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iPad Vs. Kindle 2: eReader Showdown

Ipad ebook:iPad Vs. Kindle 2: eReader Showdown
Comparing the eReader capabilities of the Apple iPad and Amazon Kindle 2. TechnoBuffalo: technobuffalo.com Follow me on twitter: cuthut.com InsideJonsMind: cuthut.com

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  1. Great review. Looks like there are 98 die hard kindle owners that disagree with you:). I agree this is a no brainer. I imagine when colored tv’s first came out there were a lot of people with B&W’s firmly believing they had the superior product. Personally I am going to go with the depth of the ipad over a one trick pony.

  2. I don’t feel that the iPad and Kindle are anywhere near in the same category. The Kindle is an eReader. The iPad is a tablet COMPUTER. It’s a bit unfair to compare the two. Thats like comparing a jumbo jet and a hammer at which is better at hanging a picture.

  3. so i can get a stone which is huge you cant put in pocket costs 500-700$ when i can get a small fit in the pocket lightweight kindle for 200$

  4. I love how people are getting defensive over the kindle. Haha.

  5. @Ozzah I agree. Apple should not be marketing the iPad as a reader AT ALL. I love Kindle. It’s so thin that I can slip it right into my laptop case with my laptop, so I have 1000x the functionality of iPad with my MacBook Pro and that beautiful digital ink for reading on the bus or where ever.

    Kindle 3>Kindle 2>a real physical book>iPad

  6. @AlexGaimari Jobs has basically said that the iPad is for the computer retarded.

  7. Unsolicited Advice: Whenever you find yourself using a phrase like “go ahead” as much as you say “go ahead” it’s a good indication that you should probably make a conscious effort to not use that phrase at all. It’s verbal pollution.

  8. @AlexGaimari so the lower IQ guys are richer than the higher ones .

  9. @Ozzah the kindle is 0.00% as app amount, 0.01% speed, useless when u try to read something in the dark, gives u sleepiness, boredom of reading only ability.

  10. @AlexGaimari I brought the ipad just to lower my IQ…..too higher IQ for my own good, lol (by the way this is just a joke :) )

  11. Reading the iPad in the dark will irritate your eyes. Honestly, more than 15 minutes and it is pointless.

    For reading: Kindle – IPad

    There is nothing I need the iPad for…I have an Xbox 360 with Live, IPhone 4 and Kindle 3.

    iPad does nothing for me.

    You fanboys make Jobs very happy….you should be proud.

  12. hey look, my PC has many more functions than this pure paper book I have here. But guess what? A book is a SPECIALIZED DEVICE for reading. And its much better to read on a book than a PC, despite the fact I can play FIFA Soccer on the PC.

    Same with Kindle and IPad. If what you want is SERIOUS READING, go for the KINDLE.

  13. @Ozzah but if i had to pay, i would def get ipad, because of all the internet and such

  14. can you have school textbooks in the ipad?

  15. Kindle is ebook reader and iPad is not ebook reader, it just can read.

  16. @Ozzah the Ipad has way more apps.

  17. @Ozzah I own both an iPad and a Kindle 3. I have been enjoying carrying the Kindle around and reading. Its light making it easy to hold and carry. The e-ink screen is easy is a pleasure to read.

    You know already that the iPad is a multimedia machine and 100x more powerful than a Kindle. You sound like an asshole with all your comparisons.

  18. @Ozzah ipad has kindle store. it does not have “less than 13% as many books.” it has the same the kindle store has.

  19. @Ozzah remember that the ipad can do email, has find my ipad, has color, full multi-touch, better usage in the dark, not to mention its just more user friendly. Just my thoughts

  20. Being able to read books on an iPad is just an advantage … it is not its sole purpose … where as kindle is made for reading books … so Kindle is obvious winner … but ipad can do many more things which kindle cannot do … both devices are awesome … depends upon the usability …. besides … kindle is way to cheap and I think is worth every penny you spent ….

  21. @AlexGaimari Oh, I get it.. You CAN’T afford an ipad so it automatically has to suck for you..

  22. @mardukt claro, solo que el uso de el kindle es leer, solo eso, y haz eso en el ipad y a los 15 minutos te enrojece los ojos, el kindle es como papel

  23. el ipad lo analea tremendamente

  24. why the fuck am i watching this how did i get here? youtube you motherfucker.

  25. @Ozzah ok dont take this offencevly i was dared to say this to my mates choice of use he dared me to go to a random user and say fuck you sorry

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