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Trailer for John Saul’s Faces of Fear

sony ebook:Trailer for John Saul's Faces of Fear
A wealthy California town is rocked by a series of grisly murders—all young women. Each time, the serial killer disfigures the victim in a unique way. What does he want? Is this a modern-day Frankenstein? Find out in FACES OF FEAR, the 35th thriller from New York Times bestselling author John Saul. Watch the trailer, then enter the Faces of Fear sweepstakes for a chance to win a Sony eBook reader with five ebooks or a 0 gift certificate from Beauty.com. Learn more at www.johnsaul.com

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  1. i really love this book

  2. I agree!John Saul is the most AMAZING man alive!I have never been able to finish a Stephen King book!His movies are good but I can’t seem to get into the books!GO JOHN SAUL!

  3. no way stephen king is crap compared to john saul

  4. they’re pretty good. s. king, though has the top prize here :P

  5. Thanks for posting. I absolutely cannot wait to read this book. I’ve heard it was released on Augst 12th, and I plan to go buy it tomorrow. I LOVE all of John Saul’s books and he seems to get better as her gets older. :)

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