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And you thought books were just for reading…

Turns out they have some pretty interesting acoustic and tonal qualities, too. Happy Wednesday. (Via Galleycat.)


And you thought books were just for reading…

Turns out they have some pretty interesting acoustic and tonal qualities, too. Happy Wednesday. (Via Galleycat.)


Ebooks will Not kill paper books – At least not for a long time.

Ebooks are not yet the death of paper books:

We read all over the net that paper book publishing is about to become extinct – I disagree strongly with this idea.

I know — obviously, as I am an observer of the whole ereader/ebook industry – that the sales of ebooks is rising all over the world, as more and more people buy themselves ereaders and start to buy most of their books online as ebooks, rather than as paper books.  And at first sight one could be forgiven for believing that this heralds the demise of the classic paper book form, but this idea is ignoring a number of important points it seems to me.

Some of these points are as follows:

  • So far electronic text books have not really made any real impression on the educational book market
  • Not everyone wants  an ereader
  • Not everyone can afford an ereader
  • In many parts of the world it is almost impossible to buy an ereader
  • Paper books have a charm and soul, which no ereader can emulate
  • Ebooks can not be easily lent to friends
  • Ebooks can not be sold as second-hand books
  • And probably a number of other factors that you will be able to think up as well.

Given the points above, which are all incontrovertible in my opinion I believe that the book form that was started by the Chinese way back in the 11th century (not as we in the West believe by Caxton in the 15th century) still has a lot of life in it yet, and will be with us for a long time to come.

Text books:

It is well known that so  far there is no ereader, or even tablet available that is the equal of printed text books, in spite of many attempts to achieve  this desirable goal.   Studies have shown that the dedicated ereader, such as the Kindle, is not really a useful tool for most students, especially at the higher levels, and even the much hyped iPad isn’t really useful yet in this respect.   A lot of development work needs to be done before any device comes along that will meet all the very specific demands of educational use of electronic readers, and I am not really sure that the financial returns this might bring are enough to encourage any companies to do this….    The fate of the Kno ereaders is a good pointer to this problem (They have given up the idea of producing their ereaders, and are concentrating instead on software, which will be computer based).   And this story is repeated over and over again… All attempts so far to make any ereading device that is any use in education has failed or quietly faded away.

This in no way devalues projects such as Worldreader’s project to bring ereaders to kids in the developing world, that is a completely different idea.

Who owns your ebooks?

This is another problem area with ebooks currently, the sad fact is that we pay a lot of money for them (mostly) but are not actually the legal owners of the ebooks we buy.   We are merely licensed to have an electronic copy of the ebook on our reading device with no legal right to sell it on (as we do with our paper books) or even lend it to a friend.  I know, Amazon and Barnes  and Noble have set up a very restricted “lend to a friend system” and one can now borrow ebooks from many libraries, but this is only a one time per ebook deal, so not really the point.

With Amazon this is particularly obvious, as they have the right, and possibility as they have demonstrated, to remove your ebooks from your ereader with no restitution.

So no second hand ebooks will be found in your local garage sale or friendly local book shop…….    Until it becomes possible to dispose of our ebooks as we wish – in other words, become the legal owners of the ebooks we purchase – many people will avoid the whole  idea.

Availability of ereaders:

This is an important factor as well.   In many parts of the world it is impossible, or way too expensive, to get your hands on an ereader.   As an example of this, I have searched high and low in Cebu City, the second largest city in the Philippines, and not been able to find any ereaders.   I know this situation is slowly changing, but it has a long way to go before ereaders become universally available, and at prices that people can afford as well.

The charm and mystery of paper books:

Another important point for many of us is the feel, smell and look of a “real” paper book.   An ereader is a very convenient beast, as I know very well, being a convinced ereader owner, but  it has no romance, no soul.   When I look at my meters of bookshelves, with all those old and rather battered books on them, I get a frisson of pleasure – all those old friends sitting there, waiting to be taken down and reread.  Such a pleasure.   When I look at my Sony ereader, or my wife’s ereader sitting on the table, I get no particular pleasure.   It is a device, a soulless machine, a convenience, that is all.

I would hate to find myself in a world where the only books one could buy were ebooks….  Can you imagine what ebook shops would be like, they would have all the soul of a DVD store, endless plastic boxes with blurbs on the covers, but no way you could leaf through them to see if you want them.  No, not for me!

I am pretty well convinced that paper books will be with us for a long time yet, and very happy to think this.

Share with us:

What are your views on the future of paper or ebooks?



Will e-books sell more print books?

I found another “death of print” article, like the ones I mentioned here, though this one at least has a fairly novel take on why publishers should be happy that e-books are coming in. In PC Magazine, John Dvorak suggests that e-books will be a key to selling more books overall.

First of all, we know from anecdotal evidence that people with an ebook reader often buy hard copies of the books they really want. The ebook reader is a filtering mechanism. It reminds me of the Napster era in the music business. During its heyday, people were buying more CDs than ever. Yes, they were bootlegging like crazy, but also buying like crazy. I’ve discussed this phenomenon ad nauseum, but suffice it to say that Napster was like a great sampling system that resulted in sales.

The same will happen with ebooks. The book publishers should relish the prospects of the easy money ahead.

I’m not so sure I buy this. If this is true, print book sales should be surging, but it appears that they’re starting to decline as e-book sales rise. Might there be an error in Mr. Dvorak’s calculations?


Disney Digital Books Toy Story iPad App: French Edition / Toy Story (Français) Livre Interactif

Ipad ebook:Disney Digital Books Toy Story iPad App: French Edition / Toy Story (Français) Livre Interactif
TO INFINITY AND BEYOND! Toy Story takes you on the adventure of a lifetime: A fully interactive reading experience packed with Games, Movie Clips, Coloring Pages, Sing-along Tunes, and Surprises on every page. Hear the story read aloud, record your own narration, or explore at your own pace. Now in French!


Large proportion of iPad users don’t read books on the device


That’s what The Bookseller is reporting.  The new Simba Information report (purchase only) says that 40% of iPad owners haven’t read a book on it and 45% of respondents saying that they read ebooks on the PC or Mac.

Senior analyst and author of the report Michael Norris said: “A lot of people equate the sale of a new sale gadget with the creation of a new reader, and it just doesn’t happen. In both the offline and online world, there are a lot of independent factors and distractions that will keep a person from discovering and enjoying a book.”


Google Video decision suggests books might not be safe either

A couple of days ago, Simon Barron at the Guardian posted a piece that claimed “Google can’t be trusted with our books,” because the company decided out of the blue to shut down Google Videos and pitch all user-uploaded content on the site in order to focus more on its search. A public outcry convinced Google to backpedal to the extent that it would see about preserving the content and making it available elsewhere, but Barron sees the original decision as a sign that Google might choose to dump any content at any time if it wants to.

As a private sector company, the core aim of Google is to make money. The Google Videos situation shows that in order to lower expenditure and adjust its priorities, Google was willing to delete content entrusted to it by users. Libraries have trusted Google with millions of documents: many of the books scanned by Google are not digitised or OCR-processed anywhere else and, with budgets for university libraries shrinking year after year, may not be digitised again any time in the near future. Google acted admirably by listening to users and working to save the videos but entrusting such vast cultural archives to a body that has no explicit responsibilities to protection, archiving and public cultural welfare is inherently dangerous: as the situation made clear, private sector bodies have the ability to destroy archives at a whim.

He goes on to talk about how cultural institutions and the public sector should be enabling access to digital information, bridging the digital divide, and so on, and that we should have a national digital library. While I can’t argue with that, I think it’s a little bit odd the way that he’s singling Google out.

Aside from the fact that plenty of people already didn’t trust Google with books without needing this provocation (which is why Google got sued by the Authors Guild), this really holds true for any commercial institution that has its hands on lots of user-generated content. If social-networking and blogging sites (for instance, the embattled also-ran MySpace which News Corp has just decided to try to sell to some other poor sucker) shut down, a lot of people would lose their stuff too.

And given how many recent cloud-based institutions have been failing all at once lately (speaking of losing user content, Time reports “Some Of the Data Lost in Amazon’s Cloud Outage is Gone Forever”) or getting badly hacked, it seems more and more like nothing digital is necessarily safe, Google or not.


Disney Digital Books Toy Story iPad App: Spanish Edition / Toy Story (Español) Libro Interactivo

Ipad ebook:Disney Digital Books Toy Story iPad App: Spanish Edition / Toy Story (Español) Libro Interactivo
TO INFINITY AND BEYOND! Toy Story takes you on the adventure of a lifetime: A fully interactive reading experience packed with Games, Movie Clips, Coloring Pages, Sing-along Tunes, and Surprises on every page. Hear the story read aloud, record your own narration, or explore at your own pace. Now in Spanish!


Nook Color updated with apps, email, enhanced books, interactive mags, and more

Screen shot 2011 04 25 at 9 23 20 AM

Major announcement from B&N today about a huge upgrade to the Nook.  The apps include Angry Birds, Uno, Lonley Planet Phrasebooks, Epiurious, Pandora, calendar, notes, email, Friends.  In addition the Nook now has support for Flash.  Also opening is the Nook Newstand which will include 150 interactive magazines and newspapers.

The update to version 1.2 is available now and includes Android 2.2/Froyo, Adobe Air and the Sdove Flash player.  The update will be pushed via WiFi and can also be downloaded at www.nookcolor.com/update.

At 10:30am EST B&N is having a webcast about this (invitation only) and I’ll take notes and report back to you.  In the meantime here are the 3 press releases B&N sent to me.

Barnes & Noble Expands Award-Winning NOOK Color

Reading Experience with the Most Requested Tablet Features

Reader’s Tablet Now Offering Popular Apps, Email, Enhanced Web Experience and New Rich Content for Adults and Children

Customers Can Explore One of World’s Largest Digital Bookstores Featuring

New NOOK Apps, More than 2 Million Books, 150 Interactive Magazines and Newspapers and More Than 12,000 Children’s Chapter and Picture Books

At Only 9, the Easy-to-Use, Full-Featured NOOK Color is the Best Value

in the Tablet Market, Offering a Great Alternative to Expensive Tablets

Exciting Free Software Update Now Available to

All Current and Future NOOK Color Customers

New York, New York – April 25, 2011 – Barnes & Noble, Inc. (NYSE: BKS), the world’s largest bookseller, announced today that it added significant new features and content to the NOOK Color Reader’s Tablet, making what has already been acclaimed as the best reading device on the market, the best tablet value on the market at just 9. With a major update to its bestselling device, Barnes & Noble is delivering more of what NOOK Color customers want: shopping a broad collection of popular apps, staying connected with full-featured, built-in email and an enhanced Web experience. In addition, NOOK Color’s reading experience gets even better with enhanced books featuring in-page video, new interactivity in digital children’s picture books, and now over 150 interactive magazines and newspapers, including new popular titles like The Economist and Food & Wine. All current and future NOOK Color customers can experience all of the great new features in v1.2 now available atwww.nookcolor.com/update and provided for free over the air (OTA) via Wi-Fi to customers beginning next week.

“NOOK Color offers the best reading experience of any device, and now delivers the most popular tablet features such as engaging apps so customers can play, learn and explore, free, built-in email, an Android operating system update for enhanced Web browsing and more interactive content,” said William Lynch, Chief Executive Officer of Barnes & Noble. “With our new NOOK Apps program, we’ve partnered with the world’s best publishers and developers to offer popular brands like Angry Birds, Epicurious, Uno, Lonely Planet, Dr. Seuss, Little Critter and many more quality and entertaining applications. These and other enhancements, plus new ways for adults and children to experience exciting content, make NOOK Color a great alternative to paying double the price – or more – for an expensive tablet. Our easy-to-use, full-featured Reader’s Tablet is available for only 9, and presents the best value of any tablet on the market.”


Introducing NOOK Apps

NOOK Color customers can get even more out of their Reader’s Tablet – built specifically for reading and complementary experiences – with a collection of top quality apps specially designed to take advantage of NOOK Color’s stunning 7-inch color touchscreen and to keep the whole family entertained, engaged, connected and organized. Enjoy great games like Angry Birds, Uno and More Brain Exercise, and stay up-to-date on news and weather with Pulse and My-Cast. Learn new languages with Lonely Planet Phrasebooks apps, and try new recipes with the app from Epicurious. Keep sharp with pre-loaded crossword puzzles, chess and Sudoku. Stay organized with calendar apps, relax with streaming music from Pandora® Internet Radio and spark creativity in children with Drawing Pad and more fun apps made just for kids like Sandra Boynton’s Going to Bed Book.


NOOK Color customers can easily discover and download apps in seconds from Shop on NOOK Color, so they can browse complementary apps alongside books, magazines and other content. Customers can explore a growing collection of more than 125 favorite NOOK Apps from leading third-party developers and content providers in categories including Play, Organize, Learn, Explore, Lifestyle, News and Kids. The NOOK Apps offering will continually expand as new high-quality applications, optimized for NOOK Color, are added from the large and growing number of qualified developers and content providers submitting their applications through the company’s new app submission process.


Barnes & Noble offers a selection of free NOOK Apps – including calendar and notes apps, requested by NOOK Color customers – and paid apps, with approximately half of the collection available for .99 or less and the vast majority priced at .99 or less. Customers will easily find their newly downloaded or preloaded apps by tapping the NOOK Apps button on the Quick Nav menu or Apps section in their library, as well as through the newly refined search. All updated NOOK Color devices will now include NOOK Email and NOOK Friends apps preloaded in addition to Pandora Internet Radio, Crossword Puzzle, Sudoku, Chess, Contacts and Gallery.


Stay Connected with Email

NOOK Color now helps customers stay connected with the full-featured free NOOK Email application built in to organize Web mail accounts in one inbox. Given NOOK Color’s compact design that fits easily into a purse, jacket or bag, email was one of the most-requested features requested by customers. Connect to Wi-Fi to check and send emails with a full-screen virtual keyboard, making it easier than ever to stay in touch while on the go. NOOK Email works across the top Web mail services including Yahoo! Mail, Gmail, AOL and Hotmail.


Updated Platform and A More Complete Web Experience

NOOK Color’s update to Android OS 2.2/Froyo offers system improvements, enhanced browser performance and a more complete Web experience giving customers access to enjoy even more video, interactive and animated content. NOOK Color now includes support for Adobe® Flash® Player. Surfing the Web is even better with the ability to easily switch between larger desktop or mobile Web experiences and enhanced pinch and zoom. Additional enhancements include improved global search and quick settings such as battery indicator, shortcuts to settings and audio.


Enhanced Reading Experience and More New Rich, Interactive Content to Enjoy

Designed for people who love to read everything in rich color, NOOK Color now has even more engaging and rich content, plus a sliding page turn animation, requested by customers. Easily access personal files transferred to NOOK Color on your customized Home screen.


By exploring Barnes & Noble’s more than 2 million digital titles, one of the world’s largest collections of digital reading content, customers will find even more exciting and engaging content to enjoy on NOOK Color.


  • NOOK Kids: Barnes & Noble’s state-of-the-art NOOK Kids digital picture book experience – the first with the innovative Read to Me feature – has been expanded with 15 new Read and Play titles that bring animation, activities and stories together. In NOOK Color’s innovative Read and Play books, children can interact with their favorite characters and enjoy activities built right into the story they’re reading. Whether it’s drawing with Fancy Nancy or making the dogs go in Go, Dog, Go!, parents and children will enjoy narration, animation and interactivity that fits into the story and plot lines of new Read and Play titles including Splat the CatAre You My Mother?Caps for SaleLittle White Rabbit and more, now available to explore and enjoy.


With more than 350 NOOK Kids digital picture books and more than 12,000 children’s chapter books, Barnes & Noble offers the world’s largest collection of digital content for children. Children can choose stories featuring popular characters like Nickelodeon’s Dora The Explorer and SpongeBob SquarePants, and Disney favorites like Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Snow White and Cars.


  • NOOK Books Enhanced: Watch that appetizing recipe being made step-by-step or learn how to perfect yoga poses with embedded video and audio in cookbooks, health and fitness, biography, photography and travel books, along with other interactive content on NOOK Color. With more than 225 multimedia titles (and growing), Barnes & Noble offers instructive content including Knitting for DummiesYou: Raising a Child and ELLE: Workout Yoga starring Brooklyn Decker. Learn more about bestselling books from authors including David Baldacci, Pat Conroy, Russell Brand, Keith Richards and many more.


  • NOOK Newsstand: Dozens more favorite magazines and newspapers are now available on NOOK Color – the first reading device to offer popular newsstand titles in rich, full color. From Us Weekly and Elle to The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal, NOOK Newsstand delivers your morning paper and latest magazines right to your NOOK Color, ready to read in an amazing new way. With enhancements to magazine navigation on NOOK Color, it’s even easier to enjoy the full-color, digital edition of the print magazine, including Barnes & Noble’s innovative ArticleViewfeature.  Barnes & Noble continues to build its NOOK Newsstand offering, now with more than 150 top full-color magazines and newspapers including recent additions such as OK! Magazine, ESPN The MagazineTravel + LeisureNational Geographic Kids,Every Day with Rachael RayDwellOutsideSaveurThe OnionPC GamerFamily Handyman and many more. All can be enjoyed with a 14-day free trial, via subscription or purchased in single issue form.

Get Social with NOOK Friends

With the new NOOK Friends App (Beta), NOOK Color creates the go-to social network for people who love to read, and offers even more ways to connect. Customers can create a group of NOOK Friends to easily swap books, get a friend’s take on a new bestseller, discover great new reads or see if someone’s enjoying a book they recommended on the Friends’ Activity tab. NOOK Color customers can view their NOOK Friends’ content ratings and reviews, shared quotes, recommendations and how they’re progressing on their latest book. Check out all or individual NOOK Friends’ LendMe books available and track all current and pending sharing activity. Updates to NOOK Color also make it easy for customers browsing the great content available in Shop to share which products they “Like” on Facebook and view how many other Barnes & Noble customers “Like” it, too.


NOOK Color v1.2 Now Available

NOOK Color customers can experience all of the great new features in v1.2 immediately at no cost via manual download at www.nookcolor.com/update. A free over-the-air (OTA) update will begin rolling out to customers via Wi-Fi over the coming weeks. Experience the new NOOK Apps and other exciting new features at the NOOK Boutique or display in one of Barnes & Noble’s more than 700 bookstores across the country or by visitingwww.nookcolor.com. NOOK Color, along with NOOK devices, can also be found at Best Buy, Walmart, Staples and Books-A-Million.


# # #


Barnes & Noble Unveils New Advertising Campaign

for Bestselling NOOK Color™ Reader’s Tablet™

“Read Forever” Anthem Celebrates the Power of Reading,

Whether “By book or by NOOK,” Through Intimate Portraits of People

Who Love to Read

New York, New York – April 25, 2010 – Barnes & Noble, Inc. (NYSE: BKS), the world’s largest bookseller, today unveiled a major new marketing campaign for its bestselling, highly acclaimed NOOK Color Reader’s Tablet, which showcases how Barnes & Noble – the bookstore you grew up with – continues to be the best brand for people who love reading in all its glorious forms. Grounded in Barnes & Noble’s longstanding connection to readers, the new “Read Forever” campaign celebrates the emotional power of reading through intimate portraits of people who love to read. Whimsically written, the campaign evokes the emotions inspired by a great read by showing real people truly immersed in their NOOKs, and their books.


The multi-faceted new campaign, developed by Barnes & Noble with Mullen, the bookseller’s new advertising partner, includes an integrated mix of broadcast and cable television, digital, social and print media designed to inspire reading in both a traditional and contemporary sense. The advertising creative features Barnes & Noble’s innovative and highly acclaimed NOOK Color Reader’s Tablet alongside physical books, as well as readers young and old in a variety of environments and situations.


The new TV spots, which begin airing this week, feature many real people, not professional actors, some spotted by the creative team in real-life reading situations, including a commuter, two high-school students, a ballerina and a music store owner. Directed by Mike Mills, the spots have a short-film quality, captured with natural light and in relatable moments that express the importance of reading to the human experience.


Purposeful and passionate, the campaign’s anthem of “Read Forever” reinforces the essential nature of reading by imagining the fantastical circumstances under which reading would no longer be essential: “Till rhymes stop rhyming, and pots stop boiling, and everyone is happy, and there is nothing more to say. Till that day. By hook or by crook, by book or by NOOK, I will read.” The announcer’s voiceover – “NOOK Color by Barnes & Noble” – is heard after the stylized NOOK “n” logo and the “Read Forever” tagline appear.


“Our ‘Read Forever’ campaign beautifully expresses what Barnes & Noble has always stood for, a genuine love of books and reading, and also illustrates what readers love about reading – the ability to lose, find, amuse and educate yourself in written pages,” said Sasha Norkin, Vice President, Digital Marketing of Barnes & Noble. “For decades, millions of book lovers have turned to Barnes & Noble, America’s favorite bookstore, to fulfill their love of reading. With NOOK Color, they can continue this tradition with the best device on the market, a sleek tablet that offers reading – and so much more – in rich, immersive color.”


The campaign promotes Barnes & Noble’s bestselling NOOK Color Reader’s Tablet, which offers reading lovers a best-in-class reading experience on its gorgeous 7-inch full color touchscreen, perfect for reading everything – books, magazines, newspapers and children’s books – in rich color, from the company’s expansive digital content catalog of more than two million titles. And NOOK Color, the best-valued tablet on the market, just got even better with today’s major free software update (www.nookcolor.com/update) that delivers more of what customers want: shopping for a broad collection of popular applications, built-in email, an enhanced Web experience and many other much-requested features and new rich content for adults and children. Barnes & Noble also welcomes customers to visit one of its more than 700 bookstores across the country, to explore its NOOK products and learn from helpful booksellers, always ready to help get new customers ready and reading.


With airings starting this week, the TV campaign will be highly visible, featuring 30- and 60-second spots during regular episodes and season finales of top cable and network shows, including American Idol and other popular programming. The print campaign, which begins in early May, will run in high-circulation publications, and include both intimate portraits of readers, as well as product-centric ads that feature NOOK Color, its innovative features and accolades with the headline, “If you love reading, this is your tablet.”


Barnes & Noble is also giving its customers and Facebook fans the opportunity to participate in a fun social media promotion that will reward them for sharing the TV spot, along with the reasons they could read forever. By entering, they’ll have a chance to win the grand prize: a NOOK Color and gift certificate for ,000 to enjoy lots of great reading from the vast collection available in the NOOK Bookstore™. The promotion will be supported with digital media on top sites including AmeicanIdol.com and others. Customers can view the TV spot and learn more at www.bn.com/readforever.


# # #


Barnes & Noble Partners with Leading Content Providers and Developers to Launch NOOK Apps for NOOK Color,

Best Reader’s Tablet

NOOK Developer Program Brings Popular, High-Quality Applications For Customers to Play, Learn, Connect and More on Award-Winning Device

Major NOOK Color Software Update Expands Best-In-Class Reading Experience with Most Requested Tablet Features Including Shopping For Apps in NOOK Bookstore™

New York, New York – April 25, 2011 – Barnes & Noble, Inc. (NYSE: BKS), the world’s largest bookseller, recently opened its doors to developer innovation with its NOOK Developer program. Today, the company is pleased to deliver new and innovative reading experiences through NOOK Apps, a collection of high-quality applications launched for the company’s award-winning NOOK Color Reader’s Tablet. The addition of popular apps and other most requested tablet features to the newly updated NOOK Color make the best reading device on the market the best value tablet on the market at 9.


NOOK Apps offer NOOK Color customers a broad collection of popular applications from the world’s best publishers and third-party developers, including Chronicle Books, Condé Nast, Concrete Software, Gameloft, Goodreads, Loud Crow Interactive, my6sense, The National Geographic Society, NAMCO, Rovio, Wordnik and more. NOOK Apps were introduced with the major NOOK Color software update launched today (available at no cost at www.nookcolor.com/update). The update delivers what customers want: shopping for popular apps, full-featured built-in email, an enhanced Web experience, as well as new ways for adults and children to enjoy rich content. NOOK Color v1.2 includes a platform upgrade to Android OS 2.2/Froyo, along with support for Adobe®AIR® and Adobe Flash® Player.


“We are thrilled to add to our robust eReading ecosystem a differentiated and unique portfolio of high-quality applications, which enrich and extend the reading experience that our customers know and love and keep the whole family entertained and engaged, connected and organized. With an update to the operating system, NOOK Apps, email, an enhanced Web experience and more new, great features and content to enjoy, we have made NOOK Color – already acclaimed as the best reading device on the market – truly the best value tablet on the market for 9,” said Jamie Iannone, President of Digital Products at Barnes & Noble. “The response from the developer and content communities has been terrific, as many great companies are enthusiastic about bringing their strong brands, products and content to NOOK Color and the NOOK Bookstore, and taking advantage of the unique benefits of our open platform and merchandising opportunities.”


NOOK Apps represent an exciting and unique opportunity for developers to reach a targeted and passionate audience of millions of Barnes & Noble customers. The company offers unmatched marketing and merchandising opportunities for developers through NOOK Color, BN.com’s storefront, and unprecedented merchandising opportunities to drive discovery and demand in more than 1,300 Barnes & Noble retail and college bookstores.


Today, NOOK Color customers can get even more out of their Reader’s Tablet with more than 125 high-quality applications optimized for the device in categories including Children, Education & Reference, Entertainment, Games, Health & Fitness, Lifestyle & Interests, News & Weather, Productivity and Tools & Utilities, with more to come.  Popular NOOK Apps include the all-new Aces Bubble Popper, Angry Birds, Cheese Plate, Goodreads, Epicurious, Flight Control, GeoBee Challenge, my6sense, NOOK WordOfTheDay, Sandra Boynton’s The Going to Bed Book, Uno, and many more.


Since late last year, third-party developers and content providers have been using NOOK Developer tools and resources to develop a wide array of rich and unique applications optimized for NOOK Color’s open eReading platform and the device’s stunning 7-inch color touchscreen. Built on the Android OS, it is fast and easy for third-party developers to deploy existing Android-based apps to NOOK Color’s open eReading platform. With the v1.2 update, Adobe AIR is available pre-installed on the NOOK Color eReading platform, allowing developers to create and deliver rich and interactive applications for NOOK Color using tools in Adobe Creative Suite® 5.5 including Flash Builder™ 4.5, and Flash Professional CS 5.5. Developers can learn more about the tools and resources available to create AIR and native Android applications for NOOK Color on the NOOK Developer portal.


Barnes & Noble will continue to work with the development community – including the program’s more than 5,000 registered parties – to bring NOOK Color customers the highest quality apps, through a simple, organized method of discovery through the Shop experience. The number of NOOK Apps will continually expand as new applications are added to the growing collection. The NOOK Developer program continues to experience strong momentum with hundreds of developer requests to qualify for application submission in the three weeks since Barnes & Noble opened its submission process for qualified registrants and introduced a new suite of tools and services to accelerate application delivery and distribution.


Developers are invited to join and qualify to submit their applications by visiting www.nookdeveloper.com. Unlike other developer programs, there is no program fee for developers to participate in NOOK Developer. Developers who qualify will be able to submit paid and free apps and will receive 70 percent of any paid app purchased by Barnes & Noble customers. Developers also have the option to offer free trials to NOOK Color users.


Quotes from NOOK App Content Providers and Developers


“With the Goodreads app for NOOK Color, readers can connect with other readers, discuss what they’re reading, and interact with favorite authors,” said Otis Chandler, founder of Goodreads.


“I’ve always been a fan of Goodreads, and how you can browse your friends’ bookshelves. It’s exciting to watch NOOK Color grow from a great place to read into this new idea, which is almost like social reading. My fans can see I’m reading everything from Laura Hillenbrand’s Unbroken to those Alex Rider kids’ books – I like a wide range,” said bestselling author, James Patterson.

Rovio: Angry Birds

“Being able to promote the Angry Birds franchise across multiple channels – on NOOK Color, on BN.com and in hundreds of Barnes & Noble retail locations – is unique and extremely appealing,” said Peter Vesterbacka, Mighty Eagle, of Rovio.


Condé Nast: Epicurious’ Recipes & Shopping List: On the Go and In the Kitchen

“NOOK Color offers a great, portable, new way for people to find, save and create shopping lists from Epicurious’ award-winning database of over 30,000 professionally created and tested recipes. It is the ultimate interactive cookbook that cooking enthusiasts can take from the couch to the kitchen and even the store,” said Tanya Steel Editor-In-Chief of Epicurious.  

Wordnik: NOOK WordOfTheDay

“The Barnes & Noble eReading platform inspired us to use Wordnik’s Word of the Day API to create a NOOK WordOfTheDay app specifically for readers who enjoy exploring new words,” said Erin McKean of Wordnik. “Readers and word-lovers will delight in building vocabulary – and discovering great new books.”


NAMCO: More Brain Exercise, Learn to Fly, Flight Control, Crush the Castle

“We are always looking for ways to extend the gaming experience beyond one platform to multiple platforms,” stated Carlson Choi, vice president of marketing, NAMCO BANDAI Games America. “With the success of NOOK Color and the rapid growth of the eReader market, we see a big opportunity to reach new consumers with our popular, casual games. Whether readers want to flex their mental muscle with More Brain Exercise™ or keep the skies safe in Flight Control, they can have a lot of fun when taking a break from reading.”


Concrete Software: Aces Bubble Popper, Aces Jewel Hunt, Pocket Ants

“We are thrilled to be introducing millions of Barnes & Noble customers to Aces Bubble Popper, our newest casual game, exclusively for NOOK Color,” said Keith Pichelman, co-Founder & CEO, Concrete Software. “We are also bringing our popular casual games – Aces Jewel Hunt and Pocket Ants – to NOOK Color, taking full advantage of the high-quality color touchscreen.”



“With my6sense for NOOK Color, customers can read and engage with the best and most interesting updates from social networks, news feeds and blogs all in one place, in one intelligent app,” said Barak Hachamov, CEO of my6sense.


Loud Crow Interactive Inc.: The Going to Bed Book, PopOut! The Tale of Peter Rabbit

“The burgeoning eReader and eBook markets have created a wonderful opportunity for us to partner with Barnes & Noble to offer popular children’s titles on the NOOK Color as interactive, immersive storybook apps that will entertain, educate, and inspire,” said Calvin Wang, Founder and President of Loud Crow Interactive. “We believe parents and children will be delighted by the interactivity, including touch and gesture-based animations, audio, and narration.”


The National Geographic Society: GeoBee Challenge

“Through our relationship with Barnes & Noble and the development of the GeoBee Challenge application for NOOK Color, we hope to foster a curiosity for knowledge and exploration,” said Drew Onufer, vice president, Interactive and Digital Products at National Geographic. “NOOK Color owners can test their geographic smarts in this fun and educational application.”


Chronicle Books: Art of the Slow Cooker, Cheese Plate, Animal Show

“Parents will appreciate the fun and whimsical Animal Show, launching first on NOOK Color on Android. The application includes more than 30 favorite animals with over 60 audio clips and four games to help children develop memory, counting, and spelling skills as they play and explore. Food-lovers will delight in taking their NOOK Color from the couch to the kitchen with Art of the Slow Cooker and Cheese Plate-beautiful applications featuring delicious recipes, expert pairings, and helpful shopping lists,” said Jack Jensen, President of Chronicle Books.


Gameloft: Uno

“As a leading publisher of digital and social games, we’re excited to be extending our presence to Barnes & Noble’s eReading platform, starting with the wildly popular card game, Uno.  Barnes & Noble offers an attractive community of players and we’ve optimized the Uno experience for NOOK Color. Users will enjoy the crisp, high-resolution graphics and multiplayer mode where you can play against friends and family,” said Baudouin Corman, Vice President Publishing Americas of Gameloft.

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