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Kindle DX screen rotation demo

Kindle ebook:Kindle DX screen rotation demo
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  1. I am a kindle repair technician and I decided to buy a kindle after working on them.

  2. I simply don’t understand everyone’s anger toward Amazon over the Kindle. I wouldn’t buy a DX, it’s too expensive, but I’m certainly not pissed off at them. I just won’t be buying one.

  3. Guys, the Kindle is the best thing for books. I know it’s expensive but after awhile, the price will even out if you keep buying books or if you use Kindle.

  4. i wanna buy kindle DX, BUT IT’S TOOOOO EXPENSIVE FOR ME!!!

  5. That thing is huge! Its like carrying around a tray from mcdonalds around with you. forget that. I will read my books the old fashioned way first. screw you amazon!

  6. OOOORRR, read from your laptop. Which is better than this piece of crap right here. This is plain stupid, iPhone costs less and it has book readers (there are apps for that on iPhone).

    And native PDF support. And screen rotation. And fits your pocket. And you can zoom.

    This is something they should have done in 1990, now is 2009.

    TOO LATE JEFF. Go back to 1999.

  7. So get a book light. Book light + e-ink screen will be better for your eyes in the long run.

  8. But i like to read in the dark!

  9. Thank you. That is exactly how I feel.

  10. built in back light is exactly what you do not need if you are planning to read for hours. The kindle is the closest thing as regular paper available in an electronic device. Have you hear of people saying that they can’t read from the monitor because the get their eyes tired? They need to read from “normal” old fashioned books. The kindle puts a stop to that complaint.

  11. Yep, whatever happened to creating a road map for your customers so that they know what you’re doing, and properly plan their purchases out. Blew 360 on Kindle 2 sixty days ago, but never would’ve done it had I known this was less than 8 weeks away because larger screen and PDF support is exactly what #2 is missing and what one would’ve expected in 2010, not 8 weeks later. Never have I seen a company screw over buyers of their product like this.

  12. 489.00 for the abilty to rotate your screen and carry a even bigger e-reader? Dont take this the wrong way Amazon but fuck you!

  13. I don’t think it’s built to last,

    Btw will you be conducting the drop test on this item?

    I think i will stick to my laptop, it’s got built in backlight!

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