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M-Edge e-Luminator – Reading light for your ereaders

A neat and versatile ereader light from M-Edge.

The good folk at M-Edge have produced this rather neat LED light for their range of ereader covers, so you need to have one of their covers to be able to use this light easily – Though it wouldn’t take much too make the holding pocket it needs on any other ereader cover I would think.

Anyhow, this video from M-Edge explains pretty well how the thing works, and gives you a reasonable idea of its possibilities, so sit back and watch and learn.

This ereader light is available for a variety of different ereaders, simply choose an ereader cover for your ereader that supports this little light and all will be well.

Price: .99 (I truly hate it when shops insult us in this way, trying to make us believe the item costs and not as it actually does, !!!!!!!!)

Where to get it? http://www.medgestore.com/products/kindle3-eluminatortouch.psp As I mentioned above, this is available for almost all ereaders, simply choose your ereader from their list, and then check out the accessories………


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