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Sony Reader: First Look Review

sony ebook:Sony Reader: First Look Review
Sony Reader to get UK launch and beats Amazon to market with second-gen e-book gadget. Will this replace the traditional bookcase in the home? Katie Scott and Megawhat take a look.

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  1. @Restarea11019V $320

  2. what is 200 pounds ?

  3. I prefer real books as well… but I don’t prefer to lug them around, so Im getting an e-reader. Only question is, should i get the Sony or the Nook? (Im not getting the kindle due to amazons proprietary e-book format).

  4. i don’t need the Sony reader i need ya baby

  5. Lovely, just lovely. I cannot wait to get my grubby hands on this fabulous piece of technology.

  6. Perhaps you didn’t read that report where a Publisher forced Amazon to pull a eBook from all of their customers Kindle and give a ReFund.

    So, go ahead and get a eBook Reader

    I’m waiting for a report that says WiFi and/or Computer Crackers have a picnic.

  7. I like her voice! :P

  8. good idea grandpa

  9. Oh no I don’t mean real books, I mean the e-books would be pirated, I prefer real books myself, I feel it would be easier to turn to a page you are interested in going back to. Though it’d be easier to find keywords in e-books (if they had a find feature) if you were writing a paper on it.

  10. I prefer real books.

    Ebooks are hard on my eyes Anyways.

    Pirate’s would use ALOT of INK and Super Duper Scanners (fast and high quality), just to pirate Real books.

  11. I refuse to buy a Kindle or a Sony Reader.

    Here’s an idea, do you have an actual shelf with Books, pick up a REAL book and actually read it.

  12. lol, she meant 200 pounds sterlings!

  13. It’s funny when she hits “Continue reading” and says she’s been reading all day, but it starts at the cover page of the book…lol Wouldn’t continue reading, bring you to where you left off?

  14. I hate reviews like this, where she doesn’t even show how the damn thing works. It’s the reason people end up disappointed with products at times because nobody gave a fucking damn about even showing how it works.

  15. I guess people are going to be pirating books now instead of movies/mp3s :-p and “they” say we aren’t reading as much as we used to…

  16. is it touchscreen??

  17. Reading 3-4 books at a time is like having 3-4 televisions on at the same time and trying to make sense of it.
    A worse comparison – juggle more than 2 girlfriends and you are certifiably insane.

  18. 200 lbs…….. That’s heavy!

  19. It’s not a Sony issue in this case. It’s a case of whether or not textbook publishers will go digital with their textbooks. If they do, they can use a digital reader today.

  20. sony should make something like this for textbooks . . . i’d have to stop lugging around all my texts! . .

  21. Just look on ebay for mega ebook CDs

  22. where can you get the free ebooks mentioned for download to p.c…Cant afford the sony reader unfortunately.

  23. downloaded a scifi/fantasy pack, not quite legally.

    but yeah i can recommend the sony reader, i bought it one and a half year ago.

    Just to let you know i recommend the abc converter because so many of the books you find online are in LIT files. I always convert it to RTF files for my reader.

    FYI you only need to convert the files you dont buy :)

  24. it certainly can save a lot of trees

  25. To shaolindreams,


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