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iPad Pros & Cons w/ IGN’s Scott Lowe

Ipad ebook:iPad Pros & Cons w/ IGN's Scott Lowe
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  1. Basically “user friendly” is the key here. It’s just freakin easy and smooth to use. As for the price, nowadays that we compare it to other tablets not only it’s not expensive but it’s actually cheap.

  2. ipad is cool come on! it’s just tht it’s a bit expensive
    really i rathr have thisone than ipod touch

    0:58 almost make it fall lol

  3. Man all I have is an IPod classic!!! :/

  4. @aoescool That sounds like something a guy who has no knowledge about the IPad whatsoever would say.

  5. @Spanky00Cheeks guess what ipad is getting a phone and a camera ahahah so it is just a big ipod

  6. No DVD player or CD Player
    No USB, so cannot connect any external devices, flash drives, memory sticks, mobile phones, NO FILE TRANSFER FROM DEVICES!!
    No bluetooth file transfer.
    No way of printing to a normal printer.
    No Webcam, no skype.
    No multitasking
    Only 64gb of storage.

    As a communication device it seems to really hate the outside world lol

  7. Cenk you were wrong about the Ipad being in trouble

  8. @aoescool Yeah, it does do the same thing as the iPod Touch. It just does it better. xD

  9. I pad is not a computer

  10. So Apple has made NOTEpad for NOTEbook that’s not included in the device…

  11. By the end of feb i will have another money to get the 32gb wifi+3g ipad but i was wondering since i have a 8GB i pod touch do i really need that amount as most of the memory is used up by apps and music nothing else so is it pointless getting the 32GB of should i just get the 16GB and save some money. Help would be very helpful many thanks

  12. Jesus, watch the videos, check the reviews, check the features and BUY IT IF YOU WANT.

    It DOESN’T MATTER if your best friend thinks its just an ipod touch and a waste of money, or your brother thinks you should get a laptop.Do your research BUY WHATEVER YOU WANT!


  13. Pff who needs 3G on his iPad? Just tether from your android phone :D

  14. I need help i really want ipad but im not sure.. can anyone give me points or suumthing cuz i really need help ;D

  15. THIS IS A WASTE OF MY 10 MINS…. I need REAL limitations… REAL cons for my paper… and the two hosts… REALLY? ASK REAL QUESTIONS!!!
    Lack of Flash, is a con. Regular software that you cannot use on the ipad is a limitation. Unstable 3rd party apps… why dont you ask microsoft why their OS is unstable?? REALLY – DO SOME RESEARCH!! Maybe even not coming with headphones~ NOT CRASHING NETFLIX app, which has never happened to me btw!

  16. who´s complaining about the camera? would you see yourself taking the iPad too a.e. to the zoo and taking a picture in public with this huge thing? i would look embarrasing to me….

  17. this has to be the best ipad review i have watched on YouTube, I’m subscribing.

  18. @aoescool who uses cd’s anymore?

  19. @trlkly I’m not making fun!
    Itouch is not a real product! I just hate people that make up new names for stuff!

  20. I’m just surprised that he didn’t mention that lack of Flash. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t include at least some Flash in their Internet browsing. (And, no, I’m not counting Flash ads.)

  21. @TheSwitijs iTouch is a common name for the iPod Touch. If you don’t know this, you probably are well enough acquainted with the products to be making fun of people.

  22. I watch youngturks on my iPad all the time.

  23. I would get the cheaper one if I am able to put college text books on it. It would cut the cost for the text if u didn’t have to buy the paper so the ipad would pretty much pay for itself in the long run. But for now I’m happy with my ipad nano :) .

  24. Good Review, I would say the same, it cannot and will not replace your laptop or desktop computer. It is purely a luxury item, I’ve gotten the opportunity to use it myself, it is a fun experience no doubt, but again I mean its more of a want then a need.. And as the guy mentioned the price range is far too high, you could get a full blown Core i3 (Dual Core) Laptop in the same price range, or even cheaper if you go for AMD laptops.. you could do about the same and so much more on a laptop..

  25. Ok I just watched this on my iPad, and I disagree with most of what they just said. I haunt had any those problems. The wifi is fast er than my dads laptop, or my brothers iPhone. Also it is basically just a giant iPod touch. The only difference is that it can run the netflix app, and it’s easier to type on.

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