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Get Up! (A 12-Step Guide to Recovery for Misfits, Freaks & Weirdos)

Get Up! (A 12-Step Guide to Recovery for Misfits, Freaks & Weirdos)

Get Up! (A 12-Step Guide to Recovery for Misfits, Freaks & Weirdos)
by Bucky Sinister

A powerful and entertaining guide for anyone who wants to understand recovery. As an atheist with a background in fundamentalism, Bucky Sinister was skeptical of 12-step groups when the time came for him to get sober. He was afraid of losing his artistic abilities and had big problems with the higher power concept. In spite of his hesitations, he stuck with the program and it rewarded him greatly. In Get Up, he shares the knowledge he gained on his journey, from being afraid of AA philosophies to embracing them, motivating others to join him in their own efforts to get clean. Sinister, a spoken word artist, poet, and performer, well-known on the West Coast for his grabbing, truthful, funny performances, puts out his own story, no frills, no excuses, and no holds barred. He offers a tough-love approach to recovery for all those, like him, who are turned off by traditional recovery books.

Click on the link below to read this free ebook online:-
Get Up! (A 12-Step Guide to Recovery for Misfits, Freaks & Weirdos) – 169 pages, 10 chapters (HTML) – Chapter links are at the top left of the site.

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Grad Expectation: the essential guide for all graduates entering the work force

Grad Expectation: the essential guide for all graduates entering the work force

Grad Expectation: the essential guide for all graduates entering the work force
by Robert Cross

When just surviving at work isn’t enough! There’s a different way – you can succeed after university through just being yourself. Nervous, anxious, alone is what each of them felt on their very first day at World-Corp PLC. Sitting at the same table ready for their induction, Simon, Jane, Steve, Taylor and Angela had no idea what to expect. But here they were, having finished university and at the beginning of their journey into the professional world. Were they prepared for the challenges they would encounter? Will their careers turn out how they were hoping? The answers to these questions they didn’t know, but they were about to find out. This book is packed with all you need to know about how to succeed in the new world of work after university.

Click on the link below to start downloading this free ebook:-
Grad Expectation: the essential guide for all graduates entering the work force – 348 pages, 1.6MB (PRC, LIT, EPUB)

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Blackberry Playbook Training Guide Now Available



By Michael



If you cannot wait until the 19th of this month to get your hands on inaugerial tablet from Canadian based Research in Motion you are in luck! Today we got our hands on a training manual that basically explains the entire Playbook and all of the hardware and software features.

The interactive guide is full of little tips and tricks that users will find instantly gratifying. For example, if you press the spacebar type, it will automatically add a period and capitalize the next word.  Also it verifies it will play Flash and be able to handle Android applications.

Check it out HERE.

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Just a temporary alert to RSS readers about revised Free Kindle Books guide Revision

The Free Kindle Books guide has been revised to remove log notes (which had made it hard to read and repetitive) and to explain the features better.  Google Reader doesn't recognize an older post that has been revised with a current date, so this will let you know there's a large revision.


Guide to Free eBooks Online

Kindle ebook:Guide to Free eBooks Online
A brief video showing our recommended sources for free books online. Internet Archive - www.archive.org Project Gutenberg - www.gutenberg.org Google Books - http

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Free ebooks:Zygor Leveling Guide 3V **CATACLYSM UPDATED** DOWNLOAD FOR FREE!! [25 MARCH]
STILL WORKING AND UPDATED AS OF 25 MARCH 2011 =] i will keep it updated everyday and as soon as zygor releases!! so check on it once in a while :) Version 3.0.1620 - adf.ly Version 3.0.1625 -adf.ly Version 3.0.1648 - adf.ly [5 JANUARY] Version 3.0.1668 - adf.ly [9 JANUARY] Version 3.0.1692 - adf.ly [16 JANUARY] Version 3.0.1724 - adf.ly [27 JANUARY] Version 3.0.1732 - adf.ly [3 FEBRUARY] Version 3.0.1765 - adf.ly [9 FEBRUARY] Version 3.0.1790 - adf.ly [20 FEBRUARY] - NEW UPDATE!!!! First as always :) - Version 3.0.1926 - adf.ly [22 MARCH] IN THE NEW UPDATE: Too long to put on Youtube so here it is on pastebin, just click and read! - pastebin.com Check it out DAILY for UPDATES!! or just to say hi :P as you can see im on EVERYDAY changing the title so you can know that the latest download here is THE MOST UPDATED one :D BONUS - Archaeology and Guild perks - Guide :) - adf.ly ENJOY, like it, comment and subscribe to stay updated :P MILESTONES: 1000 VIEWS - [19 JANUARY 2011] - Less than a month after upload! (28 days) +500 Happy Downloaders!! - [19 JANUARY 2011] - Less than a month after upload! (28 days) +750 Happy Downloaders!! - [30 JANUARY 2011] :) 2000 VIEWS - [1 MARCH 2011] _____________________________________________________________ _-~=*`TAGS DONT BOTHER READING`*=~-_ Tags: WoW world of warcraft PVP season game gold hack of video Free counter strike world of warcraft comedy macedonia makedonija wow cs mix 1.6 counter-terrorist terrorist funny powerleveling world ...


Self-publishing Ubuntu Linux guide was an adventure, author says

ubuntuguideAuthor Keir Thomas has posted an account of how he came to write and self-publish an Ubuntu Linux reference book, after being spurned by a number of other publishers including O’Reilly who felt the profit margin was too low on inexpensive books at the moment.

So Thomas decided to write and publish the book himself through Amazon’s print-on-demand subsidiary CreateSpace. And to drum up interest in the printed book, which he priced at .99, he gave the e-book away as a free PDF.

Thomas estimates that the book had to be downloaded about 446 times for every sale of the print book, which is quite a low ratio—but on the other hand, he’s made a decent amount of money out of the printed book either way.

Since going on sale at the start of 2009, the book has made me ,000. Bearing in mind the book took three months to produce, that’s a salary of ,000 per month, although costs such as hosting have to be deducted, and I also spent quite a few days marketing the book once published.

I’ve had worse salaries in my life, and I’m very grateful, but I know total royalties would probably have been higher had I gone through the traditional route of working with a mainstream publisher.

In the end, Thomas is realistic about the chances of self-publishing: he’s proud that the book is a free educational resource for the Ubuntu community, and that it covered his costs, but he does not feel it’s the way to make a fortune.

His current experiment involves 99 cent Kindle e-books, of which he has two out right now (also about Ubuntu). Someday, he notes, he might explain how well that one goes too.


Elonex E-Reader and eTouch Tablet Product Guide for 2011

United Kingdom based Elonex has been a mainstay in the e-reader  industry for quite some time and have been in business since the 1980′s. They have quite a number of new e-readers featuring e-ink and tablet computers lined up for their 2011 product line.

Elonex 622 EB and Elonex 651 TEB e-Reader

Both of these new entry level e-readers are the exact same in terms of specs and price and the main difference is availability internationally. The Elonex 622 EB and 651TEB features a 6 inch e-ink based touchscreen display with a resolution of 800×480 pixels. The screen is being billed as anti-glare and anti-flicker, so it should be even better outside in the sun. It also has a built in accelerometer to flip between landscape and portrait mode. The e-Reader has 2 GB of internal memory and can be further enhanced to 32 GB via an SD card. The battery life should be good for around 70,000 page turns or about 2 months of continuous reading.

There are a number of ebook formats this device supports, so you will be able to read books from most stores. It will easily read ePub, PDF, HTML and TXT and will even read ebooks that have Digital Rights Management. If you want to increase the fonts of the books there are five different levels. It will also play music and audio books, provided they are in MP3, AAC or WAV and also supports pictures in JPG, BMP and GIF.

This model is due out this Spring and will have a price tag of around 0.00 and the Elonex 651 TEB will run you about 0.00

Elonex eTouch 702 ET Android Tablet

Expanding on their first tablet computer offering last  year Elonex is going full steam ahead with its entries into 2011. The first one is a 7 inch tablet featuring capacitive color touchscreen technology and have a resolution of 1024×600 pixels. It is running on a 600 MHZ ARM processor and has 4 GB of internal memory. It is running on Google Android 2.1 and has a front facing camera to take pictures or video. It also has WIFI internet, so you can surf the web, check email and install e-reading applications. Battery life is clocking  in at around 8 hours. If watching videos is your thing it will read AVI, FLV and WMV in 1080p and if you like to rock out listening to tunes you can use MP3, AAC  and WAV formats. It is priced at around 0.00 and is due out in a few months.

Elonex eTouch 740ET

This is the first tablet Elonex has made that will employ 3G technology, as well as WIFI. When you purchase this device in the UK you will get 12 months free 3G internet access, so its a solid deal. This little dandy has a 7 inch resistive touchscreen interface  and has a resolution of 800×480 pixels. Although the resolution is not that good, instead of using LCD, it is powered by LED. The processor powering this edition is an 800 MHZ ARM and will have 4 GB of internal memory. If this amount of storage space is not enough you can increase it up to 32 GB using a MicroSD card.This model is also running Google Android 2.1 and will have access to the Google Market to download applications. So you can download any Android eBook reading application you want. It will have around 8 hours of battery life.

You will not get 1080p with this model but it will comfortably read FLV, AVI and WMV. If you want to rock the town all night long, you can, provided you have your music in Mp3, AAC or WAV formats.  The 740 ET is due out in April and you can get yours now for around 0.00.

Elonex eTouch 1000 ET

This is the new 10 inch offering from Elonex that is rounding off its product list for 2011 entry launches. It has resistive color touch screen technology with a resolution of 1024×600 pixels. It is powered by a 1 GHZ ARM CPU,  has 256 MB of RAM and 2 GB of internal memory. You can enhance the memory up to 32 GB via a MicroSD card. This model is fueled by Google Android 2.1  and will have access to the Google Android Market to download applications. You can connect up to the internet via WIFI  and battery life is a paltry 4 hours. It is being released this April for around 0.00, our recommendation is to maybe pass on this one.

Elonex eTouch 1040 ET and 1040 ET-3E

The Elonex eTouch 1040 ET and 3E models are quite simalar in specs, the main difference is the inclusion of 3G with the 3E model.

Both of these latest 10 inch entries into the market have a 10 inch capacitive color touchscreen with a resolution of 1024×600 pixels. They also both run a 800 MHZ ARM processor and have 4 GB of internal memory,  you can further enhance this via a MicroSD card up to 32 GB.  They both run Android 2.1 and will grant you access to the Android Market so you can download applications to your hearts content.

You will eek out around 8 hours of battery life with these two models vs the 4 hours of the other 10 inch editions Elonex is putting out this year. Both screens at LED backlite and will both have WIFI to connect to the internet.  The 1040 ET is due out this April with a sticker price of 0.00 while the 1040 3E will run you 0.00 and is out around the end of April.

Elonex eTouch 1060 ET

This is by far the most expensive tablet computer Elonex is putting out early this year and is brimming with excellent specs. It features a 10 inch capactive color LED touchscreen with a resolution of 1024×600 pixels. It is running a 1.2 GHZ ARM CPU and will include 4 GB of internal memory, of course you can enhance this up to 32 GB via a MicroSD card.

This one is running Google Android 2.2 and will have full access to the Google Android Market to download apps, ebook reading applications and anything else you may want.  You will get full 1080p resolution on this device and it is even compatible with Google TV! This new tablet also has 2 cameras which is most excellent! It will have a low MP front facing camera and a 1080p rear facing one. It will have a mini-HDMI output along with microUSB one.

There are two different editions of this tablet, one will have 3G and the other will just have WI FI internet. The WIFI model will run you around 0.00, while the 3G edition with 12 months of free 3G access will cost 0.00.

If you live outside of the UK and want to get your hands on any of these tablet computers of e-readers, make sure to check out our retail partner Shop e-Readers for the latest products.

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Windows 7 Tips and Tricks Guide Ebook [Update Feb 23, 2011]

Ebook:Windows 7 Tips and Tricks Guide Ebook [Update Feb 23, 2011]
Windows 7 Tips and Tricks Guide Ebook Download Windows 7 tool: fastyshare.com mirror: www.fileace.com This file has been downloaded 629 times In file you will find step by step instrucion how to use it. WORKS ON ANY COPY OF WINDOWS 7 :100% CLEAN Windows 7 all version 7600 16385 RTM Activator...


Sony Reader – Guide to Downloading E-books from the RCPL

sony ebook:Sony Reader - Guide to Downloading E-books from the RCPL
This video will show you, step by step, how to get e-books onto your device. If you have any questions, feel free to call, IM, or text the Rapid City Public Library: 605-394-6139, www.rapidcitylibrary.org, or 605-415-1826 (text). Music by Kevin MacLeod of http

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