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Free ebooks:Zygor Leveling Guide 3V **CATACLYSM UPDATED** DOWNLOAD FOR FREE!! [25 MARCH]
STILL WORKING AND UPDATED AS OF 25 MARCH 2011 =] i will keep it updated everyday and as soon as zygor releases!! so check on it once in a while :) Version 3.0.1620 - adf.ly Version 3.0.1625 -adf.ly Version 3.0.1648 - adf.ly [5 JANUARY] Version 3.0.1668 - adf.ly [9 JANUARY] Version 3.0.1692 - adf.ly [16 JANUARY] Version 3.0.1724 - adf.ly [27 JANUARY] Version 3.0.1732 - adf.ly [3 FEBRUARY] Version 3.0.1765 - adf.ly [9 FEBRUARY] Version 3.0.1790 - adf.ly [20 FEBRUARY] - NEW UPDATE!!!! First as always :) - Version 3.0.1926 - adf.ly [22 MARCH] IN THE NEW UPDATE: Too long to put on Youtube so here it is on pastebin, just click and read! - pastebin.com Check it out DAILY for UPDATES!! or just to say hi :P as you can see im on EVERYDAY changing the title so you can know that the latest download here is THE MOST UPDATED one :D BONUS - Archaeology and Guild perks - Guide :) - adf.ly ENJOY, like it, comment and subscribe to stay updated :P MILESTONES: 1000 VIEWS - [19 JANUARY 2011] - Less than a month after upload! (28 days) +500 Happy Downloaders!! - [19 JANUARY 2011] - Less than a month after upload! (28 days) +750 Happy Downloaders!! - [30 JANUARY 2011] :) 2000 VIEWS - [1 MARCH 2011] _____________________________________________________________ _-~=*`TAGS DONT BOTHER READING`*=~-_ Tags: WoW world of warcraft PVP season game gold hack of video Free counter strike world of warcraft comedy macedonia makedonija wow cs mix 1.6 counter-terrorist terrorist funny powerleveling world ...

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  1. @HackingDucklings PLEASE ms me when u get on!! I CAN-NOT get past the surveys! please help!

  2. i went all way through survey but then it kept asking me same question over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over x1000000 again.

  3. @HackingDucklings HOW DO U GET PASSES SURVEYS!!!!

  4. how do i pass the surveys? it never works

  5. @Ruperdt Thank you! :D Zygor guide just got MAJOR update!! already updated here ofcourse! check version 3.0.1926 out! there is a update log in the description if you would like to read what is new.

  6. @LoveKatie2009 already updated :) check it out!! Version 3.0.1926

  7. Nevermind! I got it! Thank you so much.

    You earned yourself a sub.

  8. Version: 3.0.1926
    Last Updated On:

    March 22nd, 2011

    link please

  9. Yep it works thanks so much!!!!

  10. Does it work :D ?

  11. @VeRychard just check out the new Version 3.0.1765! enjoy :) and sub for future updates!

  12. Thank you :D

  13. where’s the yesterday’s version? It writes updated febr 7th, but it’s not up yet!
    Excellent work btw, it works as a miracle, but one more thing: the archy and guild guide download link doesnt work for me. It requires to pay for something or fill something, couldnt you give another mirror pls?

  14. @mjswdr i never said i’m Zygor… i’m just sharing the guide… i’m not breaking laws by “pretending” to give his guides for free

  15. Good try, but anyone who knows anything will know that you aren’t Zygor, and actually you are breaking several laws by pretending to be and giving his guides out for free.

  16. @SiiGNz sure it will O.o but you can’t lvl to 85 from 80 xD

  17. uhm will this work still if im playing lich king?

  18. @VeRychard yup :) UPDATED!

  19. Was updated on 24th , with Lunar Festival, is it updated too?

  20. @basketjake i just checked… it works!! and it is currently the latest update… try checking again…

  21. I can only get to level 25 then the guide stops!

  22. @MercsLetifer yes it does :) in a few seconds i’ll upload an update so stay tuned!

  23. doe it work?

  24. @TheAtomicProdigy always check for a newer version :) right now the latest is 3.0.1625

  25. I know it works because I used it to get my first worgen to 26 with it. But now that its updated what link do I click?

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