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Kindle 3, Nook 1.4 Going Head to Head

Kindle ebook:Kindle 3, Nook 1.4 Going Head to Head
Short comparison between Kindle 3 and Nook 1.4 Going online and getting a free sample of a book. Leafing through pages, how do they compare?

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Kindle iPhone/iPad app updated

download.jpegJust noticed that there is an update to my Kindle app. Here are the details:

Continue downloading books while the app is in the background on iOS 4 devices

Access millions of free and out of copyright books from Project Gutenberg, Internet Archive, and other online sources. Open supported files from Sarari and Mail or use File Sharing in iTunes to transfer files to your Kindle app

Improved image zoom

New book indicator

Bug fixes


Jan. 6 Friends and Neighbors|Lastest Free Ebooks News]

Jan. 6 Friends and Neighbors
E18 Trail Winter hike set for Sunday A series of winter hikes around Story County are planned this year on Sundays through March 13. The next hike will be at 1:30 p.m. Sunday, Jan. 9, at the E18 Trail north of Ames and east of U.S. Highway 69. The 2.5-mile hike will involve a stop at Anderson Canoe Access to see the new trail.
Read more on The Ames Tribune


Wattpad receives private funding

Screen shot 2011-01-10 at 4.09.42 PM.pngFrom the press release:

Riding on the success of 1,216% year-over-year growth in 2009, Wattpad today announced that the company has completed its first round of funding. A consortium of private investors including Harvey Beck and Alan Levine, former co-CEOs of ICOM and Bert Amato, co-founder of Delrina participated in this round.

Wattpad, also known as “YouTube for ebooks + MySpace for writers”, is the world’s most popular ebook community where readers and writers discover, share and connect. The investment will allow Wattpad to capitalize on its leading position in the red hot mobile, social media and ebook sectors.

“Just like YouTube which changed the way we create, watch and share videos, Wattpad is doing the same for books” said Allen Lau, CEO and Co-founder of Wattpad. “We are very excited to be in the leading position of this ebook revolution. The new investment we received will be used to leverage the company’s rapid growth and expand engineering, marketing and business development efforts.”


Wattpad reports record numbers

wattpad_logo_small.jpgFrom their press release:

Wattpad is reporting a record December, seeing a 20 percent growth over November’s traffic and 300 percent more visitors when compared to the previous year. This reading spike resulted in many novels crossing the 1 Million Reads landmark.

The Android app saw the largest percentage of growth, with four times the usage in December as compared to the month before, furthering its gain over the BlackBerry. December also saw an increase overall in minutes spent on the site to 338 Million minutes a month.

The iPhone, iPod and iPad app remains the largest driver of mobile traffic of all devices, accounting for as much traffic as the web.

As Wattpad’s overall numbers grew, many novels and their authors saw exponential traffic increases. The top three books on Wattpad this December were:

1. YA novel “The Adventures of You: Fabulous Terrible” by Sophie Talbot, published by Chooseco, publishers of the Choose Your Own Adventure series.

2. 16 year old Jordan Lynde’s YA novel “A Proscriptive Relationship” which brings her total number of reads to 4.85 Million

3. Historical novel “The Last Dance” by S. Dust which has been read 3.6 Million times


iCade Turns an iPad Into an Arcade Lover’s Dream|Lastest Ipad News]

iCade Turns an iPad Into an Arcade Lover's Dream
Ion Audio's iCade plugs into an iPad and gives gamers a joystick and buttons, allowing arcade games to be played like arcade games.
Read more on PC Magazine via Yahoo! News


Reader apps vs. dedicated book apps

6a00d83452242969e200e55005dca58834-150wi.jpgToday there are typically two ways of publishing and reading ebooks on mobile devices. You either use a reader app, often from a device maker (e.g., Kindle, iBooks) or you use a dedicated app written on that platform for that particular work (e.g., The Elements or Solar System for iPad). Some of those dedicated book apps are terrific but I think they’re a symptom of one of the more significant problems in the world of ebook evolution.

I love it that there’s so much experimentation going on now with apps, but oftentimes they’re one-off’s that require a reinvention of the wheel for each new product. I also hate the fact that we’re creating a bunch of book apps that don’t talk to each another. One of the simple features I’ve been asking for in reader apps is the ability to search across a library. It’s far more likely we’ll see that implemented in the Kindle reader, for example, before we’ll ever see all these individual apps communicating with each other.

What really needs to happen, IMHO, is for the reader apps to evolve much faster than they are today. Apple just added the ability to separate your ebooks into different shelves in the iBooks app. What a concept. The Kindle app has been around much longer than iBooks and it still doesn’t support something as simple as this.

Awhile back I suggested that Amazon ought to get out of the hardware business and focus all their efforts on making their reader app the finest on the planet. Even though they’re not taking that advice, I’ve got a new idea for them to consider: Turn the Kindle apps into open source projects and enlist the help of the community to enhance and improve them. Imagine how many great new features would be implemented in this model. Rather than being limited by the fixed (and apparently small) number of developers assigned to the internal Kindle apps dev team they’d suddently have access to as many developers as they could recruit to the open source project. They could create a world class set of apps and quickly distance themselves from the competition.

Via Joe Wikert’s Publishing 2020 Blog


แนะนำเลือกใช้ eBook โดย Kindle Thai (2/2)

Kindle ebook:แนะนำเลือกใช้ eBook โดย Kindle Thai (2/2)
ทีมงานจาก Kindle thai มาแนะนำให้รู้จักกับเครื่องอ่านหนังสือ ebook หลากรุ่นที่เริ่มเห็นคนไทยนำมาใช้แล้ว


The British Library releases their first smartphone app


Name of App: “Treasures”

The ‘Treasures’ app, will present a rich selection of the items featured in the Library’s Sir John Ritblat Treasures Gallery, providing the opportunity for interaction with the Library’s collections at home, on the move or within the Gallery itself.

Treasures will be available across multiple mobile platforms including iPhone, Android and iPad. It will provide a truly multimedia experience including over 100 of the Library’s greatest collection items, 250 high-definition images, over 40 videos providing expert commentary, textual interpretation for deeper understanding, as well as up to date information about the Library’s current exhibitions.[Clip]

Through the app users will experience an up close and personal experience with some of the Library’s most unique items, such as the first edition of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, the world’s oldest bible Codex Sinaiticus, Nelson’s Battle Plan, written before his victory at Trafalgar, Galileo’s letters and Leonardo Da Vinci’s notebooks.

Literary highlights include Charles Dickens’s handwritten draft of Nicholas Nickleby and Jane Austen’s teenage writings, while key historical documents include 2000-year-old Oracle Bones from China and an original Magna Carta of 1215. The section devoted to music includes manuscript scores from some of the best-known classical composers, such as Handel, Purcell, Mozart and Schubert, alongside hand-written lyrics by The Beatles.

Christian texts include the Lindisfarne Gospels and the Gutenberg Bible. Other faiths are represented by the Golden Haggadah, Sultan Baybars’ Qur’an, and Buddhist, Daoist, Hindu, Sikh and Zoroastrian manuscripts. The scientific documents explore fields such as astronomy, botany, zoology and medicine. They include manuscripts, notebooks and letters that reveal some of the key scientific developments of all time, including Fleming’s discovery of penicillin, and Copernicus’s and Galileo’s findings on the structure of the cosmos.

App is Available for Android, iPhone, iPad, iTouch

Cost: From the iTunes App Store for iPhone (and iPod Touch): UK £2.39 (US .99)

From the Android Marketplace: UK £2.39 (US .99)

Treasures HD
From the iTunes App Store for iPad: UK £3.49 (US .99)

Special Price
Reduced Price for First First Two Weeks (until January 24, 2011). UK £1.19 (US .99) for iPhone and Android smartphones, and UK £2.39 (US .99) for iPad

Introductory Video

Learn More: Here and Here (With Several Still Images)


Death of the paperback|Lastest Kindle News]

Death of the paperback
According to overseas sales figures, about 1 million e-readers like the Apple iPad and Kindle are sold every month. And this year Amazon reported that its sales of e-books overtook hardback sales for the first time.
Read more on Australian Broadcasting Corporation

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