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Video comparison of Mirasol display and Hanvon color e-ink display

Got the like from E-Ink-Info. We are all so used to the vibrant colors of an LCD display that I don’t think consumers are going to be wild over the muted colors displayed here. I doubt either one will make it big in the marketplace.


Pixel QI Technology at CES 2011 – Pixel QI vs. Amazon Kindle e-ink Comparison

pixel qi vs e-ink

Squirreled away in hidden meeting rooms contained the executive layer of Pixel QI! It contained a very small meeting space that normally contained sales meetings between Pixel QI and companies looking to employ this new screen technology in tablets, laptops and computers. Someones cancellation was our good luck, as we got a first hand look at some of the new technology being employed in 5 inch, and 7 inch tablet devices. We even got a sweet comparison between the Amazon Kindle’s e-Ink and Pixel QI, to give a sense on how the resolution differs between the two units.

John Ryan, Chief Operating Officer of Pixel QI was gracious enough to give us a comprehensive overview of their humble origins in providing hardware for the “one laptop per child program.” The main premise was to provide a low cost unit that had high battery life, and functioned well in direct sunlight. He then showed us a few laptops that ran a Freescale CPU with a 3 cell battery that boasted a 10 hour battery. We saw some prototypes for a new 10.1 inch Tablet called “Accusee” that featured a Intel Atom N450 processor and a resolution of 1024X600. It had a sweet capacitive screen that came with a stylus and an ambient sensor that automatically switched to Pixel QI mode from normal LCD mode depending on your environmental light. The comparison John drew was using a cell phone at night in your room, and how it would illuminate the entire room when you used it. This new tablet took advantage of the darkness in the room and made sure the content on the screen would not be blinding.

Pixel QI and e-Ink technology are seen to be in strong competition with each other, while e-ink has been around for a bit longer then the new technology has, when we saw the side by side comparison with a new prototype new e-reader screen we really saw the difference and can see a strong future with e-readers utilizing QI screens. For example, one of the big reasons why we do not see video on e-readers is because of the redraw rate. This is quite evident in lower quality electronic readers that have a high degree of waiting time when you turn pages, activate menu functions or surf the internet. Each page you turn or new feature you load prompts the e-ink based device to redraw every line on the surface area. Pixel QI, because it is TFT-LCD based, but provides 16 shades of gray scale when switched into low back-lite mode. This is a tremendous advantage to Pixel QI that it basically emulates e-ink in terms of a weak LCD glare you receive and a super high degree of contrast on the text. Combined with the fact that you can play high resolution video while in the gray scale mode on the Pixel QI screen, we see a future where e-reader companies switch to this technology.

When we saw the side by side comparison of the Amazon Kindle and Pixel QI technology side by side, the differences where almost indistinguishable, and the text resolution actually had a higher degree of contrast on the Pixel QI prototype then the Kindle.

We ended the showcase looking at a few single pane screen prototypes, a 10.1 inch screen and a 5 inch screen that were less then 2mm thick, and provided such a high degree of color and contrast we envisioned this technology being used in smaller pocket sized tablets and smart phones. Make sure to check out our video of the comparisons and pictures of the technology below.

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Amazon Kindle 1 and 2 comparison reveals new features and functions

Kindle ebook:Amazon Kindle 1 and 2 comparison reveals new features and functions
The Amazon Kindle 2 was recently announced and is now shipping to consumers with a sleek new form factor and some other hardware improvements to make it the most compelling ebook reader on the market. The Whispernet wireless service and on-device Amazon store front set the device apart from the rest of the pack, but there are even more subtle improvements that make this 9 device a must have for book fans and gadget geeks.


Barnes and Noble Nook Color VS. the Pandigital Novel 9 inch VS the Pocketbook 701 IQ – Android Tablet Comparison



By Markus

good ereader video

Welcome to another Good e-Reader Exclusive Video! In this video we take a look at three of the newest Google entry level Google Android based tablet computers and put them against each other in key areas.

The tablet computers we use in this comparison is the Barnes and Noble Nook Color, the Pandigital Novel 9 inch and the Pocketbook IQ 701.

Firstly we compare the hardware specs between all 3 of these tablets, and give you an indication on how they differ from each other.

Next we evaluate eBook page turn speed and in turn compare the different screen technologies. For example, the Pandigital Novel 9 inch and the Pocketbook IQ 701 use Resistive Screen technology where the Barnes and Noble Nook Color uses Capacitive screen tech.

We also compare other facets such as landscape and portrait mode speeds and how the tablets are different from each other, we look at content distribution for ebooks and a ton more! This is a must see video, check it out.

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