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Barnes and Noble Nook Color e-Reader Tips and Tricks

Ebook:Barnes and Noble Nook Color e-Reader Tips and Tricks
In this video, we respond to many questions we got on our Blog and Youtube channel on your Barnes and Noble Nook Color! We go into detail on how to get ebooks you copied over via Adobe Digital Editions to appear on your Book Shelf. We also show you how to copy music files over and how to get them to play properly. Finally, we show you how to copy over Wall-Papers and tell you exactly what sizes you need for Static and Scrolling Wall-Papers. Check out our blog for more news on e-readers at goodereader.com


“What’s the best eReader (that’s not an iPad)?”

Ipad ebook:"What's the best eReader (that's not an iPad)?"
lifehacker's webcam video December 23, 2010, 12:58 PM


New Barnes and Noble e-Reader May 24th

During a big investors and conference today Barnes and Noble told the assembled audience that they will be officially announcing a new e-reader May 24th.

Barnes and Noble has seen critical market success with its Nook 3G, Nook WIFI, and the new Nook Color e-reader the last 2 years. The Nook Color continues to be the color e-Reader to beat in the tablet world and recently the company released a new firmware update. This update allows Nook Color users to get new games, access to a app market, full Adobe Flash integration, and an upgraded OS.

Barnes & Noble spokeswoman Mary Ellen Keating declined to comment about the recently filed 8-K with the Securities and Exchange Commission, which contained one sentence of text to comply with Regulation FD fair disclosure rules, except to confirm the meeting took place in New York City. The filing says simply that the company, in the meeting, “indicated it expects to make an announcement on May 24, 2011, regarding the launch of a new eReader device.”

Barnes and Noble recently discontinued its Nook 3G e-reader because of lack of demand, the Nook WI FI continues to sell well. The Nook Color released late last year is proving to be the most popular tablet/e-reader hybrid. There is little to no knowledge on what this e-reader will entail for hardware, but we do know enough to speculate.

I think Barnes and Noble will be releasing a 3G model of the Nook Color and it will be a tablet instead of the e-ink based e-readers. Barnes and Noble cannot discount the success of the Nook Color and the average consumbers desires an interactive tablet, rather than an e-reader. It is no secret 2011 is the year of the tablet and people demand video, music, pictures, and a full online web experience. Barnes and Noble can expand on the success of the Nook Color, add 3G functionality, and make it more tablet-esque, rather than bothering to redesign the wheel.

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enTourage Pocket eDGe ereader on sale at Woot for $150

EnTourage Pocket eDGe Dualbook Android Tablet and e Ink ReaderrgvStandard

I check Woot every morning that that is what I found.  The specs are: 7″ touchscreen LCD, 6″ e-ink screen, Android OS, microSD, WiFi, Bluetooth.  It lists for 0 and Amazon is selling it for 4, so this is a good deal.


Good eReader profiles self-publishing author Gordon Bonnet

3cbbfb64-a0b2-4f3e-8fc6-8723828ed43e[5]Good eReader has a profile of self-publishing author Gordon Bonnet, a science teacher who writes paranormal fiction in his spare time. Bonnet found that he simply didn’t have enough of that spare time to devote to the process of finding an agent and working with publishers to meet editorial deadlines.

So he decided to self-publish (his book Shadowboxing can be found for .99 via the Kindle store), but found it could be tricky to stand out from the rest of the self-publishing crowd. Like many other self-publishing authors, Bonnet turned to his friends to help him learn how to produce and sell it.

“I had several friends who were in marketing, and they were able to help me see that a book is no different than any other product when you are trying to get it into the hands of customers—in this case, readers—and develop a loyal following. I also happened to know someone who was an editor, and even though he wasn’t editing fiction novels, he was able to give me crucial advice,” remarked Bonnet. Even Bonnet’s wife proved to be a valuable connection, because when it came time to design a cover for his self-published manuscript, he was fortunate enough to be married to a professional artist.

This puts me in mind of Amanda Hocking, whose professional-editor mother edited her self-published books. It seems that some self-publishing authors are fairly lucky in their familial relations.

Also like Hocking, Bonnet found that the time necessary to market his books takes away from the time he has to write, which is what he wants to do in the first place. This seems to be a fairly common complaint of self-publishing writers, and is a factor that led to Hocking accepting a traditional publishing deal even though she had been doing quite well in self-publishing.

And Bonnet seems to share another factor with all sorts of self-published and Internet writers:

For Bonnet, finding the motivation required to make his manuscript available to scrutiny across the Internet was easy. “If I put my work out there for e-readers and only fifty people choose to download it, that’s fifty more people than would have read it if I had not gone this route. No one will ever read it if it doesn’t leave my desk.”

I know exactly how that feels.


Libraries supporting ereader blogs – ebookanoid and The Digital Reader seem the favourites

Ebookanoid and The Digital Reader are loved by librarians:

Yesterday I Googled Ebookanoid, to see what other websites say about my blog – something I do every so often as part of keeping track on how ebookanoid is viewed in the rest of the web.

I was very pleased to discover that an amazing number of libraries  in America are suggesting via their online News Letters to their members and users that they read ebookanoid regularly in order to get useful information about ereading.   Good to know that they feel I write in a manner that is useful, especially to people who may well not be all that computer literate or fully fledged techies.

Equally pleasing to me was to discover that not only ebookanoid met with their approval, but also the blog run by my friend Nate the Great (The Digital Reader) was the other blog that they recommended.   Seems to me that between Nate’s blog, which tends to be rather more technical than ebookanoid, and my blog, which is specifically aimed at a non-technical readership, we more or less cover the entire area of ereaders and ebooks.

Good to have this confirmed in this manner.

So, many thanks to all those American Librarians who are supporting what we do in this manner….. It is appreciated.


Apple iPad Vs. Amazon Kindle eReader Face Off

Ipad ebook:Apple iPad Vs. Amazon Kindle eReader Face Off
Both of these devices are amazing and a built to their highest potential but after a battle the Apple iPad comes out with the victory! Thanks for watching please comment on your thoughts thumbs up and subscribe! Follow Me!: twitter.com ------------------------------------- Follow me On Ustream.tv! cuthut.com ------------------------------- - Forinfo on shout-outs,cool box spot, and having your videos Auto-Play on my YouTube Channel Page visit this link: itouchipodz.webs.com ------------------------------------- Want your Free prizes?!: itouchipodz.webs.com ------------------------------------------ Check Out My other Accounts: iTouchiApps: youtube.com AppleUpdater: www.youtube.com COMBATIVE AIRSOFT: youtube.com Krispy'siPod: youtube.com


The Good e-Reader Newsletter



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ECTACO jetBook eReader Demo Commercial

sony ebook:ECTACO jetBook eReader Demo Commercial
The first device in the world to use TFT and now the most affordable in the world starting at 9 available at www.jetbook.net


Nook e-reader now has apps, email|Lastest Kindle News]

Nook e-reader now has apps, email
Barnes & Noble Inc. updated its Nook Color e-reader device Monday, adding apps and email capability to the touch-screen device in an effort to make it more competitive with rival Amazon.com Inc.'s Kindle as well as tablet devices like the iPad.
Read more on Everett Herald

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