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Hey guys, New tutorial for you today. I'm going to be showing you how you can get free PDF files of eBooks! No crappy, untrusted download links, no virus! Watch this video to get a full tutorial on how you can get it. Also, I'm going to be showing you how you can read it on iPod Touch, iPhone, or iPad. For iBooks, you don't need to take any further action. Just get the PDF of the book. But if you want to use Stanza, convert it to an ePub File format. (See tutorial for details). Here are some links to websites you might need: Google Search Engine: www.google.com ePub Conversion (STANZA USERS ONLY) http www.2epub.com (TAGS): Mac iphone ipod makeup tutorial windows, read, e, books, ebooks, download, google, internet explorer, how, to, download, e, ebooks, E, eBooks, EBooks, google, search, im, feeling, lucky, toolbar, pdf, file, adobe, ipod, iphone, stanza, iBooks, iphone, ipad, 1, 2, 3, 4, 4.2.1, 4.1.0


Free Calibre Download Lets Authors Digitally Self-publish

With a user base of over 2 million unique downloads since its release in August 2009, Calibre file conversion software is making it possible for authors to convert their Open Office, Word, and other text files to formats that are compatible with numerous e-readers through Windows, OS, and Linux.

By putting the capability in the hands of the authors, this software, which also maintains a web-based server of each user’s library in order to enable access from a computer, e-reader, or smartphone, individual writers are now able to post their manuscripts in e-reader downloadable formats. This will allow for broader online critique group access, agents and editors to download manuscripts directly to an e-reader for perusal, and for authors to sell their work directly from their own websites.

Authors have had the ability for many years to self-publish their works through vanity presses, and with the widespread popularity of e-readers many of the larger online book sales sites have enabled writers to upload their manuscripts for sale to the public without requiring traditional agent representation or publishing. With Calibre, though, authors can now control which formats they convert their files to, which will allow them to establish their own websites for sales and cut out the middle man.

Calibre also has a lot to offer those who just want to enjoy a good book, not necessarily write one. By keeping all of the user’s titles in one location library, then storing that library for retrieval from any computer or device, users can now enjoy their titles in much the same way that Amazon Cloud allows customers to maintain access to their music libraries from any computer. News feeds can also be downloaded from online sources and converted to the Calibre library.

The greatest feature of Calibre, of course, has to be its price tag: free. Calibre relies on optional donations to keep it capable of releasing upgrades and new features, as well as providing debugging downloads to address any interface problems as they arise.

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Overdrive – Libraries Offer Training in How to Download Ebooks

Libraries begin to offer their readers courses in how to work with ebooks and ereaders:

As you may have noticed, more and more libraries around the world are now offering  their readers the possibility of borrowing ebooks – obviously a good trend and one that we all support (with the possible exception of the Publishers who feel they are being cheated by this ebook lending).

However, as has been pointed out, this can produce problems both for the libraries themselves and for many of their readers.   To borrow ebooks from your local library demands a certain level of computer literacy, which quite a few ereader owners simply do not possess, and this seems to be causing problems.

Many ereaders are owned by elderly folk, who seem to have taken to ereaders in a big way, but from the comments and emails I get here, it is obvious that many of these readers are OK with using the Kindle system to obtain their ebooks, but anything more complex can floor them very rapidly.

Sadly, if you happen to own a Kindle, libraries are not a source of ebooks for you, as Overdrive does not support the ebook format that Amazon have elected to use for their ebooks, so you will only be able to borrow ebooks from your local library if you own another make of ereader, and this is where the problem begins, as most ereaders use a relatively clumsy method of getting ebooks safely loaded into them.

In order to address this problem, an increasing number of libraries are beginning to offer their readers courses in how to work with  Overdrive (the software system that most libraries use to deal with lending ebooks).

As the Overdrive system is actually pretty simple for people (borrowers) to use, these courses are not long and don’t require a high level of computer literacy in order to master how it all works and to open up the world of ebooks in libraries.

If you are one of those who are finding the whole business of borrowing ebooks from your local library complex,  it would be well worth your while to go along and ask them if they are running any such courses, or at the least if they have someone there who would be prepared to walk you through the process.

After all, using your local library as a source of ebooks is very sensible and will save you a lot of money as well.

So, time to be proactive and encourage your local library to organise such courses at once.

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