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That $89 Kindle-2 Black Friday special – Amazon explains. New $100 gift card-a-day. Update.

Amazon has a "Gold Box" Forum on its Amazon-forums area for announcements and discussions on its Gold Box and "Lighting Deals" plus any other specials they have running at any time.  Amazon made the above status announcement almost 2 hours after the Special began (and ended, which was within about one second for many).

For those who can't read the graphic used at the top of this blog article, here's a quote of that announcement from that specific message thread (you may need to try this link twice for it to work to get to the forum thread).

'                   Initial post: Nov. 26, 2010 10:55 AM PST
Amazon.com Gold Box Team says:

Our Kindle 2 for deal is sold out.  Amazon Lightning Deals are limited time deals that can sell out very fast.  We had thousands available and unfortunately they sold out very quickly.

- The Gold Box Team '

It was all pretty confusing, as you'll see from the 465 notes up when I did the screen-capture above.
  I did buy a couple of Black Friday items in the middle of the night (when there was not much competition, I was happy to see), and learned at that time how the Kindle deal would not even be seen on the Black Friday page unless you knew what category to mark within the Lighting Deals box at the top of that page, and then it appeared after you selected the category for "Kindle" rather than "Electronics."  At about 4am I saw that the Kindle-2 deal had a countdown to be 'available' in 5 hours or so.  (People have reported having hovered over that countdown for some time before the release time.)  Then I wrote an alert at the top right of the blog so people could get to the Kindle deal more quickly, from what I'd just learned.

  You'll see the alert at the right, but I've now changed the general Black Friday week notice, and I hope their servers can handle the load much better than they did the Kindle deal early this morning when far too many people who clicked on the Kindle item as it changed to "Available" (mouses hovering over it until then) were not able to get the item added to their carts at all or if they did, it seemed to disappear because only 2 minutes were allowed to complete the deal.  There were other snafu's reported due to hung Amazon pages and customers' inexperience with the 'deals' pages as well.

  Amazon mentions 'thousands' of Kindle 2's were included, without being more specific than that, for reasons that elude me.  Their new subsidiary Woot! is more forthcoming than that and even provides statistics.  I hope they can learn from that new company.

THE NEWER "FREE 0 Gift Card"-a-Day Giveaway at Amazon Kindle Facebook, 29 remaining.
As for the Facebook alerts from its official "AMAZON KINDLE" team on Facebook, maybe a few reading might benefit from their latest offer at their Facebook "Wall", which has the following message at the top:

' Amazon Kindle
Congratulations to the first winner of the Amazon Kindle 0 Gift Card-A-Day Holiday Giveaway. http://amzn.to/gZLv8X. If you haven't entered yet, we still have 29 more FREE 0 Gift Cards to give away.  Enter for a chance to win! http://on.fb.me/f4qxqE '

And, better luck on that one !  It's their new offering to help people know about their Facebook presence, which is how many companies are interacting a bit more directly (one hopes) with the general public or the rest of their customers who are online but who don't go to the Amazon forums.
Update - I added the links to this a bit later.

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