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Aluratek Libre eBook Reader Pro

Free ebooks:Aluratek Libre eBook Reader Pro
The all new Aluratek Libre eBook Reader Pro comes in now when eBook readers are becoming part of the new digital revolution. You cant go anywhere without eventually seing someone reading a digital title. With the Aluratek Libre eBook Reader you can store thousands of your favorite books and title thus, saving you money, space and contirbuting towards being eco-friendly to our environment. The Libre works with your computer via internet connection to access some of the most recently published books as well as total access to free timeless classics. Libres e-paper LCD technology makes it easy to determine the difference between actual paper and the e-paper screen. And with long battery life, you can read for almost 24 hours uninterrupted with an auto off feature if you just happen to fall asleep. For the new way to read your favorite books and titles, get Aluratek Libre eBook Reader Pro today!

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  1. wow, it looks nice, it reminds me of my 1995 pda :)

  2. OK so if I have a company and I want to advertise a product, I will use a guy that has a talent to do that. If I have to advertise it on the road, I will hire a guy that has a charisma towards people and if I want to do the advertisement over the radio, then I will hire a guy with a golden voice (like Ted Williams!) Now whoever hired THIS woman, probably never heard her talking because her voice is mightily annoying and I don’t give a crap if she says smart things or not. FAIL VIDEO! -1

  3. Junk, dark screen is hard to read, this is nowhere close to the Kindle or Nook as far as looking like a real page. See before you buy, India support, no contrast or brightness adjustment, just an overprice monochrome mp3 player.

  4. I save a tree, I had one. it came with AA :(

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  6. @doukkali125 if you watched the rest of the clip you will see there is a button near the bottom left corner to turn the page also.

  7. like i said before, WHAT A BITCH…

    atleast what i type has reason… halitosis breath? good comeback.

    you think you’re clever, but you’re just an obnoxious douchebag.
    you blocked me? oh no, what shall i do now?


  8. @Jessereezies
    You right, I don’t read much, and I will start by not reading anymore of your idiotic replies.
    So….Don’t waste your halitosis breath, e-mails are blocked from now on..
    Kupa! Kula! Csingelesz Moresz !Papinesz!….you done….hahahaha

  9. @mianewyork

    no, i just don’t like when people say unnecessary things.

    for example… ” you probably from her tribe…” ?um? i think you meant, “you’re probably from her tribe”

    …it looks like you don’t read much. =)

  10. @Jessereezies
    You probably from her tribe…hahaha

  11. @mianewyork

    this was shameful. OMG, you’re such a bitch.
    “This girl looks and sounds like she did not read many books in her life digital or otherwise.”

    how rude. it’s okay not to like the girl… but man… you’re a straight up bitch for no reason. people like you make me sick.

  12. Perfect example of keeping the advertising costs down. But have they ever heard of picking the right person for the right merchandise?…This girl looks and sounds like she did not read many books in her life digital or otherwise.
    At least they should have made her get a manicure before pointing her chewed up cuticles in our face…
    Real stupid…I was actually considering this e book reader…right up until now…

  13. this huge vertical barre to turn pages is very awkward! what a silly concept haha , i definitely remove this gadget from my future purchase because of this bar alone ! no need to see the rest of this clip.

  14. This chick is pretty annoying.

  15. I’ve seen the Libre priced at $99.99 while the Kindle with 3G is $189…And the kindle looks fragile compared to the Libre!

  16. What a rip off. Costs as much as the Amazon Kindle, and has cheaper hardware. You can read almost 24 hours on one charge? Well, with the kindle you can read almost a month on one charge and really looks like paper with E Ink (not LCD) screen. It lasts turned on so long, that it is shipped turned on with an introduction page. The new kindle even has free 3G wireless service with a browser. Libre is like a cheap wannabe Chinese I-pod that is priced at same price as real I-pod. Just poop.

  17. this is shit!!!

  18. what a great ebook reader!! i lovei t!

  19. can I read PDFs natively with that?

  20. I had to laugh out loud when reading your comments. They are so mean.! Anyway:
    Does this reader show photos in color? No mention of that. It obviously doesn’t go online by itself – have to have a PC for that. Not a MAC I suppose. How long does it take to charge the batteries?? This little video sure left a lot of questions; but I guess it’s just a simple reader that also allows you to hear music and pictures in black and white????

  21. @mycrx89 lol its not for reading underwater, its if u drop it into the toilet while taking a shit lol

  22. I love this e reader!

  23. does it work with manga

  24. ugh, 2 seconds in and I’m already annoyed at the speaker. Electronic devices are HARMFUL to the environment, so the saving tree’s argument is stupid. Not to mention the electricity it takes to power it and the damage that does let alone the cost of creating the device or when it ends up in the trash.

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