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How To Make $6795 a Month Selling Ebooks on eBay!

Ebook:How To Make 95 a Month Selling Ebooks on eBay!
All you have to do is learn this. Don't reinvent the wheel here, just do what is proven and do what works. DON'T try to write an ebook about "How To Hit a Baseball" or some such crap! Just about the only ebooks that sell well are about MAKING MONEY (in some way)... Again, DO WHAT WORKS!!!!

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  1. What equipment do i need to make e-books because i really want to create them! Thanx…

  2. Thank you a 3rd time n Subscribed……good job sir!

  3. @elcanful What is the title of your book????? May as well plug it here.

  4. best way to do it is amzon, i have made 3,565.32 so far, and my book has been selling for a month and ahalf

  5. I’m making anywhere from $500 to $1000 weekly, and I’m not selling anything, no MLM, none of that. Send me a message to get the link for my website, I’d be more than happy to help anyone get started.. it’s too easy.

  6. @Duffymanz Good luck man! So do I!

  7. How do you make your book an ebook? Do you go on an ebook website? I would like to make some money making a short little book about Nam.

  8. james bond ebooks 50pebooks.xp3(dot)biz /BOND.html

  9. Yeah, you can make money on ebay, but not with eBooks! EBay will not allow eBooks to be sold anymore! You have to create Audio or Video Books and that’s not free. Stay away from ‘affiliates’! Been there and done that and I’ve done my homework. I write eBooks and it’s very hard to sell them, trust me the only reason these people make money is by taking it from you! Scamming you in a nice way, so to speak!

  10. LOL you gotta learn shit! So the topic has to be about making money, like, how to make money on ebay or How a stupid, lazy, college drop out made 5,000 a month.

  11. that’s nice but can i sell the e-book to someone and when i receive the payment to send the book via e-mail or give him a link on my website?

  12. @3SnakeSolid I can’t really see people buying an Ebook like that, I could be wrong though.

  13. @Duffymanz if you dont post it maybe give it to me and ill give 40 percent or maybe 50 percent profit

  14. ebay genius!!!!!! good job kinghuman

  15. Hey man i will try this method ! I would be really happy if it will work and atleast get 400 $ :D Anyways would it be a good idea to make a e-book about like scam sites and how to not get scammed and stuff like that ? Thanks man !!!

  16. Ive got an idea for an Ebook! :D

  17. Really superb idea. King, you are really a kind of pretty nice ideas.

  18. KH you da man!

  19. sounded nit irritated at the end there but your right cant expect something from nothing
    all you gotta do is try

  20. @RubberWilbur yes you can still make ebooks you just have to provide the information on a cd and send the ebook on a cd or dvd your choice their is tons of subjects you can do people are always looking to learn new things

  21. His layout is shit, looks very scammy. Looks unproffesional.

  22. Hey King!

    I think you are reffering to my comment, but i’m not sure, so please let me know…

  23. Ohhh alright I get it now. Kinghuman’s pretty awesome :3

  24. Can you just send me a quick message that you arent interested in helping everyone, so I can stop looking for your message

  25. @WelschVideo who said Im doing this ??? I send electronics to south america.

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