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Booklending – Bringing Kindle owners together to share ebooks

Want to borrow or  lend  ebooks from Amazon?

For every one with a Kindle, or a Kindle app on some other device, this website offers a very neat way of coming into contact with others who wish to share their ebooks with you, or who would like to borrow your ebook.

This system is based on the ebook lending system that Amazon now offer, which basically means that anyone who has bought an ebook from Amazon has the possibility of lending it once to anyone they wish.    So what Booklending have done is to create a sort of social website, where it is easy for people who want to lend or borrow ebooks to come into contact with each other.   In other words, Booklending do not have any ebooks themselves, they simply act as intermediaries for those who wish to lend and borrow.

It is extremely simple to use, once you have registered yourself on the site, you then post the names of any ebooks you are prepared to lend, so that others can find them and then using the Amazon system, the transaction takes place.

For borrowers it is equally simple, once registered, all they have to do is  use the search function to find the ebook they are looking for, and if it is available, they are taken to it and then they borrow it.

All very simple and straight forward to use, and it is free as well!

Currently it  is only possible for people with a US based Amazon account to lend ebooks, but subject to those irritating geographical limitations, people from anywhere in the world may borrow ebooks via this website.

As you may know, some publishers have placed limitations on which ebooks may be lent via the Amazon system, so there are many ebooks that you will never find listed on this website, unfortunately.  But in spite of this, the choice appears to be pretty good from what I have seen on their website.

When you lend someone (either directly to a friend, or via Booklending), what happens is that the ebook is downloaded from Amazon’s site to the borrower’s device, and then for the period of the loan, which is 14 days, you can not access the ebook in question – logically enough, you have lent it after all.  And then after this period is over, it is deleted from the borrower’s device, and becomes available once again for you to read on your own Kindle.

In the FAQ page on the Booklending website you will find all of this stuff simply and clearly explained.

All quite amazingly simple and a very good idea to my mind.  Spreading the joy can’t be a bad thing.   So nip along to their website and check it out for yourself, and start in borrowing and lending ebooks to your hearts content.  Got to love free ebooks, eh?

Link: http://www.booklending.com/

eBookFling: ebook-fling-a-new-way-for-kindle-and-nook-owners-to-lend-and-borrow-ebooks/

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