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More good news from Tahrir Square

Shelf Awareness yesterday pointed us to this story in The Bookseller by Lisa Campbell about booksellers in Cairo’s Tahrir Square beginning to open up shop again as the city gets back to a new sort of normal.

For weeks during the demonstrations, the American University of Cairo Press Bookstore had to shut down because of all the commotion outside its doors. (If I know booksellers, I suspect most of the store’s staff were busy in the square anyway.) Now that Hosni Mubarak is gone, there is excitement at the prospect of being able to publish without fear of government censorship or reprisals. AUC Press’s associate director of sales, marketing and distribution Trevor Naylor outlined his excitement to Campbell thusly:

“Many Egyptian stores opened up again on Sunday for the first time, the atmosphere is absolutely wonderful not least because the Egyptians themselves are happy about the change. For a long time we had armoured tanks parked outside the store. There was no point in opening because no one could get in—and when there are one million people outside your door you do get a little nervous.

“We are hopeful now that what has happened will have a positive effect on education, and publishers and booksellers will have more freedom to sell books. There will also be so many stories people will want to tell about what has happened here—that will mean more books.”

Booksellers on the square have another reason to be excited. In light of the cancellation of the Cairo International Book Fair, the AUC Press has announced that they will be hosting a new book fair at the end of March: The Tahrir Book Fair, set to take place on the American University of Cairo campus as well as in Tahrir Square.

“Everyone around the globe now associates Tahrir Square with freedom and revolution,” explains Naylor, “we really wanted to do something that celebrates what happened here, and this seems like a great way to do it.”


Good e-Reader Radio – PubIT news and Redgroup goes Bust



By Markus

barnews and noble

Welcome to another edition of the Good e-Reader Radio Show! The big stories we are covering today are about the recent developments with Borders, and the RedGroup going into voluntary administration and how Whitcoulls and Angus & Robertson are all out of business soon.  We also let you know about Barnes and Nobles PubIT event that had in Santa Monica and how future events will happen soon! PubIT incidentally is the independent publishing program B&N offers in order for first time authors or aspiring writers to submit their content to be sold in the companies ebookstore.

There is lots of other news we get into, such as Spring Design going belly up and the Alex e-Reader is no-more. Of course we have a ton more news on the Xoom, LG Optimus, Verizon LTE and the future of tablet gaming.

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Indie books & independent nations… Google for good.

Keeping the lights on: Greenlight sells physical and virtual books

When Google launched its long awaited Ebookstore in December, part of the hype and hope was that it would allow indie bookstores to take advantage of the digital revolution. At the L Magazine, Mark Asch interviews Jessica Stockton of Greenlight Books about how it’s going so far:

At this point, barely two months after the launch of the Google ebooks project (and only three months after our store’s ecommerce website went up), it’s really just a trickle. But…as people get comfortable with how the buying process and the platform works, we’ll definitely see an increase.

Asch then asks why Google has gone out of its way to offer eBook sales opportunities to indie bookstores when they could have tried to monopolized the market a la Amazon or Apple.

The scale that Google operates on is so far removed from my experience that I can barely begin to imagine their business strategies! But my thought is that perhaps they’ve adopted a philosophy of diversification, rather than a philosophy of consolidation (as, for example, Amazon has with the DRM-ed up, single-channel Kindle)…. If this is indeed their thinking, it’s a variation on the kind of collaborative “enlightened self-interest” we practice in working with other independent bookstores and other local businesses—and I think it makes for a healthy, sustainable long-term economy for books.

Along with Google’s recent undercutting of Apple’s deathly 30% subscription fees, the company does seem to be positioning itself as the tech giant that supports the little guy. Throw in Wael Ghonim, the heroic pro-democracy activist and  Google executive in Egypt…. and you’ve got an impressive “don’t-be-evil” streak going.


Good e-Reader Radio – Xoom News, Kindle 3 Updates and top 10 eBooks



By Markus

Welcome to another edition of the Good e-Reader Radio Show! In today’s edition we take a look at the news coming from Motorola and how the price is too high and how it is shipping without Flash. We then have breaking news on how Adobe just rushed to the rescue saying Flash 10.2 will ship for Honeycomb in two weeks. We also go into detail on the new television commercials from Amazon and Motorola!  There is also a new Android Tablet in town from Hanvon, we take a close look at it. Finally, we wrap it up with news from Amazon about their new over the air update for Kindle 3 WIFI and 3G updates and what they bring. We close the show with the current top 10 ebooks that are selling very well and the top 5 non-fiction ebooks.

Of course, what is the Good e-Reader radio show without 3 great songs, rants on how Amazon and Motorola are always so anti-apple and tons more! Join in the fun today with Good e-Reader.

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Now, for some good news from Portland …

Powell’s, which was in the news yesterday for all the wrong reasons is yet again showing book-lovers who flock it to from all over the world, why it is an invaluable resource for those who who love and cherish books. Starting today at 5 pm, a whole retinue of writers , artists and other fans will embark on a 24-hr reading of the entire text of Moby-Dick. The marathon reading has been a tradition at Massachusetts’ New Bedford Whaling Museum for fifteen years now, but this is the first time anyone’s tried it in this notoriously wet city’s drizzliest month.According to Jeff Baker, writing in the Oregonian, the idea …

… to read Moby-Dick out loud, in its entirety, came from Justin Hocking, the executive director of the IPRC, who borrowed it from the New Bedford Whaling Museum. The Massachusetts museum has staged annual readings of Moby-Dick for 15 years and now builds a weekend of Melville-related events around the book. The IPRC’s goals are more modest but come from the same adventurous spirit.

Hocking himself explains:

I’m a huge fan of the book and have been for years, to the point of being a fanatic,I put out a chapbook a few years ago about my Moby-Dick obsession, and I just thought this would be a fun thing to do.

Local authors, including Portland book luminary Kevin Sampsell, who while not working at Powell’s also runs the great little indie press Future Tense, is one of the 135 readers schedule (one for each chapter) — as is Arthur Bradford, author of Dogwalker. The first five hours will take place place in the bookstore and then the party proceeds to a private house, open only to members of the IPRC.  The IPRC also is sponsoring an art show of work inspired by the book. Powell’s will have Melville’s books for sale, and Hocking’s Beach 90th, a chapbook about his adventures in New York, will also be available. The title is a reference to Rockaway Beach, which is mentioned in Moby-Dick:

Why did the poor poet of Tennessee, upon suddenly receiving two handfuls of silver, deliberate upon whether to buy him a coat, which he sadly needed, or invest his money in a pedestrian trip to Rockaway Beach?


Good Reader App Review/How to get Books for free on iPhone/iTouch!

Free ebooks:Good Reader App Review/How to get Books for free on iPhone/iTouch!
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Good e-Reader Radio – Nook Color explained – Apple Digital Subscriptions and more



By Markus

good e-Reader Radio Show

Welcome to another edition of the Good e-Reader Radio Show! Today in our lead story we talk about the Barnes and Noble Nook Color – 2 week shortage, what factors caused it to happen and the prospective on B&N’s feelings on Rooting, and Android 2.2.

We talk about a very newsworthy item with Apples new subscription policy on digital content like newspapers and magazines. Apple is starting to handle subscriptions itself, rather then let the content publishers do it, and their taking 30%. Many companies have strong feelings, find out what big companies recently got denied an iPad app and how the industry is set to change if Amazon gets involved. Finally, we wrap it up with the Notion Ink Adam and our impressions after having it for a week. As always, you will hear some great music, and new content we’re doing soon.

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Good Housekeeping Reports: At-home whiteners to put a smile on your face|Lastest Kindle News]

Good Housekeeping Reports: At-home whiteners to put a smile on your face
Good Housekeeping Reports: At-home whiteners to put a smile on your face Updated Feb 3, 2011 12:15AM MDT You can easily romanticize a few laugh lines (every wrinkle is but a notch in the quiet calendar of a well-spent life, according to Charles Dickens). But time’s effects on your smile can be considerably harder to write off, no matter how talented the scribe. There’s the yellowing or graying ...
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Have you dated any good books lately?

booxSome people worry that reading a book might date them, but I hadn’t heard of anyone dating a book—until now. Daemon’s Books reports on a French website called BOOX Affinity (in French, naturally) that is based on a model similar to a computer dating site: the prospective reader answers a few questions about his tastes, and get matched up to a book as to a cyber-date. It has even come up with a few hilarious TV commercials, which you don’t really have to understand French to find amusing.

Of course, the idea of finding a good book via a website is not new. Alexandria Digital Literature (which I’ve covered a few times here) was one of the very first book-recommendation websites, and is actually still around, if a little old and creaky. I’ve found it tends to dispense some incredibly accurate recommendations, even if it takes a while to do so.

On this Quora thread (free registration necessary to view), a number of readers have chimed in with other recommendations for book recommendation sites: Goodreads.com, LibraryThing.com, Anobii.com, BookArmy.com, TheCopia.com, Shelfari.com, and others. What’s your favorite?

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'The Good Wife' has a way of hooking viewers
"The Good Wife," CBS's Tuesday night legal drama that is now midway through an addictive and excellent second season, is one of those rare shows that become quietly totemic for loyal viewers, something we carry around but don't talk about.
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