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Loaded: Afternoon Edition: It’s not TV. It’s Google TV

Ipad ebook:Loaded: Afternoon Edition: It's not TV. It's Google TV
Apple capitulates on its "no cash" policy for the iPad, the Sesame Street e-book store launches, and Google TV is not called Smart TV after all. It's just plain old Google TV.

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  1. I wanna now price form Google TV.

  2. Interesting that Apple has capitulated on it’s “no cash policy”. I also found out that you can’t use your iTunes credit balance or iTunes gift cards to buy an iPhone. Isn’t Apple and iTunes the same company.

  3. Yes Apple TV does have everything with a hack named ATVFlash. I am not saying that one is better then the other because I want both & I am just saying that I already have the old Apple TV & yes it is lame if you leave it plain & stock, but if you want to see it play streams like from torrent’s & streams by using an app in boxee named Navi-X V1.0. It plays all of my ripped dvd’s,plays a ton of different Vid&Aud formats.It has youtube,Boxee,XBMC,firefox,flash.Add USB Hub,Wireless Keyboard Etc.

  4. Apple TV doesn’t even have live TV… heck the new one doesnt even have a hard drive… its just a box that allows streaming from itunes, there is no comparison here

  5. @mrfresh1121 all apple tv does is stream content from your pc, mac, and itunes accounts to your tv. yes you can also get boxee and xbmc, but not legally. besides boxee and xbmc lost their hulu app for not showing any of the ads AROUND the video, and sponsers got mad and forced hulu to take legal action. Google tv will be allowed to have a hulu app because when you search it will lanuch the full web page.

  6. @mrfresh1121 true but those were products where Google had no practice. Things like social networking. but they did get one thing right: and that’s search. this is basically the same thing. a (hopefully) inexpensive content aggregator for web video viewable in the convenience and resolution that an HDTV provides

  7. lawsuit.
    you might have to record an lawsuit in the superior court. but hurry!! xdxdxd

  8. @signofdevil666

    I have heard of Boxee, why? because I used on my AppleTV. I never heard of the Yahoo one though.

    Actually I don’t see as a huge success, Google constantly fails: Google Answers, The Wannabe Twitter thing they have, Google Video before they bought youtube, to name a few!

  9. if no one copied others we’d all be driving around in fords with top speeds of 30 mph

  10. @mrfresh1121 no google tv came from some un heard of projects like boxee and yahoo go tv to name a few these products never got any attention but with google behind it i see it as a real sucess

  11. @goodoldjam My point was about Google copying Apple, not Apple copying others. I have never heard of Apple copying others so I won’t comment on that. I have however heard of Microsoft and Google copying. Google especially, with their Yahoo Answers wannabe, their Twitter wannabe, even their YouTube wannabe before they bought it.

    It is obvious that Google’s idea of the GoogleTV came from AppleTV. And yes Apple isn’t capable of doing some of the GoogleTV features, but it can be hacked to do so.

  12. @mrfresh1121 You can’t copy Apple because Apple was copying Open source projects that have been around for quite awhile (XBMC). Only reason they created AppleTV was to sell stuff off Itunes. Only reason i would buy the Box is to load XBMC on it.

  13. yoo sold ill take 800 ven twatters out how much oggyes cheep yoo g i kool peaceee

  14. Haha, she said, “Get loaded.”


  15. @mrfresh1121 copying and try to improve it :D

  16. Thank you Cdnet!

  17. @mrfresh1121 they’re not copying apple. Apple TV and Google TV are completely different products with completely different capabilities. Apple is the one lacking creativity in this area- Apple TV is extremely lacking comparatively.

  18. Google is turning into Microsoft, they are just copying everything Apple does. What happened to creativity?

  19. @fredrico21 Not a smart post when you’re second. :)

  20. I noticed the “story” about Apple accepting cash was longer than both of Google’s huge announcements.

  21. thats all we need, google spying on what we watch.

  22. @yoaznnigga lol

  23. id like to load her with my dick

  24. aww cmon… load me with fun and interesting stuff…

  25. better than apple youi can run andorid !

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