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Some good prices at the new Apple Mac App Store, says TUAW

If you are a Mac person then take a look at this article at The Unofficial Apple Weblog about Mac app pricing.



Kobo set to lead content providers for CES 2011 with Freescale Deal


Good E-Reader is live at CES and its tablet mania here, and who better to lead the content distribution for new devices then Kobo. The company is poised to increase its scope by securing deals with Blackberry and  Freescale’s new Smart Application Blueprint for Rapid Engineering (SABRE) for Tablets based on i.MX53 running Android.  By including the Kobo eReading App, OEMs have a simple path to meeting customer expectations for a compelling tablet reading experience.

Many OEMS turn to Freescale to quickly assist them in manufacturing  cost-efficient tablets that feature powerful performance and processing capabilities. By including the Kobo eReading App, OEMs now have a simple path to meeting customer expectations for a compelling tablet reading experience. The Kobo eReading app will be demonstrated on the i.MX53 prototype in Freescale’s meeting space at the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show.

The new technology to be deminstrated today utilizes Freescale’s new reference design which uses the i.MX53 platform, which enriches the next generation of tablets through 1.2GHz of processing power, 1080P video output and 27 million triangles per second of graphics acceleration all driving a 10.1” 1366×760 LVDS Display with Capacitive Touch. Freescale’s new reference design is targeting availability Q1 2011.

“As the market-leading semiconductor vendor for eReaders and other smart mobile devices, Freescale is closely attuned to the needs of our OEM partners, who must bring to market not only a compelling device but also the right applications, backed by content that suits the tastes and preferences of their customers,” said Ken Obuszewski product marketing director for Freescale’s Multimedia Applications Division “Integrating Kobo’s exceptional eReading experience will help our OEM customers more easily compete and succeed in today’s competitive market.”

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Why Nook sales eclipsed online print sales for Barnes and Noble|Lastest Ebook News]

Why Nook sales eclipsed online print sales for Barnes and Noble
Some people have been surprised that Barnes and Noble online sales figures for print books have fallen behind Nook ebook sales, but there are several concrete reasons why the company's well planned e-reader platform is gaining such momentum.
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eBook Checkouts at Libraries Up 200 Percent in 2010, according to OverDrive


From the press release:

Libraries and schools worldwide were at the forefront of the eBook boom in 2010, as patrons and students downloaded millions of digital books for iPhone®, Android™, Sony® Reader, NOOK™, and personal computers. More than one million new users signed on to access free eBooks, audiobooks, and more from ‘Virtual Branch’ websites last year, resulting in a 200 percent increase in eBook checkouts and a 52 percent increase in audiobook checkouts over 2009. To find eBooks, audiobooks, music, and video titles from a library near you, visit http://search.overdrive.com.


Key statistics for library eBooks, audiobooks, and more from OverDrive-powered digital catalogs include:

  • 718 million book and title catalog pages viewed
  • 15 million digital titles checked out
  • 6.6 billion minutes of spoken word audio downloaded
  • 400,000 copyrighted eBook, audiobook, music, and video titles available to libraries


Library users are able to download eBooks over the air directly to their iPhone®, iPod touch®, and Android™ tablet or phone, in addition to downloads for PC, Mac®, and popular eBook readers. The free OverDrive Media Console apps launched with EPUB eBook support in December 2010 and helped drive new records for library mobile checkouts. OverDrive will release an optimized iPad™ app with eBook support, as well as BlackBerry®, with other platforms in development.

“The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” was the most downloaded adult fiction eBook and audiobook of the year, as Stieg Larsson’s Millennium Trilogy enthralled library customers in 2010. On the adult nonfiction side, Elizabeth Gilbert’s “Eat, Pray, Love” topped the eBook and audiobook charts. Titles from Kathryn Stockett, Malcolm Gladwell, and Chelsea Handler were also among the most downloaded books from the library in 2010. The top five titles in each adult category include:


Most Downloaded Adult Fiction eBooks from the Library (2010)

1.     “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo,” Stieg Larsson, Knopf Doubleday Publishing Group

2.     “The Help,” Kathryn Stockett, Penguin USA, Inc.

3.     “The Girl Who Played with Fire,” Stieg Larsson, Knopf Doubleday Publishing Group

4.     “The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest,” Stieg Larsson, Knopf Doubleday Publishing Group

5.     “The Lost Symbol,” Dan Brown, Knopf Doubleday Publishing Group


Most Downloaded Adult Nonfiction eBooks from the Library (2010)

1.     “Eat, Pray, Love,” Elizabeth Gilbert, Penguin Group USA, Inc.

2.     “Sh*t My Dad Says,” Justin Halpern, HarperCollins

3.     “Outliers,” Malcolm Gladwell, Little, Brown and Company

4.     “SuperFreakonomics,” Steven D. Levitt & Stephen J. Dubner, HarperCollins

5.     “Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang,” Chelsea Handler, Grand Central Publishing


Most Downloaded Adult Fiction Audiobooks from the Library (2010)

1.     “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo,” Stieg Larsson, Books on Tape

2.     “The Help,” Kathryn Stockett, Books on Tape

3.     “The Girl Who Played with Fire,” Stieg Larsson, Books on Tape

4.     “The Lost Symbol,” Dan Brown, Books on Tape

5.     “The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest,” Stieg Larsson, Books on Tape


Most Downloaded Adult Nonfiction Audiobooks from the Library (2010)

1.     “Eat, Pray, Love,” Elizabeth Gilbert, Books on Tape

2.     “Blink,” Malcolm Gladwell, Hachette Audio

3.     “Outliers,” Malcolm Gladwell, Hachette Audio

4.     “Three Cups of Tea,” Greg Mortenson, Tantor Media

5.     “The Tipping Point,” Malcolm Gladwell, Hachette Audio


Monthly ‘Most Downloaded Books from the Library’ lists are also published at http://overdrive.com/mostdownloaded.


FBReader – a great ereader for Linux

images.jpgLinuxInsider has an in-depth review of this program:

FBReader is an e-book reading program that makes it quick and simple to access thousands of free literature titles available on the Internet. It runs on the Linux, Microsoft (Nasdaq: MSFT) Windows and Free BSD platforms. In addition, it runs on various Linux-based mobile devices such as Nokia (NYSE: NOK), Motorola (NYSE: MOT), Sharp and Siemens (NYSE: SI) smartphones. …

A recent release makes FBReader very current. FBReaderJ is a Java-based clone of FBReader that runs on the Android platform. Neither version will let you read DRM (Digital Rights Management)-protected e-books, though. But the FBReader family of apps reads HTML, CHM, Plucker, Palmdoc, OEB, RTF, and FB2 e-book formats.

FBReader also supports direct reading from TAR, ZIP, GZIP, and BZIP2 archives. This ability can be very useful in accessing text and e-book documents stored in compressed file formats.

Thanks to Michael von Glahn for the link.


iPad pretenders to mushroom at fair|Lastest Ipad News]

iPad pretenders to mushroom at fair
What do you call it when you have more than 100,000 people and an elephant in the room?
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Can’t do this with ebooks – bookstore cats

Mental Floss, a great blog, by the way, has a cute article on bookstore cats. I guess ebooks are left out in the cold.

Books and cats go together as well as peanut butter and jelly. You could file them under “things that are nice to curl up with” -at the same time! We featured a list of bookstore cats some time ago, but there are many stores with friendly and attractive cats.


Download Free Comics! (Ebook)

Free ebooks:Download Free Comics! (Ebook)
Download free comics here : disasterfunhouse.blogspot.com | Please click on the blog's ads to contribute. TQVM


A “cannibalized sale” case study: ebooks win, but why?

index.jpgI have long maintained that ‘cannibalized’ sales—the idea that if an ebook was not available, the customer would have bought a book in paper instead—is less an issue than publishers think. I have never bought a hardback novel in my life, even pre-ebook. That sort of publication has always been out of my price range, and if you don’t make the ebook available for me to buy, I’ll simply buy nothing. But what about books which are NOT hardcover fiction? Are cannibalized sales an issue there?

I present, for a case study, a book I purchased yesterday. It’s a financial book by an author who has two very popular television shows here. One of the shows (and a subsequent book, which I have read) was about getting out of debt, and now that my student loan is nearly paid off, I was ready for a sequel about what to do next. Apparently, I was not the only one—I saw yesterday through the author’s blog that she has a new book out on this very topic.

The new book is a trade paperback and was for sale at my local bricks and mortar store for ( after taxes). I stood there yesterday afternoon for a good twenty minutes debating with myself. I suspected there might be an ebook version. But the book had charts and other illustrations; these have tended to look terrible in ebook form, so maybe I’d be better off with the paper. I finally decided that for a book like this, I did prefer the paper and so I purchased it.

Then I went home and did a quick check on Kobo. The book was .99 and I had a 30% off coupon code. Oops! I got it for just over and will be returning the paper copy today. At more than half off, I can live with a few glitchy illustrations!

I think that the whole ‘ebook pricing’ question is always such a battleground because you’re not actually dealing with the issue of a ‘fair price’ in a vacuum: it’s the comparison your customer will inevitably make with whatever their other choices are. A trade paper price when the ebook can be had for a fraction? For the customer, it’s not a hard choice. A new release hardback, for .99 in ebook? Fair enough. A .99 ebook of a mass-market paperback that goes for in stores? For that situation, .99 does not seem as fair.

So, here is the question: why was this book, for me, a cannibalized sale? Was the ebook priced too low—or was the paper book priced too high?


timeforcake: Online find & cool links|Lastest Free Ebooks News]

timeforcake: Online find & cool links
I'd say we've found a keeper. www.ManyBooks.net is a genuine treasure trove for eBook lovers (and avid readers in general). The site offers a whopping 29,000 eBooks for download, is easy to browse, and is filled
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