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10.2″ Windows 7 Powerhouse ipad apad epad gpad killer! video 2

Ipad ebook:10.2" Windows 7 Powerhouse ipad apad epad gpad killer! video 2
Email [email protected] and I will tell you where to go to get this unit for as low as 5 shipped.

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  1. @mazinais31 this has an onscreen keyboard and it is simply amazing!
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  2. so what it is is a netbook without the keyboard…
    how useful….

  3. Is this a Revosys XRS100 Ultra-Slim?

  4. can u fo on oovoo

  5. @damjampad9 its a tablet not a gaming comp!

  6. what brand is this??

  7. I need to buy a case for mine as it didn’t come with one. Anyone know where to buy them? ……can’t seem to find them.

  8. @TabletsTechnologies 1.6GHz single core a powerhouse?

  9. @ankit252248 ePad prolly

  10. what brand this product is of?

  11. @matthias2986 I have one of these and it reads my 16 gb cards, I don’t think there is a limit, I am not sure because I don’t have any cards bigger than 16 gb. I also know that it reads my external 320 gb hardrive also. Hope this helps. I love this device.

  12. will this device only read cards up to 8GB? i read some specs someplace saying reads up to 8GB that is kind of low if you ask me, i cant imagine that being the truth.

  13. HDMI output? not so worried about the keyboard issue, i have a rather small wireless keyboard and the fact that this device runs on windows i would imagine no issues in that department, if i needed to type more then a sentence or two i could just bust out the wireless keyboard =D

  14. i have to agree that this is a great device though the g-sensor is not as good as the epad you can buy from ebay for under $200

  15. Try playing counter strike

  16. @jscollins1 I have no idea how to program the home button, mine works as an enter button. When loading, I can use the brightness rocker to select options, safe mode, normal mode etc.
    These tablets don’t come with very detailed instructions nor can I find any manuals online, very limited info for a tablet with tons of features. I guess you would have to ask the company you purchase the tablet from.
    Overall if you work in windows, it is a great device & you will love it. “P.S. get the 2 gig ram

  17. @mdtrue ok thanks, but how is that button programmed?

  18. @jscollins1 that is incorrect. The volume rocker on the left turns up & down the brightness. The home button can be programed to do other things, however changing programs is not one of them. Because this is Windows, with full multitask, minimize, restore, move windows around (think about it there is never one button to close a program in windows)
    Please don’t think of it as an Ipad or Android tablet, completely different.
    This is windows with all its Positives & “negatives”.

  19. @mdtrue from what I understand the “home” button is programmable to do different things. It comes setup to bring up the brightness control. Can it be setup to close what ever is opened and bring you back to the desktop? How do I customize this button?

  20. @jscollins1 it has the same type of charger as a laptop or netbook. I use a 12vdc – 110 ac power inverter.
    The battery realistically last pretty long depending on use. Playing videos online or otherwise uses the most power. I would say about 2 hours max. I take mine to show designs to customers and recharge in the car. Just like my laptop… I am never really far from an power outlet. Don’t expect to go camping & watching movies. Not gonna happen. I still love it. Tablet Laptop!

  21. what kind of battery does it have? and how long does it run on one charge in real life?

  22. @ mdtrue what kind of charger does this take? I’m trying to find a car charger for it. Any idea of a car charger from some time of cell phone might work?

  23. @jscollins1 Yes! I found the speakers to be too low. A friend of mine had problems with the HDMI port. I had my speakers replaced locally. My friend exchanged his for another unit, and now his works great.
    I have found these to be just like any laptop, Yes it is prone to virus & malware if you go to the wrong sites. This is not a problem with the unit, its hackers, spyware & criminals. As with any Windows unit usually problems are user error.

  24. What video card does it have?

  25. @mdtrue have you came across any problems yet? Anything I should add to it? I’m getting the 2gig ram and windows 7 ultimate. As well as the built in Bluetooth and screen protector.

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