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Amazon Kindle EBook Reader

Kindle ebook:Amazon Kindle EBook Reader
Check out the Kindle here: www.amazon.com This is less a "pros and cons" review than a hopefully useful commentary about the Kindle compared with other eReaders and what it means for the eBook industry. (I believe that everything has changed with the Kindle's creation.) For many...

Kindle ebook:Product review: Amazon Kindle ebook reader
Feel the gadget love and turn on to ebooks. Use this Amazon Kindle product review to help you decide which device to use. Free fantasy ebook *Kindle compatible* at www.braveluck.com

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  1. ipad my dude.

  2. Fuck the Kindle. iPad took over :D

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  4. @rubbermaid224455 NO! Get the iPad!

  5. fuck cnet, they seriously don’t know shit about shit.

  6. wow i want this thing cause i love to read

  7. @Braveluck No no, it’s still useful to me too. I like to see what people think of the older version of it. I don’t think I would like the newer ones as much. They took out the SD slot and the replaceable battery option. The newer one also seems like you have to think more about where the buttons are when you’re reading as well.

    Still, you might want to try out the newer ones if they’re in a store on display or something; see how you like them

  8. I realize this review is a dated now, but I suppose still of use to anyone who wants a closer look at what an ebook reader is like. No, I have not upgraded to a newer Kindle model, but I hear that people like them.

  9. Did you end up going to the Kindle 2 or DX? What do you think of them compared to this one? (if, of course you got one/both of them). I think I will like this one more because of the battery access and the sd slot

  10. @infinitdesire Yes, you pay for the device and the books, although there are some that are free. As I said, the wireless connection part is not something you will be billed for. I think Kindle now serves other countries outside the U.S. but be careful your country has service through Amazon Kindle before buying. Also check on any possible wireless fees outside the U.S. I not personally familiar with its use outside U.S. so just make sure you have the details for your country.

  11. hello Braveluck thanks for the good review . . umm i dont really get the downloading books part . . .i mean we dont pay for it so does that mean me pay for the books when we’re buying it? cuz im considering it and im not in U.S. so might order . . .

  12. buy a cheap laptop for the same price, and pay to buy the text on a website online, plus you can do a lot more.

  13. you can’t view pictures on the kindle.

  14. This review is of the first Kindle model. They are probably only available used now because new models have come out. A brand new one would cost $250 to $300. As for Manga, you could check at Amazon to see if there are any Manga products available for Kindle.

  15. nice vid =]
    I might get this for christmas
    this is the 1st one?
    How much is this?
    Oh and one more question
    can you read manga on it?

  16. i’m really thinking to buy i, but the price is just too much for mee

  17. Way over priced imo. I would pay 100$ tops. 140$ with wireless but I’d never use that.

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  19. Really nice gadget but the price is an instant killer for most people. I personally will wait for Amazon to drop down the price.

  20. How easy is it to search the amazon store as opposed to just browsing?

  21. I realize I did not actually address that aspect. I personally find reading on the Kindle or the Sony device to be quite comfortable. I do not experience eye strain. I can read by a small lamp by my bed or in the full sunshine. For me, I find ebooks just as engaging as paper books.

  22. Nice review. But what is it like to read a book on a Kindle?

  23. Yes, the price (roughly $350 to $400) is high! I think the wireless capability adds to the cost on this product, but it is a gadget that many people want and those who have them like them.

  24. when I first seen this product (I loved it) then I seen the price!

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