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eBooks store for iPAD – GETTYBOOK.com

Ipad ebook:eBooks store for iPAD - GETTYBOOK.com
Gettybook provides publishing free of your ebooks. It's a Marketplace and a Social Network for all writers and readers. Out April 20th 2010! www.gettybook.com

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  1. Now is in beta test

  2. @agibby5 because there’s a dubbing! :)

  3. I’m pretty confused as to why the persons lips dont match the audio ;)

  4. Gettybook will be released on April 20th 2010!

  5. i’am writer. I would like to publish in your site. When is open???

  6. very nice, the revolution of publishing!

  7. lovely!!! :-) when it’s online????

  8. very nice video

  9. Good job!!

  10. Gettybook… sounds like GettyImage!!

    Hehe :P

  11. Wow.. but, how does it works?
    Have I to buy credits or what?

    Waiting for it :)

  12. Nice job guys ^^ innovative

  13. yes..

    we have many categories and sub-categories inside our portal!

  14. I wanted to know: also ebook of technical and scientific content?

  15. Sure man..
    All details will be online on 20th April!

    Thanks for visiting!

  16. Cool!!!

    I’m waiting for it!!
    Just a question…can we upload manuals or other kind of contents?


  17. Very nice!!!

    Finally we Authors have a Social Network too!!!
    I like it!!

    Waiting for it!! :)

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