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$35 tablet/laptop review (HD)

Ipad ebook: tablet/laptop review (HD)
This tablet computer was unvield by India earlier this year. this is the world's cheapest tablet computer only for and the makers of the this tablet are working very hard to bring down its price as low as . it works on android OS. Many people said it will never exist including this arcticle from a very well known magazine called 'PCworld.' [ tiny.cc ]. this tablet will be out within the next year or so will be first given to well know universities in India and we are hoping that it comes to other parts of world as well. Rit now it is just a prototype but I am really looking forward to the finished model of this device.

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  1. I would use this to watch something while I take a shit.

  2. It would make a good paper weight…

  3. this video is sped up

  4. @RohanTechTV i believe we can..im sure there would be other versions with a little higher price with all that features..

  5. @RohanTechTV probably not cause its like an extremely slow computer.. all it can do is surf the internet ,we can do some homework (like working with word) and u can watch some videos… I think it is more than eough for it do this what else can you expect from a $35 piece of technology

  6. wonder if its any good for graphic editing/drawing and stuff

  7. @andrerieu100 it wont be availble to normal public I think – at least not till 2011 or may be 2012

  8. where can you get one?

  9. Review of the device before it’s release proudly paid for by the Indian government.

  10. @trmccrae and yes you can get it you are in IIT (indian institute of technology) in 2011… LOL

  11. @trmccrae well, it hasnt been released yet and will not be until 2012 i think…

  12. Wher can i buy 7 of these tablet?

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