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Slick ereader – Another cheap Chinese ereader hits the world

After the MiGear in Australia and New Zealand, we have the Slick ereader in the USA:

I wrote a very damming post on the MiGear (which is a cheap ereader available in Australia and New Zealand), and almost instantly regretted being so unkind to the thing, as that post has now had over 7000 hits, and no end of comments from happy MiGear owners,who were very happy with their simple and cheap ereader, so I shall be rather more careful about what I say in this post about what is obviously the equivalent ereader, but which is available, in the USA.

Having hunted around the net to see what is being said about this device, I find that it is almost exactly the same as the MiGear…..    Lots of people hate the thing, but I suspect more love it.   As you will see from the helpful video I found and will add to this post, and the specifications I shall bung at the bottom of this post, it is a very straightforward, no frills ereader, and as such, is probably an ideal first ereader for many of you out there.   Cheap (about ), simple to work with, no unnecessary functions, simply a device on which to read your ebooks.

As with all the other super cheap ereaders out there,this one has a colour screen, with the advantages and drawbacks that one has with LCD screens….  Not good to use in bright light, short battery endurance etc, but, easy to read in the dark, possible to read ebooks that have colour, magazines, kids books and so on….  A question of swings and roundabouts really.

Worst website in the world:

As part of my hunt for info about this one, I obviously went to their website…..   And it is certainly very slick looking, but completely useless, simply a very smart series of images, and absolutely no information on the ereader, but, and this is a useful thing, you can download the users manual their, this is good.  I have downloaded this handbook, and it seems very straightforward, and explains very clearly by means of diagrams how to work with the ereader, seems a good handbook to me……   If you are thinking of buying this ereader, then I recommend you to first down load the handbook, gives you a good idea of how it will work for you … Link below:

Not really much to say about it…….

If you are looking for a simple, no fuss and bother device on which to read ebooks, and are OK with the problems of using LCD screens, then this is a very reasonable device to buy.   You can always move upwards later to a more Standard Ereader – but bear in mind that if you should buy a Kindle later, you will have to convert all your ePub ebooks to Kindle’s own format before you will be able to install them on your Kindle….  Any other ereader should accept your ebooks OK.

Also, it has no WiFi or 3G connectivity, so you will need to have a computer to download your ebooks, and then transfer them to the ereader…

By the way, the Slick supports Adobe Digital Editions, and thus is OK with DRM protected ebooks.

But it is a very low end device:

Please do bear in mind though, this is  a device produced in a small factory in China, for as little money as possible, so its various components will be the cheapest possible, and you should not expect it to keep going for anything like as long as  a Sony or Nook or some similar quality product.  You would be buying the cheapest ereader in the world….. so ……

Video about the Slick:

  • 7” Color display
  • 2gb internal memory
  • SD Card slot for additional storage
  • Supports ePub and PDF files
  • Plays music, video, and pictures
  • Auto switching from landscape to portrait view
  • Support for Borders eBooks and Adobe Digital Editions

Included in the box:

  • The eReader
  • Cover
  • USB cable
  • AC Charger
  • Headphones
  • User Guide

You can buy it at Big Lots for .99

Link to Slick: http://www.slickusa.com/

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