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Web to overtake printed press as a source of EU information

From IndexEurActive:

A growing number of EU citizens say they use the Internet to get information about the European Union, while daily newspapers are significantly losing ground and television remains the primary source of EU news, a Union-wide poll reveals.

Almost one in three EU citizens (30%) browse the Internet when they are looking for information about the EU, its policies and its institutions, according to figures extracted from national editions of the latest Standard Eurobarometer published by the European Commission in February.

This represents an increase of two percentage points from 28% when a previous poll was conducted in 2007.

The daily printed press is used less frequently than in the past to access EU news, down to 32% of citizens interviewed compared to 41% in 2007.

Should this trend continue then in the near future the Internet is likely to overtake the printed press as the public’s primary source of information on EU affairs. Indeed, this is already the case among young adults and adolescents.

48% of people aged between 15 and 24 already use the Internet as their main source of information about the EU, before television (47%) and the daily printed press (22%).


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