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Apple iPad Review – iBooks and Kindle eBook applications for iPad

Kindle ebook:Apple iPad Review - iBooks and Kindle eBook applications for iPad
www.mobilityminded.com In this review of the Apple iPad I will show you the real user experience of two possible eBook / eReader applications that are available on the Apple iPad. The new iBooks application from Apple and the already existing but updated for iPad Kindle application.

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  1. I’ve never really liked reading books until I got the Ipad!

  2. @mardfet yep, as far as I know it does

  3. Does the Ipad work with all iPod touch apps?

  4. this drove me nuts the entire video.

  5. @sugarton
    No. It gives you a good amount of pages though.

  6. Very nice review. Like your voice–it’s cute and pleasant.

  7. Only paper books !

  8. Nice review, thanks man! Maybe gonna buy it.

  9. 2 Stupid Rich Bitches )

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  11. I have one question. If you get the sample of the book, do you still get the full version of the book you’ve downloaded?

  12. can you buy etextbooks for like collage?

  13. i bought windows 7 all in one $17 book for ibook it loads slow something i did wrong my ipad is original and not jailbroken only 10 days old from best buy. when i make fonts bigger it takes about 30 sec to 1 min to expand multiple pages

  14. @KaTzaNdSTuFf Don’t know how much help this would be but, i bought a book via itunes, on my pc, in preparation for my hopefully coming soon ipad, and it worked, i can not open it, but it ts there on itunes, so i would try it out.

  15. Can you buy books off the iTunes? Because my iPod is one that has the stupid thing where it wont connect to internet properly.

  16. This suit isa Black!

  17. @mobilityminded yeah, i dont think thats good. i would like to be able to buy iBooks from itunes and then sync directly to iPhone,iPad,iPod

  18. Aleanca e suposiss i Kosovo naynn iBooks :(

  19. how are the prices on most of the books? Are they expensive or are they like the book you downloaded, $6.99?

  20. thanks for the video..here you can download unlimitedly eBooks

  21. Awesome review

  22. Thank you for this video, it actually pushed me to finally go buy my ipad last week and I couldn’t be happier. Check out the link in my profile for free, legal, unlimited ebook downloads for your ipad.

  23. Reading on the ipad is awesome, I love the free books you get its really made reading easer for me as I didn’t want to lug a book around with me all day. And having it on an ipad that i get free isn’t bad ether.

  24. @Doggieangel100 WiFi

  25. Are you running this on WiFi or 3g?

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