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First free issue of Dungeon Siege III online comic goes live|Lastest Ipad News]

First free issue of Dungeon Siege III online comic goes live
Filed under: RPG Dark Horse Comics launched its digital comics storefront this week, offering a number of the publisher's comic book titles for sale. The site, which also has an iPhone-iPad app, is also offering select issues of their comics for free. One of them is the first online issue of the comic book tie-in to Dungeon Siege III . You can check out the 10 page first issue now (free ...
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Penguin’s ebook sales double in first quarter

That’s what The Bookseller is reporting.  Penguin’s ebook sales doubled in the first quarter of 2011 as compared to the 1st quarter of 2010.

… Penguin UK c.e.o. Tom Weldon predicted that e-books would make up 4% of Penguin sales in 2011, up from 1% on average in 2010. Penguin also announced at that time it was going to treble its investment in digital content in 2011 compared to 2010.


Sony unveils its first tablet computer to take on Apple|Lastest Ipad News]

Sony unveils its first tablet computer to take on Apple
Sony, a laggard in the booming tablet market, launched its first tablet computers in an ambitious attempt to grab the second spot in the market created and dominated by Apple's iPad.
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CourseSmart launches first etextbook application for Android


From the press release:

CourseSmart, the world’s largest provider of eTextbooks and digital course materials, further expanded its mobile footprint today with the launch ofCourseSmart for Android 1.0, a mobile application specifically designed for the Android Operating System (AOS). Students and faculty across the country can now access all of their eTextbooks on their AOS-enabled smart phones, netbooks and tablets.

“Increasing demand for mobile access to eTextbooks coupled with the exponential growth of Android-run devices has led to record numbers of students and faculty embracing mobile devices across their institutions,” said Sean Devine, CEO of CourseSmart. “The Android application is another example of the importance of our device-agnostic mobile strategy, ensuring all students and faculty can enjoy a superior eTextbook experience on devices they choose to own.”

CourseSmart for Android 1.0 leverages the unique capabilities of the devices running the AOS to provide a truly advanced eTextbook experience, including the ability to:

  • · Search for a topic within a single book or across an entire eTextbook stack and access the table of contents;
  • · Zoom in on text and graphs;
  • · Scroll through or jump to individual pages;
  • · Read eTextbooks in landscape or portrait mode;
  • · View, add and edit text notes.
  • · Enjoy anytime, anywhere access to 90 percent of all core higher education textbooks in use today; and
  • · Shop for additional books at up to 60 percent off using a specialized AOS version of CourseSmart’s website

Compatible with the most popular Android-run devices, including the Motorola Droid, Samsung Fascinate, HTC Droid Incredible, HTC Droid Eris, HTC myTouch 3G Slider, HTC Evo and Samsung Galaxy 7, the first Android tablet, the application has been extensively tested by students and faculty prior to release.


Seven Creates the World’s First Ever Gyroscope iPad Magazine Cover|Lastest Ipad News]

Seven Creates the World’s First Ever Gyroscope iPad Magazine Cover
Issue 5 of Project, out today, sees the launch of the world’s first ever gyroscope iPad magazine cover. The leading iPad magazine, a joint venture by Virgin Digital Publishing and Seven, utilises iPad 2’s brand new gyroscope feature to give Project magazine readers an even more entertaining, interactive experience. (PRWeb April 15, 2011) Read the full story at http://www.prweb.com ...
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NFL Draft 2011: Not Buying Baltimore Ravens Drafting Offense in First Round|Lastest Kindle News]

NFL Draft 2011: Not Buying Baltimore Ravens Drafting Offense in First Round
Baltimore May Need an Extra Wide Receiver, but it Won't Be in First Round of 2011 NFL Draft One of the big questions the Ravens have in the first round is simply whether or not they want to select an offensive player in the first round. They need a wide receiver, and there is a good chance all of them excluding Green and Jones will be available for them. The Sporting News debated this point a ...
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PC shipments further dampened in first quarter by allure of iPad, other tablet computers|Lastest Ipad News]

PC shipments further dampened in first quarter by allure of iPad, other tablet computers
SAN FRANCISCO - Last year, the popularity of Apple Inc.'s iPad hurt PC sales. This year, that trend is continuing, as new data from two market research firms indicate PC shipments declined in the first three months of 2011.
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Computer sales dip for first time in two years|Lastest Ipad News]

Computer sales dip for first time in two years
Computer sales slid lower in the first three months of this year for the first time since 2009 as shoppers suffered post-holiday shopping fatigue, Apple Inc's iPad continued to attract buyers and Japan focused on recovering from the earthquake and tsunami.
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A little joke: Yahoo Answers disparages the first page of Infinite Jest

This has been going around the web.

Earlier this year, some anonymous wag posted the first page of David Foster Wallace‘s Infinite Jest on Yahoo Answers with the question “First page of my book. what do you think?” The results were less than complimentary. The chosen best answer was “You know your story needs more work, so you don’t need anyone to tell you what you already know” and things got worse from there:

No discernible voice/tone in this writing. Rambling descriptions. I, frankly, do not care where each and every person is seated. I don’t care what shoe you’re wearing. If you take out all the unnecessary details, you’d be left with about seven words….

Honestly, my first thought was, “There are so dang many HYPHENS!” and I couldn’t concentrate until I didn’t see any more.

Faces do not “resolve” into place… resolving means solving, or finishing. Do you mean, materialize…?

“My fingers are mated into a mirrored series of what manifests, to me, as the letter X.”…? What…!?

“a lean yellowish man whose fixed smile nevertheless has the impermanent quality of something stamped into uncooperative material”…I understand what you’re tying to say, but you really need to work on your phrasing…

I recommend checking out “The Elements of Style” by William Strunk and E.B White… that should help to clear a few things up.

The joke, of course, is that the Yahoo commenters are, as the Badass Nerd blog puts it, “a hive of morons” for not recognizing “a landmark in modern literature.” And certainly there is a certain self-satisfied all-knowing smugness to the suggestions. However many of the suggestions are fairly standard bits of stylistic advice: use clearer language, don’t waste space with unnecessary details, don’t describe every character’s shoe, etc. For many writers, these would be valuable lessons to learn. If a would-be artist presented a Cubist painting and asked for help, it would seem fairly normal to explain the rules of perspective, body proportion, etc. In the end, I feel that the Yahoo commenters walked into a nasty trap. Not “in” on the joke, they provided standardized answers and looked like fools. However, I think the “Badass Nerd” is giving an equally standardized response with his too-easy mocking of the ignorant masses.

I tend to agree with the blogger Allyson Rudolph‘s response to the joke:

…if you’re not immersing yourself in his writing, David Foster Wallace’s command of grammar and syntax and usage comes off as very, very weird.

All of which is to say: I have a lot of feelings about Infinite Jest, but if I were reading just the first page, out of context, on the internet? Meh.


StriVectin Launches the First Virtual Anti-Aging Results Tool for the Web, Facebook, and iPad|Lastest Ipad News]

StriVectin Launches the First Virtual Anti-Aging Results Tool for the Web, Facebook, and iPad
ModiFace-Powered Virtual Tool utilizes advanced facial recognition and HTML 5 based on StriVectin's extensive clinical studies
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