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The Best NEW Reader for the IPAD! – Reeder Review – AppJudgment

Ipad ebook:The Best NEW Reader for the IPAD! - Reeder Review - AppJudgment
Is this the holy grail for iPad RSS readers? BESOCIAL! Share this video! Get Free App Updates Daily - Subscribe! www.youtube.com AppJudgment Homepage revision3.com Twitter twitter.com Facebook facebook.com Eileen on Twitter twitter.com Graham on Twitter twitter.com ABOUT APPJUDGMENT With hundreds of apps to choose from for your iPhone, Android or whatever smartphone you may have, how do know what's worth the download? AppJudgment is your daily source for mobile phone app reviews and previews!

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  1. There are a lot to choose from when in comes to rss readers for the ipad. This one is one of the best, but still i’m not sure which one will be the most optimal decision…

  2. Can i add like blogs and stuff?

  3. bit cold for an RSS feeder…. early edition and pulse are tops for me just because they’re pushing it!

  4. I wish there were more RSS reader apps and reviews that considered people who have hundreds of feeds. I have about 1200 last I checked, all categorized and tagged. I don’t surf the internet, the internet comes to me. I laughed when I read that Pulse has a limit of 20 feeds. WTF.

  5. Early edition is the best RSS iPad app, and I don’t have to mark feed complete. It feels like your reading a news paper.

  6. @zedanemilio Hey Eileen here – It’s called “The Element” from totaldesktopsolutions

    I have the iPhone stand, which is why the iPad wobbles a bit during our demos. But there is a iPad stand available.

  7. I use Cruml on my Mac and I would love to see this reader come to the iPad and iPhone. I think I will give Reeder a go and see what it is like, despite paying for the app twice. Excellent review

  8. graham has the best haircut.

  9. thanks for the review.. im gonna check out this app now!

  10. hey whats the brand of your ipad stand?

  11. i love Newsrack!

  12. Reeder is by far the best on the iPhone and the iPad. I checked out Pulse and it is a bit more visual and not nearly as well thought out as Reeder. It’s still a nice app, though.

    As for the non-universal binary, I think it’s a better deal for customers that would rather just have the iPhone or the iPad app instead of paying $10 for both. A la carte is always welcome.

  13. 4th oh yea

  14. interesting app

  15. Cool app

  16. first!

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