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Notion Ink Adam compared to the Kindle and Pandigital Novel in Direct Sunlight



By Markus

notion ink adam

Welcome to another Good e-Reader Video! In this video we compare the Notion Ink Adam in Pixel QI mode vs the Amazon Kindle and the Pandigital Novel 9 inch. We show you how it looks in direct sunlight and how the Adam stacks up against e-ink and LCD.

One of the biggest factors in the Notion Ink Adams version of Pixel QI screen technology is how it employs the dual layer of glass that it uses. It makes the Adam highly reflective in the sun, and even the matted screen protector is pretty useless.

Our first comparison is with the Amazon Kindle and the Notion Ink Adam in Pixel QI mode. We give you a great visual example of how the Adam ranks against one of the premier e-ink based electronic readers. We have to give the advantage in this test to the Amazon Kindle.

The next comparison we show is how the Notion Ink Adam ranks with the Pandigital Novel 9 inch edition. This test is mainly pitted to show how Pixel QI in the Adam compares to the standard LCD based tablet and e-reader combination found in most competing devices. We have to decide this contest in favor of the Adam, as the LCD was unreadable in direct sunlight.

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