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Key iOS developer sees iPad tablet competition on the horizon|Lastest Ipad News]

Key iOS developer sees iPad tablet competition on the horizon
Apple created the tablet market, but iOS developer Raven Zachary says the growth opportunity for other companies is huge.
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iPad and the competition

Ipad ebook:iPad and the competition
The Samsung Galaxy Tab is challenging the iPad in the burgeoning tablet market. And there are other cheaper tablets for sale. Consumer Reports sorts out your options. Find more buying advice on computers and tablets on our website: www.consumerreports.org


Competition for reader attention heading up, says Mike Shatzkin

Publishing analyst Mike Shatzkin, back from Digital Book World, has an interesting piece on his blog looking at the effect that non-publishers getting into the publishing business could have other publishers. He talks about a discussion he had with a distinctly non-tech-savvy publisher of renown who was now running his own smaller operation.

This publisher felt that the advances in reducing the cost of small-scale publishing should make it that much easier for him to publish books. He wasn’t concerned by all the self-published stuff he would be competing with, since 99% of it would be dreck, but as Shatzkin points out, it’s not just self-published stuff he had to worry about—it’s the stuff put out by organizations that have big names in other fields but have heretofore stayed away from books, as well as stuff being given away for free.

At Digital Book World, some panelists expressed concern that there might be enough free promotional books being given away that people will just read them and not bother buying commercial books. And news has also come out that the New York Times and ProPublica are also getting their feet wet in publishing actual books: the New York Times is publishing a .99 e-book on the Wikileaks affair, and ProPublica is publishing a 99 cent Amazon Single on the Mumbai terrorist attacks.

Remember when it used to be that in the weeks after some major story broke, like Iran-Contra or 9/11 or the O.J. Simpson trial, you’d see a veritable blizzard of “instant books” published as writers and publishers tried to chase the ambulance as quickly as they could? Now it’s possible for major-name respected journalistic institutions to do it themselves.

Shatzkin notes:

Ten or fifteen years ago, “Open Secrets” would have been an “Instant Book” from a major publisher (if it were anything at all.) The Times could have an opportunity like this 10 or 20 or 30 times a year. They provide themselves with brand extension, revenue, an opportunity to give more exposure to their reporters and their reporting, and total flexibility without the need for the complexities, including contracts and corporate interactions, that arise when getting a book published by somebody else.

So the publishing industry is going to heat up with more competition to independent publishers, including e-publishers. In addition to “free samples,” cheap and free content from respected news and other institutions will give publishers more competition for readers’ scarce attention (and dollars). And the instant-publish ability of e-books will only exacerbate this. situation.

It’s no wonder publishers are getting nervous.


MiGear ereader competition winner – an ereader has been won!

We have a winner for the MiGear ereader!

E3 Style (the importers into Australia of the MiGear ereader), and ebookanoid are happy to be able to announce that we have a winner in our competition to win  an MiGear ereader.

And the winner is – trumpets flourish and drums roll – Michal Kramar, whose entry was judged the best by our panel of judges.

A tricky task………

As with all such competitions, where people are asked to give an amusing or sensible reason for being given a prize, it was very tricky to decide which of the entries should win, as so many were extremely good.   But we only had the one ereader to give away, so a choice had to be made, sadly.

So we……………………….

All the judges had their particular favourite entry, so we worked on the simple principle that the entry that was liked by the  most judges was the winner, and all others were runners up.  Honourable runners up, that is for sure, as you will see below, where I shall post some of them for your interest or amusement.

Michal has been sent an email, informing him that he has won this MiGear ereader, so that we can get his house address to enable us to send the prize of to him at once.

The winning entry:

Here is Michal’s winning entry for you to enjoy:

wife starting another fight
was reading ebooks entire night
end even during darkest night
ebook display shine so bright

no more flipping pages
I remember it took ages
and all the weight of all the paper
I’m doing my back big favour

bye-bye paper book chase
saved my favourites in one place
get rid of the library I must
so I don’t have to clean the dust

before I start another chapter
better reach for charge adapter
to turn all books digital
Migear will be critical

Fun, eh?

Honourable runners up:

As I said above, there were many entries that in one way or another were good, and thus gave us a really tricky task to choose between them – we only wish we could give you all an ereader, but………..

So, here are a few of the entries that we particularly liked:

Claire sent this:

I would give the MiGear to my 85 year old dad.  I love it when he is introduced to new technology – his eyes open wide and he shakes his head with disbelief…..and then he is into it!   The MiGear’s limitations wouldnt be an issue for him – he would happily read classics, slow is certainly not a problem for him, and I can just picture him showing off to his buddies at the bowls green when he pulls out his new ereader.

Brian Matthews sent us:

I would love an ereader, manly to store my books. My grand-daughters (2 of them) are also at that age where they are starting to read a variety of books. Sometimes they don’t finish and start another. Can’t afford to keep buying books,and the library is a bit hard to get to.

Catherine’s entry was:

book! duh – I read at night when my husband is trying to sleep therefor the back lit book would make it easier to have a low light book – also it would be lighter than holding a book whilst lying on my side – as a woman of 56 it seems a great idea! I also travel for work and having a small device with my study and books on it would save heaps in excess baggage.

Daniella suggested this reason:

I would use the MiGear eReader to keep my husband away from my eReader!! I even bought a bright pink cover for mine to try and deter him from stealing it all the time but he loves it so much I can’t keep him away. One eReader per household just does not cut it. Soon we will have to buy our 3 sons they’re own eReaders too! My dad visited over Christmas and now he’s going home to buy one too. Thanks to MiGear for making an eReader that does everything that the big name brands do but at such an affordable price.

I particularly enjoyed Alan’s contribution, amusingly different:

I received a fully charged ebook from my wife on the 25 December 2010 as a Christmas present. I downloaded some books from the net that I was interested in and took it with us on the 28 December 2010 when we went camping. Over the course of the trip my companions who accompanied us on the trip, my wife and myself came up with a list of suggestions that the migear ebook could be used for, these include, but not limited to, the following;
Used under the wheel of our camper trailer as a levelling block,
The reverse side, though a bit on the small side, a board for scaling fish,
Hours of entertainment when used as a frisbee for the kids,
Increasing ones vocabulary when attempting to download books from the internet,
Enabling one to read between the lines when trying to decipher the supplied instructions,
The 7inch size makes it nearly a competition rifle target at the 100 metre range, and
A unique way to store micro SD cards to avoid having them damaged.

On the upside the reader was exchanged promptly by Big W on the 3 January 2011 with no questions or hassles. I believe that I should win the ebook as then after a week I could have spares for the first or two levelling blocks for the trailer, two targets or place them together to double the size of our fish scaling board which would mean that the fish could be larger and we would not starve to death!!

Cath’s entry was well  liked by the women on the panel, they saw exactly what she meant:

As a new mom with an 8-week old baby, I spend my time when he’s not feeding either trying to catch up on sleep or chores. So it’s only when I’m feeding him that I can totally relax. As you can imagine, it’s hard to use a laptop when you’re feeding a baby. So the MiGear eReader would be fantastic to have. Then me and my husband would both be happy as I would stop hi-jacking his iPhone to play games while I’m sitting feeding for an hour as I would rather read anyway.

And many many more, all good in their different ways, so our thanks to you all for entering  this competition, and as I said above, I only wish Icould give you all an ereader, your entries were almost all good ones……..

So, congratulations Michal  for your winning entry, and we all wish you much reading pleasure with your new MiGear ereader!

Many thanks to E3 Style for making this ereader available for us to give away, a generous act.


E3 Style: www.e3style.com

MiGear: www.migear.biz

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Forget the Nook, the Kindle’s competition is the iPad|Lastest Kindle News]

Forget the Nook, the Kindle's competition is the iPad
A survey from research company ChangeWave was released today, determinig that the Kindle holds a “rapidly diminishing lead” on the iPad in the e-reader market.
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Amazon Kindle 2 or Sony PRS-600 eBook Reader Competition Result

sony ebook:Amazon Kindle 2 or Sony PRS-600 eBook Reader Competition Result
A very exciting day for me. Back in December 2009 I ran a competition where one lucky viewer could win an Amazon Kindle 2 or Sony PRS-600 eBook Reader. Well here is the Competition Result video. A big thank you to the following companies you made this competition possible; ranieriprblog.info www.olympus.co.uk www.eazydraw.com www.proporta.com Check out more great reviews on my YouTube Channel: www.youtube.com You can also find tech & gadget news on: www.youtube.com For reviews, opinion & news visit: www.geekanoids.co.uk