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Motorola XOOM for Feb 24 release. Flash to come in spring

Its Thursday, the 24th of February when the much awaited Motorola XOOM would finally be seen in the retail sphere. Pre-orders for the world’s first Honeycomb tablet is already underway (started from today) at both Best Buy and Wirefly. Price at both the locations will be the same – 9.99 with Verizon being the official carrier partner. There are no surprises here though as a previous leak had already made this piece of information public property.

Verizon is currently offering data plans that include a monthly payout for 1 GB of data transfer while the same for 10 GB of data will require one to pay per month. All contracts available are valid for only a month, which means one will always have the liberty to walk off whenever they wish to. However, the one aspect of the contract and one that had created considerable amount of confusion stands confirmed in that a minimum of a month’s contract is compulsory. This even if one wishes to avail of only the Wi-Fi feature of the XOOM. There is no word though as to when the Wi-Fi only XOOM would be up for grabs. That it is priced at a more affordable 0 makes it all the more keenly awaited.

However, in what could be seen as a disappointing development, it now stands confirmed the first batch of XOOM’s will be sans Flash support. Its the incompatibility of the iPad with Adobe Flash that is almost as famous as rival company’s try to make of it by including Flash in their products (read tablets). But then, early XOOM users will have to do without Flash, at least till spring which is when Adobe is expected to come up with Flash 10.2 for Android. The only solace, its not too big a time gap that separates them from Flash operating in all its glory in conjugation with Android Honeycomb.

via engadget

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