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Blio partners will Dell

images.jpgAccording to Publishers Weekly, Blio and Dell have hooked up.

Today, the two companies announced that BLIO software will be incorporated into a host of Dell devices, including the Inspiron duo, Dell’s new tablet.

The agreement makes Blio a part of Dell’s Stage user interface, the company’s new way of including content platforms on its devices. Blio will be the e-reading platform behind BookStage, the books portion of the stage interface.


Good e-Reader CES Exclusive – The Samsung Slide Series 7 – Windows 7 Tablet PC

samsung slide 7 series

The Samsung Slide is a throwback to the initial style of tablet computer that had a full external keyboard and then the screen that slid over the keyboard to function as a full interactive tablet computer. The Samsung Slide expands on the old school way of doing tablets with new hardware to bring it more up to date.

The Samsung Slide features 10.1 inch capacitive touch screen with a resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels on a back-lit LCD screen. Its core processor is run on Oak Trail 1.15 GHZ processor and has 2 GB of RAM. For storage it will feature two different models, a 32 Gig model and a 64 Gig edition. You can also further enhance the memory of your Samsung Slide Series 7 via the Micro SD port. It will also have an ambient light sensor to make the screen brighter or dimmer depending on your environment.

For internet connectivity you will have a 802.11b and 3G with WIMAX technology. You will have around 8 hours of battery life and you can further extend it by turning the WI-FI off.

Other features of the device will entail a USB 2.0 port, integrated stereo speakers, HDMI out a 1.3 MP front facing webcam and all being run on the Windows 7 Home Premium OS.

Although this new device was admitted as a late prototype it was supposed to have a button that booted up a custom Samsung launcher. You had neat widgets that were popping up for you to interact with such as a clock, compass, Bing Maps, voice search, and many more. More touch based applications will be available via the Samsung App Manager and Windows Product Scout. Samsung AllShare (preloaded) enables users to control, search, swap, and play videos, photos, and music across a full range of DLNA certified Samsung devices, ranging from cameras and smart phones to TVs and PCs.

Finally, the content distribution system was done by Tribune and had magazines that had animation embedded on the front cover. One of the covers that blew us away was for the current issue of Marie Claire where the model on the front color actually smiled, winked, and moved her head from side to side, then settled back into her natural pose. Amazing.

In terms of price, the product reps that were showing off the demos had no clue, but we heard one of the managers comment that it would be 9.00 and be released in April of 2011.

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Digital Show and Tell in NYC on January 20

logo.gifThis looks like fun. We’ll be there to report on the presentations and what happened. From the BSIG website:

During NYC Digital Show & Tell attendees will “Speed Date” up and coming projects related to e-books, e-readers, digital books and digital content.

HOW IT WORKS: Eight demonstrators will elevator pitch their innovative digital project to a small section of attendees for 5 minutes, strictly timed. Once time is up, the demonstrators will rotate groups until all attendees have had the chance to view all projects. Once the rotation is complete, another eight demonstrators will take the floor.

When all’s said and done, attendees will have “dated” up to 16 exciting new projects!

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iPad Overview P3: iBooks

Ipad ebook:iPad Overview P3: iBooks
*HELLO* - Hey guys, so in this third video of my iPad overview, I give my views and opinions on the iBooks feature of the iPad. iBooks is Apples version of eBooks !


Good e-Reader CES Exclusive – Panasonic companion Tablets for Viera Televisions

panasonic tablet

Panasonic is entering the tablet market market not with the proverbial “iPad killer” but with promoting brand extension between its different devices. The new Panasonic tablet that is currently in development and was showcased as a prototype at the CES was billed as a standalone device, but also seamlessly integrated with the G and V series of Panasonic Viera line of televisions.

Panasonic showed off 3 different companion tablet computers, a 10.1 inch, a 7 inch and and a 4 inch model. They were running on a Google Android 2.1 operating system and the rest of the specs were kept secret because most of the hardware was not finalized and was subject to change.

The essence of these 3 new tablets was to wirelessly connect up to your Panasonic television and via DLNA was able to shoot live video from the tablet to your TV. This was done by only swipeing the video to the top of the screen and it disappeared from the tablet and appeared on the television.

The two Panasonic reps that spoke with us, mentioned that this was their effort not to go after a broad tablet market, but to instead offer their existing customer base a few different options for a tablet that integrated with their television line.

Well, Panasonic is set to fill that void with a range of tablet PC’s which they have named VIERA, which also is the brand name shared by the popular range of televisions sets that the Japan based company manufacturers. In fact, the new upcoming tablets are not just sharing the name with the TV series but is also likely to be an extension of the TV as well. May be it can even be considered the next generation of remote control for the TVs but is offering much more than just allowing one to define how their their televisions should behave.

One of the more interesting facets on these new tablets was a custom SDK for Android that Panasonic is developing and will integrate the applications with the tablets to all work in tandem with the TV’s. For instance we talked a bit about USB and bluetooth external keyboards, as well as other dongle hardware for 3G to be compatible with the device to enhance the tablets usage in the home and create more features. They also mentioned their intention on having a series of applications that were able to be both be loaded on the TV, and the tablet.

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A new kind of hello, by Brian O’Leary

images.jpgNow is the winter of my desk content, and I have been trying to catch up on some overdue reading.

In November 2010, Forrester published the results of an e-book survey, “eBook Buying is About to Spiral Upward”. The full report is available for 9, and author James McQuivey offers a helpful summary that can be downloaded for free.

The survey first tried to establish how readers get books today. Asked “In which of the following ways have you acquired a book in the past six months?”, those responding most often said “A friend gave/loaned me a book” (50%).

The next most frequent answer was “Got a book from the public library” (38%). Chain bookstores (38%) and Amazon (28%) were third and fifth on the list, with “Found an older book in my personal collection” (28%) coming between them.

So three of the four most likely ways someone gets a book are: loan, borrow or revisit – not buy. This got me thinking about digital books.

If the Forrester survey holds up, and it does feel right, the way we most often acquire books doesn’t mesh well with how e-books are sold. Most e-book files and services have not been configured to readily support giving away or loaning digital content.

There are some limited exceptions: you can share books across devices linked to a common Amazon account, for example. But doing that gives someone access to every book in your collection. You’re probably going to be careful about who you offer that option.

There have also been some recent efforts to let readers lend e-books once, but retailers like Amazon are slow to expand the service. Publishers don’t care that much for used books and libraries.

Still, publishing benefits when people want to read. “Fewer people read these days” is a meme, but what if the move to locked-down digital content was part of the problem?

That is to say: If sharing books is part of what encourages us to want to read them, then not being able to share books risks reducing the size of the market we’re organized to serve.

In various forums, I’ve made the claim that the challenge for editors is migrating from determining what will be published to figuring out how what is published will be discovered. If two of the main ways people acquire content involves lending or borrowing, e-books may need to find a new kind of hello.


About Town|Lastest Free Ebooks News]

About Town
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Kobo adds 175K Education, Technical and Reference PDFs

Kobo_Logo.pngFrom the press release:

… today introduced more than 175,000 PDFs geared towards education and self-education for much less than the cost of a textbook. Content is in digital PDF format and is available to download and read through the Kobo Desktop Application, on Kobo eReaders, and for users of Adobe Digital Editions software. Kobo boasts a comprehensive selection of informational PDF content, including:

· Medical texts and dictionaries

· Economics and business manuals

· Technical manuals

· Academic and scientific texts

… Over 2,000 participating publishers have provided titles, including Prentice-Hall, McGraw-Hill, Blackwell, Palgrave, The World Bank, Springer, Financial Times Press, Routledge, and university presses including Cambridge, Yale, Wharton, Harvard Business School, Rutgers and many, many more. Kobo’s most popular PDFs include titles from the business, health and marketing categories ….


Good e-Reader Exclusive – Live Video of the new Motorola Xoom Tablet PC



By Michael

motorola xoom

In this Good e-Reader Video we are live from CES and took a look at the new Motorola Xoom Android 3.0 Tablet PC! We get a hands on preview of the scrollable widgets, 360 hardware preview, Google eBooks, Scrollable 3D Youtube Videos and a full Android 3.0 preview of the new Motorola Xoom.

Incase you have not heard the Motorola Xoom is the first big tablet offering from telecommunications giant Motorola. It features a 10.1 inch screen and resolution of around 1280×800 pixels and a Nvidia Tegra 2 dual-core processor. It has 1 GB of RAM and will support around 10 hours of video playbook, it can play video via DLNA to an external computer/screen and HDMI support. It also supports Adobe Flash 10.1 right out of the box, and comes with a two-megapixel front-facing and a five-megapixel back-facing camera. This new Google Android 3.0 Honeycomb tablet will be on 3G at first with no SIM card needed and will have integration for Verizon’s 4G LTE network. Motorola has scheduled release of the gadget for the first quarter of the year.

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Disney has delivered 1 million iOS book apps

index.jpgThat’s what TUAW is reporting:

Parents must be finding it easier than ever to keep kids in the backseat distracted — Disney Publishing has hit 1 million downloads of its Disney Book Apps for the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.

Disney Publishing has 9 book apps on the App Store, all of which have been seen in the top 10 paid book apps since the iPad debuted in April. Four of the apps are currently listed in the Top 10 in the iTunes App Store Books category, with Toy Story Read-Along in the Top 5 Book Apps in 35 countries.

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