  • Learn which Kindle model you own, so you can troubleshoot it or look for accessories for it without confusion.Here’s a chart to help you out.
  • If you only occasionally deal with damp places when reading your Kindle, try a Ziploc-style plastic bag that seals. However, don’t rely on it for higher-risk areas like pools or boats–invest in a waterproof case or bag.
  • Instead of turning it off, put your Kindle in sleep mode when you’re not reading it, by sliding and releasing the power button. Only turn off your Kindle completely (by holding the power switch for 5-7 seconds) if you’re not going to use it for a week or more.
  • To save battery life, turn off the wireless function if you don’t need it. You can turn this on/off under the main menu.
  • Download Calibre and use it on your PC the way you would use iTunes–that is, to organize all of your ebooks. It won’t let you open DRM-locked Kindle books from the Amazon store, but it will let you add meta data, change titles, and collect your Kindle purchases with the rest of your growing ebook collection.
  • A padded 6″x9″ mailing envelope will work as a super cheap Kindle sleeve.


  • Download to your PC a backup copy of your Kindle user guide. (All guides are located athttp://www.amazon.com/kindledocuments.) It will be easier to access and let you look up info even if you don’t have your Kindle in front of you.
  • Also, read the user guide that’s pre-loaded on your Kindle. Seriously, it will make your life a lot easier, and it’s not dense or too technical.
  • If you bought one of the new non-lighted Amazon Kindle covers and your Kindle does weird things (losing places in books, rebooting, not maintaining a charge), contact Amazon about replacing the cover. This is a recently identified issue with some of the unlighted covers, although it hasn’t yet been formally confirmed by Amazon.

Finally, subscribe via RSS to this blog or others like it for regular tips and news. It’s an easy way to stay up to date on what’s going on with the Kindle marketplace.

(Photo: kisocci)

Via Chris Walters’ BookSprung blog


The Onion ebook bundle – exclusive for Kindle owners

Amazon and The Onion have created a 5 new ebook bundle for Kindle customers:

The Onion is a rather odd alternative and heavily satirical American “news” website and printed newspaper, basically a sort of spoof  CNN, and actually quite funny I find and is well worth a visit to see their rather strange take on what is happening (or not happening) in the world today.

Anyhow, they have got together with Amazon and produced a bundle of 5 ebooks exclusively for Kindle owners (or those of you who use Kindle apps on other devices), which you will be able to buy for the price of a beer, i.e $ 2.99 each.   Got to be worth buying at that price!

Specifically the 5 ebooks are as follows:

America’s Finest Tech News

Chronicles of the Area Man

The Finest Reporting on Literature, Media, and Other Dying Art Forms

The Best of Jim Anchower

The Best of Herbert Kornfeld

In a press release, announcing this bundle of ebooks, Amazon had the following to say:

Our customers are fans of books by the Onion in print format, and the Onion is one of our most popular Kindle Periodicals.  We hope Kindle readers will enjoy these five exclusive titles, which are the perfect way to add even more levity to your holiday season.

As Amazon’s press release rather amusingly goes on to say.

Every week, the Onion misinforms more than 1.8 million weekly readers of the print edition

Actually, come to think of it, the Onion might be seen as no more than an honestly  misleading and amusing version of Fox News.

So, off you go and order yours before the holiday really kicks in, and you will thus be properly armed to relax and enjoy your holiday reading.


The Onion: http://www.theonion.com/

Kindle Store: http://www.amazon.com


Guinea Pigs!!! An eBook for happy Guinea Pig owners and lovers.

Guinea Pigs?  Huh?   Yup, there is an ebook for Guinea Pig owners… and how!!!

I spend a lot of my research time in the deeper reaches of the internet, looking for information about my mainstream posts, but in the course of this delving, I find myself frequently distracted by the rather weird and wonderful things that live down in the lower regions of Google (Pages 50 to 200).  And this ebook that purports to let you into all manner of arcane secrets about rearing and tending for your Guinea Pigs is surely one of the stranger ones.

Firstly, there is nothing odd about writing and selling an ebook all about the care of Guinea Pigs, lots of people own and love them dearly, but this one is presented in such a splendidly hucksterish manner.   More in the style of a street market or circus than a normal book seller.  The prose in the advertisement is wonderful.. I shall quote liberally from it, as it is such fun.

On his first line he sets the tone for the remaining several hundred lines of purple prose, to wit:

These are the Guinea Pig “secrets” pet stores don’t want you to know!

Good stuff, isn’t it?   Why would pet stores have secrets about Guinea Pigs that they don’t want you to know?   The mind boggles at what these secrets might be… so read on and perhaps all will be revealed.   Well, actually, they wont be revealed, that is the whole point of the ad… tempt you with the revelations that will be given you should you part with your money and buy the ebook.

He goes on to say the following:

Dear Friend,

Did you just get a new guinea pig and have no idea how to care for it?

Do you own a guinea pig who “looks” sick and is losing his energy?

Are you interested in learning the best, fastest and easiest way to care for your guinea pig so that he lives a long and healthy life, without spending a lot of money on supplies?

If you answered “yes” to any of the questions above, then this may very well be the most exciting message you’ve read all day. Here’s why…

You’re about to discover a proven system for optimizing your guinea pig’s health and energy. This system works whether your guinea pig is healthy or sick.

So far all perfectly reasonable, but wait…… He goes on………

Here’s the thing: Guinea pigs are very delicate creatures.

I’ve compiled all my knowledge into an easy to follow, downloadable guide called “The Ultimate Guinea Pig Handbook: Help with Caring for your Furry Friend.

So far, so good…

He then starts his pitch

Here Are Three Good Reasons To Believe Me When I Tell You Your Guinea Pig Will Live a Long and Disease-Free Life

  1. 450 other guinea pig owners use this very same system you’ll be using.
  1. In the past 3 WEEKS alone, over 250 NUMBER OF people have signed up to receive my exclusive Guinea Pig Secrets newsletter.
  1. I’m the only person in the training industry that’ll let you keep his entire system FREE if it doesn’t work for your guinea pig.

(Nobody else in is willing to put their “money where their mouth is” like this…)

The bottom line is this: My system is 100% guaranteed to work for you …just like it’s worked for 450 other guinea pig owners before you.

I love the figures, bearing in mind that this is on a website that doesn’t appear to be updated very often………

Then, in the time honoured way of Quack Doctors, he goes on to make the following rather startling claim…….

Of course, I also provide step by step “quick cure” instructions for every single guinea pig illness. So, you’ll have complete peace of mind knowing that if your guinea pig does ever fall ill, you’ll have the knowledge to cure him quickly and inexpensively.

Every single Guinea Pig illness?  Now that is a claim to say Sir to.

In fairness to the proud author of this seminal work, it is actually for the most part not stupid, most of the information is relevant and useful to anyone contemplating keeping a Guinea Pig…..  But, personally I would rather simply Google “how to care for  Guinea Pig” and get all the info for free, but that is me, I am a miserly soul.

In the course of the book, he covers bedding, cage design and care, health problems, feeding and a load of other points, so it does give you useful info, I suppose.

Here is his list of subjects covered in this wonderful ebook:

  • A complete guide to the guinea pig cage and how to easily maintain a healthy environment.
  • The 5 things you must do before placing your guinea pig in his new home.
  • What to feed your guinea pig – and what not to give him! There is a ton of inaccurate info out there. I’ll tell you the truth so you never have to wonder again!
  • How to care for a single guinea pig and more than one!
  • The importance of bedding and why this is a crucial component of your cage. I’ll tell you what type of bedding to buy and how much to use.
  • How to choose a healthy guinea pig from the store — there are little known things to look for that the pet store owner’s don’t want you to know!
  • The surefire signs of guinea pig illness that will tell you if your guinea pig needs medical attention.
  • An entire chapter devoted to guinea pig illnesses and cures. Your guinea pig has the potential to completely recover from an illness, but it’s not how you think. I’ll show you the truth about curing your guinea pig.
  • Why a specific type of bedding – frequently recommended – is actually extremely dangerous for your guinea pig. It’s known to cause respiratory problems.
  • A complete guide to all the accessories your guinea pig needs to be happy in his new home.
  • A complete guinea pig first aid kit. This is an important one! The supplies in this kit just may save your guinea pig’s life!
  • Where you should never place your guinea pig cage in your house. Put it here and it just might kill him!
  • How to tell if your guinea pig is running a fever. The proper body temperature for a guinea pig (you may be surprised to learn what it is!).
  • What’s the proper heart rate for your guinea pig? The Ultimate Guinea Pig Handbook will tell you.
  • Where in the room to place your guinea pig cage.
  • A crash course on guinea pig behavior. Knowing what’s normal and healthy behavior – and what’s not! – can help you provide the best possible care for your guinea pig.
  • All about feeding your guinea pig, including tips on varying his diet to make sure his intestinal tract stays healthy.
  • What to do if your guinea pig won’t eat.
  • The importance of quarantine cage and how to set one up.
  • Why your guinea pig loves to be on a schedule – and why it’s great for his health.
  • An entire chapter devoted to breeding your guinea pigs — step-by-step instructions from start to finish.
  • How to prepare food for your guinea pig. This one is easy, and it’s a ton of fun to watch him eat it!
  • What your guinea pig can’t eat! Knowing this will save your guinea pig from potential health problems.
  • How to arrange your plants in your tank for optimum visual effect.
  • How to properly introduce your guinea pig to his new cage mates. This is very important as you don’t want to cause your guinea pigs any undue stress as it could lead to illnesses later on.

So, he seems to have covered every possible side of Guinea Pig care…..  Good…

Next he turns his attention to how you can obtain this wonderful ebook, as follows……..

You’ll discover much more in this rare and candid guinea pig care system.

And what’s really great is that You Can Be Absorbing This Amazing Guinea Pig Care System In The Next 30 Seconds!

You can order this amazing system right now and actually start discovering these guinea pig care secrets within 30 seconds… yes, that is right… WITHIN 30 SECONDS you can have a healthier guinea pig and attractive – and healthy – cage!

That’s because I’ve taken the entire system and turned it into a downloadable eBook.

All you need to do is open the eBook on your computer and begin reading!

But don’t worry, downloading the information in “The Ultimate Guinea Pig Handbook” is a real snap. I’m no “techno whiz” and I had no problem. (It works perfectly with both MAC and PC computers.)

And that’s not nearly all

This downloadable guide reveals same closely guarded secrets that have transformed 100 NUMBER other guinea pigs…and continue to be used by an average of 10 new guinea pig owners per day.

Now for the part I really love!

This information-packed guide normally sells for .95 in its offline “physical” format.

But thanks to a special arrangement I’ve made with the publisher we’ve made his sensational resource “The Ultimate Guinea Pig Handbook” which contains my entire guinea pig care system, available to you as a downloadable ebook directly accessible from the Internet.

This way I have no inventory and no fulfillment costs. I don’t need to pay anyone to take the orders over the phone. This way I can pass along my cost savings to you. So you win and I win. But don’t worry, downloading the information in “The Ultimate Guinea Pig Handbook” is a real snap. I’m no “techno whiz” and I had no problem. (It works perfectly with both MAC and PC computers.)

Also, I’m offering it at this low price because this entire “internet sale” is part of a marketing test I’m trying out. Frankly, I plan to raise the price by an extra .00 (at least) in the very near future.

But even at a higher price, it’d be a bargain because this system works like crazy!

I know from first hand, personal experience that it does and I’m so confident you’ll love it that I’m offering the following guarantee:

Your Guinea Pig Will Be So Beautiful – and “Guinea Pig Friendly” and Your Guinea Pig Will be So Happy and Healthy That Your Friends Will Be Jealous Or Else I’ll Give You 100% Of Your Money Back And Still Let You Keep This Entire System For FREE!

You heard me correctly. This amazing guide is guaranteed to work for you. And I stand behind it 100%. Test drive it for 60 days.

One area of Guinea Piggery he doesn't cover!

Please note:

I have written this post because the way this guy writes about his ebook amused me enormously, but I haven’t gone so far as to actually order the thing myself, so I don’t know what it actually is, so you buy it at your own risk.

Further, I am pretty sure he has other ebooks of a similar nature online, I have come across his style on other sites, devoted to other interests and hobbies, such as model trains, golfing, fishing and so on.. all written in the same overblown manner.  So I am almost certain that he has many such ebooks to sell… which may all be perfectly good and usable ebooks, but equally, might well be totally useless,  So take care before buying this one.

But, the site is worth a visit, it is so over the top.

So, how do you actually buy this jewel among pet care ebooks?   Here is the link, enjoy….. (O: