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Send to Kindle: any web page text, with one click, using Chrome browser.

Using a Google's Chrome browser extension to send a web article to your Kindle with one keypress, more or less.

While this blog has an earlier article on using Instapaper to send articles to the Kindle and a revision of Instapaper has made it even easier now, what's described here is a new feature possible via the Chrome browser.

  With the new Send to Kindle option, you can specify that the text content of a webpage you're on be sent to your Kindle at [you]@free.kindle.com.  This Kindle address avoids the 15 cents per megabyte charge for sending a personal document over 3G Whispernet instead.  The [you]@free.kindle.com Kindle-address is designed for free delivery to the Kindle over WiFi.

 (If you don't have the WiFi capability (older models) and don't want to get the article by computer and move it to the Kindle via the USB cable, the 3G cellular network capability of any Kindle can be chosen instead by using the [you]@kindle.com address but the delivery would cost 15 cents per megabyte [99 cents per megabyte for non-U.S. Kindle owners]).

  See the earlier Kindleworld guide that explains how to use the no-cost [you]@free.kindle.com address for free delivery to your Kindle (UK: K3).

  Essentially, to use the Send to Kindle feature, Kindle users need to:

  1. open the feature's "Options" page and enter their Kindle's registered email ([you]@free.kindle.com) there, and

  2. add the Chrome-extension sender, [email protected], as an approved sender at Amazon's Kindle management page.

' Once those two actions are completed, clicking the extension's icon will give you a live preview of how the article will appear on your Kindle and provide you with a "Send" button that will send it to your Kindle.  Just make sure Wi-Fi or your Whispernet connection is activated on your device so it has no trouble getting there. '

I've not tried it but saw the article last night.  Will be interested to see how this works for those who try it.
  There is an automated option and a manual one.  Remember that you can select what part of the page is sent to you or use the automated option and, in both cases, only text (not images) is sent.

Tip:  To get the images accompanying a story, I highlight what I want and paste it all into a Microsoft Word document and then send the saved document to my free.kindle.com address.
  Amazon converts it to Kindle format before sending it to the Kindle.

Kindle 3's   (UK: Kindle 3's),   DX Graphite

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Toshiba Planning 3 Tablet PC’s in 2011 – Android, Windows and Chrome



By Michael

Toshiba has been very busy in the research and development department! In the last few months they released the Folio and the Libretto, both of which did not enjoy the success Toshiba had anticipated. Digitimes is reporting that Toshiba has big plans for 2011, including 3 new Tablet computers running Google Android, Google Chrome and Windows 7.

Toshiba has models already all done up and looking pretty to debut at CES in early Janurary. They have outsourced the production of these units to Quanta Computer, Compal Electronics and Pegatron Technology.

Two of the models in development feature a 10.1 inch screen with the last one to have a 11.6 device. Toshiba is planning on these two tablets to fall right in line with their PC division.

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