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Volkswagen-Darth Vader 2011 Super Bowl Commercial

Free ebooks:Volkswagen-Darth Vader 2011 Super Bowl Commercial
The 2011 Big Game Commercial PLUS a chance to vote on your favorite commercial and a link to 45 FREE ebooks at www.zoodingo.com

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  1. Hey ZooDingo !!!!

    My two beat Superbowl 2011 ads (Kia Optima one epic ride and Chrysler 200 (Eminem)) are not even in your list.

    I can’t vote.

  2. that was so CUTE

  3. @lisalj91 how did u know that?

  4. There were two little boys that played the part of Darth Vader. Max Page and Aidan Lewis. Aiden didn’t have as many scenes that aired as Max, but he should still be acknowledged. Aidan was in the scenes with the Dog. Both cute kids.

  5. Best of all time bar none.

  6. i can just see his face in that mask

  7. LMAO !!! … thats why I love the Super bowl, Commercials are Awesome !!!

  8. poor baby! I just love him !

  9. And my brother is the teacher of darth vader

  10. just love the little darth !

  11. very very well done… we just could not hold our laugh …when he walks behind the dog, and when finally the car is started….DID YOU SEE THAT ??? Especially was cool how the mom and dad react to his Darth Vader experiments

  12. Funny As Hell! This was really cute!

  13. Totally awesome! See his reaction when the car fired up??? To funny.

  14. Very cool commercial!

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